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A Never Ending Love Story

December 15, 2008
By Anonymous

There was a boy named Adam John Henderson. His best friend was a girl. Her name was Joanna Marie Stanton, she was a tomboy. They lived in Kansas and they have been friends since kindergarten. The first day they met would be something neither one would forget. On the first day of school Adam was sitting with some friends at lunch time and saw Joanna all alone. He decided to go say hi. To be friendly, so he took his lunch and went over to where Joanna was sitting. Now at the time Joanna wore a yellow dress, with pony tails in her hair. Adam was wearing blue overalls and had a white t-shirt underneath; his hair was all messy.

He sat down on the opposite side of the table where Joanna was sitting and said “do you mind if I sit here, with you?” “No, go right ahead.” She replied. Adam sat down started to eat. “What’s your name?” Adam asked. Joanna replied, “My name is Joanna Marie Stanton.” She smiled. “What’s your name?” Adam smiled back and said, “My name is Adam John Henderson.” And then Adam asked, “Why are you wearing a dress?” Joanna said, “Because my mom made me, I hate dresses!” Adam laughed and then asked, “Why are you sitting by yourself Joanna?” Joanna leaned her head down and replied, “Well… because I don’t know any body and I don’t have any friends.” Adam said, “I’ll be your friend.” Joanna said, “Will you really?” Adam smiled and in a cheer full tone said, “Of course and even better me you from now on will be best friends, for ever. Ok?” Joanna smiled and said “Ok.” And for the rest of the year they sat together and had lunch. And ever since then they have been best friends. Adam and Joanna hung out all the time.
Over the summer they would hang out every day. They were together from morning till night. What they did was every morning Adam would meet Joanna at her house; which wasn’t far away from his house. It was two blocks away. So when Adam woke up he would get dressed and brush his teeth and everything. And on his way out he would pick up the money his mom left him on the kitchen table. See his mom worked as a nurse at the local hospital. And she worked early morning till about 6:30 at night. Her name was Nicole Ann Henderson; she was thirty-five at the time. Adam’s father was home all day, because he got hurt on the job, he was a construction worker. So he was paid welfare. His father’s name was Joseph Adam Henderson; he was thirty-seven. All his father did was sit home all day and drink, sleep, and watch T.V. on the couch. He did absolutely nothing around the house, but make messes.
So after Adam would get the money, he would lock up and start on his way to Joanna’s house. Now, by the time that Adam got to Joanna’s house, she would be dressed and waiting on the couch for Adam to get there. When he did she would kiss her mom goodbye and head out the door. Then they would go walk into town and get breakfast at the nearby diner. They were friends with the owner of the diner, so he would always come by their table and sit with them and talk. The owners name was Franklin Thomas Fredricks; he was some what heavy, bald, about 5’7” and would always be wearing a white apron. They would always order the same thing. Adam would get scrambled eggs and bacon with hash browns. Joanna would get waffles with some pancakes and strawberry syrup on the side. When they were finished eating and paid the bill. They would go down to the pond, which was full of many tall oak trees, lily pads, and tons of flowers surrounding the pond. What they would do is skip stones and have contests to see who could get the most skips and see who throw the farthest.

On their way to the pond they would always pass this house. The house had always been abandoned, but they always would say isn’t that the prettiest house you ever seen. They also said that one day they are going to buy that house, fix it up and live in it when they grow up. Now besides going to the pond, they also took swims in the creek. The creek had a long dock. They would always race to the end, and jump off of it into the water. They always were together. At night they would go lay down on the dock with a blanket and look up at the stars. They would talk about their dreams.

Adam’s dream was to go to Harvard, to be a doctor. Joanna’s dream was to go to a big art school in California, and to live there to. She wanted to be an interior designer and work in her own business.

A few years later; it’s the summer before ninth grade. Adam and Joanna are hanging out at Joanna’s house one night. There sitting on her couch, and they’re watching a romance movie. Now over the years Adam had started to have strong feelings for Joanna more then normal. She doesn’t know that he feels strongly for her. Although she feels the same way about him, but neither one has said anything about how they feel because they’re both afraid that it might get weird between each other, and afraid that the other doesn’t feel the same way. So, in attempts to show or hint that they like each other. They would flirt a lot and would always talk on the phone for hours. Although, neither one had recognized the others feelings. There parents would always ask if there was anything going on between them.

So they’re watching the movie and having fun. And the part where the guy goes in for the good night kiss comes on. Adam is thinking that he should maybe try to give Joanna a kiss to show her he likes her more then just a friend. So he finally gets up the courage to do it and he says to him self that he going to kiss her right before the guys in for the kiss. Now during this part Joanna is thinking how romantic it would be if Adam would kiss her. So the part comes up and Adam is ready to kiss her. So he moves in and he goes to kiss her, but she pulls away. So then Adam pretends that he was trying whisper something. He says, “I Love you and I always have.’’ He kisses her. This time she doesn’t pull away. She leans in more… Then all of sudden the lights turn on and her father Mr. Stanton comes in and see them kissing and he screams. “Adam what the hell do you think your doing!” Adam stutters “www...Eee... w….eeere j…u….st……..” “You were just what! What?! Trying to make a move on my daughter!!” “Daddy Stop! Stop!” Joanna cried out, as tears began rolling down her cheek. Her father screams at Adam “Get the Hell out of my house!” Adam try’s to speak, but is silenced by Mr. Stanton once again and leaves. Joanna starts to cry harder and runs up stairs to her room.

Adam walks out the door and starts walking down the block, but instead of going home he goes to the creek. He lies down on the end of the dock. And he just tried to make sense of what he just said. He sits up and takes a gaze around him. He just stares off into the beautiful scenery before him and takes it all in. This scenery was full of beautiful trees with pink flowers, crickets chirping, lighting bugs, and tall stalks of hay, tall beautiful purple flowers blossoming, and beautiful bright shining stars up above along with a beautiful full moon shining brightly on the water. This was followed by a nice cool breeze. Then Adam lay back down. Closed his eyes for a minute and then he saw a shadow coming near; at first he was unaware of what it was person or animal. As it drew closer he realized that it was Joanna. Adam sprung up and Joanna ran to him and leaped into his arms. She whispered in his ear “I love you too. And I always have.” She kissed him. And then they both went to the end of the dock and laid down. Joanna placed her head lightly on Adam’s chest and her arm around his waist. Neither one said a word they just stayed there and didn’t have a care in the world of what the consequences were that was followed by the very next day.

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