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Forever and Always

December 29, 2016
By Travelergirl DIAMOND, Central, Utah
Travelergirl DIAMOND, Central, Utah
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I gently held Bryson's hand as I listened to the heart monitor beep. It's reassuring sound kept my tears at bay while I stared at his calm face. The cancer had taken all the life out of my once energetic boyfriend. His tan face now as pale as a sheet.

"He's so lifeless," I whispered quietly to my mother who was sitting in the corner knitting a blanket for Bryson. " I know he does honey." She cooed reassuringly. I slowly slipped my hands through his dark hair and laid down beside him with my head on his chest. " Let's try to think of the happy moments, shall we?" Mother said setting down her project. " Oh, remember the time you surprised him on his birthday by buying him a new tux, but the moment he went to grab it you threw up all over it?" I laughed a little. " Yeah, his face was priceless!" His face, everything about his face was perfect. His green eyes told a thousand stories when you looked into them, and his crooked smile would just make you want to smile. " Remember when he asked me to prom by sucking helium and singing my favorite song?" I asked my mom wiping tears from my cheeks, " then he popped the balloon and a paper floated out asking me to go to prom?" He always knew how to ask me questions no matter if they were good or bad. " He had the whole High School laughing." My mom said getting up and walking to the door. " I have to go ask the doctors something, but I'll be right back." She walked out and I placed my hand in his. " Remember when you pulled me over to the big oak tree and promised to be mine forever?" i wispered into Bryson's ear. I closed my eyes for a second and suddenly felt his and squeeze mine tightly. " I will always be yours darling." He said " Forever and always." He leaned down and kissed me. That was the last thing he ever did. I heard the heart monitor drop and i felt the doctor's rush to him. I slowly got pushed futher and further away until i was at the door way. I felt something in my hand. I was scared at what it was. I slowly opened my fingers and there i saw a dimaind ring with a note that said forever and always.

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