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Duck You Autocorrect

November 4, 2014
By totalbooknerd11 BRONZE, San Jose, California
totalbooknerd11 BRONZE, San Jose, California
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I flopped down on the couch, taking out my phone.  I had nothing to do after volleyball, so I texted my best friend.  He responded right away, making me smile.
Bored? he asked.
Yeah.  Wanna go out somewhere?
Sorry.  Trying to figure out how to ask Rachel out.  Planning with Emily :)

I didn't want to tell him what I really thought of Rachel, and what would happen if he asked her out.  Instead I just typed, lol.  It reminded me of a man drowning, like he would be if he went out with Rachel.
What?  She's her bf
Bff dude.  Bf is boyfriend.  Bff is best friend
I meant bf.  Darnit.  South correct
Duck u autocorrect
You sure u didn't mean south correct?
Think this is funny?
I am literally dying right now.
I'll c u 2morrow

I smiled.  David never spelled anything right.  His autocorrect was screwed.  I went to type something back, before it was too late to say it.  It came out as, U live up>2.  "Duck you auto correct," I said aloud. 
I meant to type I love you<3.

The author's comments:

I was texting with one of my guy friends about a similar situation and he accidentally typed bf instead of bff.  This lead to an amazing conversation that was really awesome and funny.  My friend is awesome as well and I swear he is not behind me, watching while I type this.

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on Feb. 17 2016 at 11:36 am
ryan.krahn BRONZE, Salem, New Hampshire
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I like this!!Its a really cute story that we can all relate to becuase south autocorrect!!

on Nov. 7 2014 at 12:24 am
im_not_crazy_im_myself SILVER, Orinda, California
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I love this!!! That auto-correct thing always happens to me: duck autocorrect!!!