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When Hell Freezes Over

April 21, 2009
By ryerye626 PLATINUM, Port Washington, Wisconsin
ryerye626 PLATINUM, Port Washington, Wisconsin
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The clouds were gray and the sun was sitting a gentle breeze tickled her skin. Lena looked up to the sky, her long brown hair blew behind her as a small gust of wind went by. “Let it rain” she whispered almost silently, but the clouds heard her clearly and the obeyed. The rain came down soft at first but it gathered power and in time it was pouring. She asked for lightning and in seconds there was a flash in the sky.

Lena was out at the lighthouse in a small city she visited occasionally, she was wearing blue jeans and a black t-shirt. Her hair was soaked and her clothes were heavy, but her face showed that she didn’t care, that she had a goal and that goal would be achieved. Waves crashed hard against the lighthouse and the birds that were resting on the water just moments before were all gone.

There was a loud clapping sound, thunder, and Lena smiled she always loved the sound of thunder. She looked at some clouds, she watched them move and dance until the wind got stronger and the clouds were a giant whirling mess. She could die at any moment and she kind of liked the feeling. The water softened and the rain turned to snow, the whirling mess looked beautiful twirling the snow around but in seconds the tornado and the rest of the mess had dissipated.

Lena was told many times that she wasn’t aloud to use her powers the way she was now. She was told that she was born to keep balance in the world. That meant that she had to use her powers to help plants grow and help wild life thrive. Lena had powers over all things nature, she could control any animal, plant, water, and weather. Her powers were amazing and they were something to be treasured.

She thought that she had everything under control until she met a boy names Shane. She was walking through a nature reserve in this area, checking her handy work when she saw him. He was standing on a bridge looking down at the flowing river. He looked over at Lena and smiled.

“It’s beautiful out here” Lena said.

“It’s relaxing.” Lena walked over to Shane and leaned on the side of the bridge. “To bad there aren’t more places like it.” Lena nodded happy to know that there were still good people who enjoyed the outdoors. “Do you come out here a lot?”

“Yes, I’m always outside. If I’m not here I’m still surrounded by trees somewhere.”

“Don’t you wish the rest of the world could be this great? People these days are killing mother Nature, but at least we still have places like this… for now.” Lena and Shane talked for hours about how horrible the world will be in just a few more years. Lena listened to everything Shane said and she took it to heart.

The human race is slowly killing the planet and there’s not much anyone can do about it, unless everyone changes. Earth is doomed, the planet and all it’s inhabitants will be destroyed, nothing left but chemical plants and fast food places.

Lena turned the water she walked on into ice until she got far enough from shore. She sat down and focused on the elements. Within time the whole world will be frozen over, except for this little town that the boy named Shane lived. The world will soon be healed of sin, I’m sorry.

The author's comments:
Earth is in trouble and it's up to us, the next generation, to help it. Without the world were nothing. If your best friend was sick and needed help, you would do everything you could right? Think of this as a plea from your bestfriend, the Earth is sick and needs help.

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