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October 24, 2016
By jayholliday BRONZE, Lima, Ohio
jayholliday BRONZE, Lima, Ohio
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Ok this time I will tell a story with a lie in it it’s up to you readers to find it. This story is about the six  girls that have the world at their feet. It the end of their middle school life, next year there be in high school. You have nominated this people to be the six kind of people that have no secrets in your school .  Where you right or where you totally wrong. I have the right to tell I’m friends with all of them and I know more about people then what they think. Ok let’s start  with Lilly she’s the youngest of the people she is twelve everybody else Is thirteen are fourteen. Lilly Is different from her friends too because she’s not bi like everybody else. Ok Lilly best friend is Jay, she is bi and she does have a girlfriend you will soon learn about. Jay is not like Lilly her parents are not married and her dad remarried to a person Jay can’t stand. Ok Jay girlfriend is Sky she is not like the others she Is African American,, she is the most important thing in Jay’s life. Ok Sky friend is Autumn , she is bi like everybody else but she quite and not out going like everybody. Okay the last  one is Nicole she is very different then all the rest  she’s outgoing not even a little bit of shy she is always being honest about everything. Ok I know I said six but trust you don’t wont to learn about her until the part how jay and sky meet. Ok Jay was the new kid, in her mind new meat for someone  to pick on but that all change when her first period happen she meet this girl named Lilly. ( ok you already know they became best friends)  their first conversation was about the kind of music they listen to. Then Lilly made Jay meet  her friends. That was the most important day of Jay life and soon you’ll come to understand why. Jay and Lilly hit it off pretty good they went to a football game and hung out with each other,(your propel thinking why didn’t those too get to gather like I said before Lilly not bi like everyone  else) will then Autumn turns out to like Jay a lot so they also become best friend but she is  more close to Lilly then anyone else of the group. Ok one day Lilly made Jay meet this person that was hanging out with Sky(at this point  jay and sky was not dating) this girl name is  Jenny. Jenny is a nice girl she is one of the many friends Lilly has. Jenny and Jay become close. Ok at that moment Sky and Jenny where dating. But at some point they broke up that Jay does not know but Sky started to talk to Jay and they became close. One morning Sky and her friends come up to Jay and Nicole. Sky one friend is laughing and joking around, Sky saying too shut up. Jay feels uncomfortable and scared she has no idea what is going on. Sky says her stomach hurts and she won’t say what she has to say and then out of the blue she asks Jay out. Nobody knows that Jay is bi not even her parents. But her friends do now. Jay and Sky become really close and start becoming a part of each other life. Sky one friend once Sky to break up with Jay. Jay really don’t know if she will are not but Jay hopes for the best. Sky don’t tell Jay a lot just a know to base  you know.  It really hard for Jay to stay positive about it but she tries her hardest to stay positive. You now that not everybody looks at Jay like she  a person but she doesn’t say anything about it. She is her mother child so she knows how to cope with her sadness and her feelings being hurt all the time. See Sky is different than a lot of the people Jay goes out with I think that Jay is trying to start over you know have a better life and become a better person. She is very nervures that she will mess things up and ruin it so that’s why she so quite all the time. But when it just her friends she is the class clown and she makes everybody happy all the time she is the reason her friends are always laughing. She has became close with Nicole because Lilly and Autumn has diched Nicole because she made a mistake doesn’t sound like good friends but since the fight with them Jay has ditched them for sky. Her and sky have Becca close Jay not so shy around her and her friends Jay has actuarial became to crystal and they play this game and Jay hasa three kids she not so shy she making her way up and she has good friends to help her way up and the fake ones can be in the past Jay has plans and she don’t wont know messing them up and she  has the most nicest friends anyone can ask for her. As for Lilly and Autumn they are no longer Jay are Nicole friends. Nicole miss them but Jay  can care less because if they don’t forgive then there not good friends and there the ones missing out on the  fun and they all said that Jay lights the room. Jay  dose miss them though but Jay has other friends. But Nicole  doesn’t have a lot because Autumn made Nicole drop all her friends for her. In my mind that’s all kinds of messed up  but Jay doesn’t say anything. But her and Nicole are best friends and lifelong friends LIST OF PEOPLE AND I ALSO SAY THANK YOU TO PEOPLE THAT READ THIS.

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this is about a girl that fell in love with a girl 

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