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Start of the Apprentice's Adventure

December 19, 2019
By ADragon BRONZE, Pilot Mountain, North Carolina
ADragon BRONZE, Pilot Mountain, North Carolina
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It was a Monday morning and I felt that something bad was to happen. Zabulo floated over and snuggled to my shoulder. He was always there for me when I’m down. Of all our times in the city he was always the kindest familiar I’ve ever seen, I feel lucky almost every day to even have him.

“Thank you.”


I walked out of my round hut and breathed in the icy air, it was odd for the time of year.  There was a meeting at town hall this morning so I walked off the platform onto one of the many lanky bridges that connect the place. The scent of morning dew and awakening leaves promised a good day for our small treetop village. A few droplets fell on us and the wooden planks as we stepped off the bridge. The slightly crowded doors of the room slowly allowed me to enter. There was a bit of commotion and talk as people greeted each other and settled down in their seats.

“I’m sure you’re all familiar with the tale of the nine kings… It was sooner than expected but the prophecy has come true, the stars aligned last night.”

Our elder then coughed and gasped for breath.

“We need to send out a champion and connect to our brethren for the coming times”

After a bit of conversing with the others it was decided that Veatren and Malum would duel and the victor becomes the champion. They were the guardians of the village and both were capable of defending it on their own.


I turned around to see the elder waddle over to me.

“Oh hello, do you need me to help with something for today?”

“More like I need your help for the next few months, neither Veatren or Malum are particularly skilled in magic nor do they go far from the village.”

He gasped for air.

“Whoever wins in this fight I want you to accompany them, you have the knowledge they need.”

“But I’m still an apprentice.”

“And I’m too slow and old to accompany them, you are best suited for this task.”


As many people flowed over to the training grounds for the fight, I went back home and packed my things. Zabulo hopped off my shoulder and watched as I went. A sleeping bag and a pillow, water canteen, a few source crystals, Zabulo’s treats, some food for myself. I pick up my staff, still only half carved but It could come in handy later. Then I threw on my backpack.



He hopped on my shoulder and we headed to the arena. When we arrived Malum used his sword to block and was being pushed back by a charging Veatren. Just before he reached the edge of the fence he sidestepped Veatren and made him charge into the fence. I began to sit down in the stands. 

“How did you even know how close you where?”

“I pay attention, then again it pretty easy to sneak up on you.”

“And yet you’re the gullible one.”

Another clash of swords and Veatren uses his shield to bash the sword out of his hands. Malum scrambles after his sword and down comes Veatren, pinning him to the floor. Malum is given a few minutes to try and wiggle away and the match is called. Sadly Veatren is declared winner, I don’t know him as well as Malum, but I know he doesn’t like tag-alongs. My teacher meet him at the gate, probably explaining that I am to come along. I get up to meet with them. 

“I don’t need a magical babysitter.”

“And I disagree, along with the rest of the council.”

“Morning Veatren.”

“Ah here you are my boy, good to see you packed.”

“Good to see you this morning too.”

“Ugg, we are really doing this huh?”

“Indeed, and I’m staying here until the two of you leave, together.”

“Right… Lemme go pack then.” 

When he returned we set off, the whole village waved us off. 

“Alright I got news for you, I don’t want you here.”

“You think I want to be here?”

“You know you said it right, I don’t want to be a magical babysitter for a full grown man.”

“...Well at least we’re in agreeance, so you gonna leave now?”

“Well I did have a few things I needed from the next town anyway.” 

“You’re going to follow me to the next town aren’t you.”

“It’ll probably be the other way around but yes.”


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