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Giving the Answer

December 23, 2015
By BlackRedwood GOLD, Helena, Montana
BlackRedwood GOLD, Helena, Montana
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I hate when people say "Don't worry, there's 6 billion people in the world. One of them is just for you!" Honey, do I look like I'm gonna travel around the world and meet all the 6 billion people?

Ever since I knew him, I had known that I would fall for him. It was inevitable. Granted, he never fell for me. That hurt more than anything in the world. It hurt even more to know that he had fallen for my perfect friend. Comparing her and I, she is definitely easier on the eyes, but I always told myself, that if just one person would take the time, they would see that I can be better in every way. His name was Drew.

Gradually, throughout the summer, I went into various stages of denying him a place in my heart. Other guys came and went. My neighbor’s older brother became someone of interest. But, I don’t dare to even try to get him. My neighbor, Amelia, is a good friend. Once the relationship ended, our friendship would be ruined. But the one thing I never expected was when he came over to my house.

It was after Winter Break, and everyone was back in school. Things were back to normal, and then lunch happened. I sat in my usual spot with my friends outside the library. Amelia wasn’t there because she was in middle school. Her brother, Cody, was a sophomore, and I was just a little freshie at high school. I must have sat there for ten minutes and not a single friend came to sit with me.

I heard footsteps coming from my left, and a person sat down next to me.

“So, what’s a pretty thing like you sitting here all alone?” Cody whispered in my ear. I flinched, surprised to find a boy that close me.

“Well, my friends seem to have ditched me. I wonder if it’s the work of an upperclassman.” I replied, scooching away from him.

“What makes you think that?”

“I don’t know Cody, but what do you want?” I asked, already shielding my heart from words I fear would come.

“Caitie, come to Winter Formal with me.” he whispered in my ear again. While I had been busy shielding myself, I hadn’t heard him coming near me again.

I gasped, then looked at him. The same green eyes that were on his sister were on him. They made him look absolutely gorgeous. The knee-shaking, fainting on the floor kind of gorgeous. Those very eyes showed no type of trick, held only honesty. And a emotion that only ever came from my parents.

The bell rang, shrieking out it’s alarm. I looked away from him, and looked at the clock above the hallway entrance. It showed me that I had an escape from Cody so I could go tie my mind together enough so I could get a coherent thought.

I ran. I didn’t look back, but I could feel his eyes on me. I went downstairs to my locker. i got my stuff, then shut my locker.

“Did you know that he really likes you?” Drew asked me, leaning against the locker next to mine. “Yeah, everytime we talk, he talks about you. Almost non-stop. So if you hurt him, I will make you pay.”

“As if! We both know that I can kick your ass. I won’t hurt him… But it started me. No one has ever asked me to a dance.” I said.

“What about Jim, you went to a dance with him last year.”

“That was different. I asked him because I knew that he would say yes. I wanted to go, and it was the Valentine’s Day dance, I couldn’t just go alone.” I replied.

He nodded, then walked off, leaving me still confused with my feelings.

I went through the rest of the day just fine, but stunned and not focused. I probably bombed my test in World Cultures. When the final bell rang to get out of school, I cautiously went to my locker. Drew knew where it was, and I didn’t know if he would tell Cody. There was no one there, so I got my stuff and met my friend Jamie in the library. First thing, I lightly punched her on the shoulder.

“Thanks for leaving me to the wolves.” I hissed, wary of the librarians.

“No problem. So, Caitie, how did it go?” she replied, he voice cheery.

“I was saved by the bell.”

“Were you going to say yes?”

“Yeah. I was going to say yes.”

She nodded and took out her phone. She started typing, and I sneaked around to see who it was. There wasn’t a name, but I could see some of their conversation.

So… Jamie… Can you tell your friends to go eat some place else today. I need to talk to her a little bit. Unknown said.

Sure. Jamie had typed.

Well, your plan almost worked, but I’m talking to her now, and she has some interesting things to say. You guys should talk some more. Jamie typed.

There wasn’t a reply yet, but I smacked her on the shoulder, knowing exactly who she was talking to. She chuckled and grabbed her stuff.

“My mom’s taking us home by the way.” I told her. Her smile faded and she sat back down, taking out her homework. My mom didn’t get off from work until five-thirty ish. Jamie took out her phone and typed some other things in to Cody.

“Tell Cody I said that I need to talk to him when I get home.” I told her.

She smiled and complied.

By the time I got home, it was six o’clock, and there was a person in my driveway. My mom rolled down the window, and told the guy to move out of the way. He said he would, and I froze. I knew that voice. I knew that voice so well, I could tell you it’s very perfect baritone range. Cody.

Mom parked to car, and I got out, leaving my stuff. I ran over to him, sliding some of the way on the very slick ice.

“Cody, what are you doing here?”

“You never answered my question.” he paused, then for some odd reason, got down on one knee. “Caitlin Robinson, will you go to Winter Formal with me?”

I squealed. “Yes, yes you stupid idiot!” I smiled and tackled him. He chuckled, and we lay on the cold ice covered ground for a long time. His arms wrapped around me, and pulled me to him. I felt his cold lips on my forehead, then my nose, my cheek, under my ear, a line of kisses on my jaw, leading to my mouth.

His lips brushed mine, then he pulled away. “If you don’t want to go this fast, tell me to stop.”

I just grabbed his coat collar, and pulled his lips back to mine. It was perfect.

And let's just say, that Winter Formal was the best thing ever.

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