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December 19, 2019
By julianidejesus BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
julianidejesus BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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During one bright sunny morning in New Bedford, Massachusetts. My friends and I were going on an adventure through such a beautiful, peaceful natured wooded area.  Everything was going excellent, except… this is not how it happened, not even close. It was a stormy morning but yes, my friends and I were in a wooded area but not for an adventure. We were all there due to the fact our close friend Kat was lying there on leaves of all shades of brown and orange with half of her throat missing

K.9, police, detectives even news reporters surrounding the whole area. Trying to figure out what happened to Kat, Was it an accident? Maybe i wild animal? We are all so very shocked, she was here one second then gone her life ended and her soul disappeared off of the earth . I wanted to find out what happened to my friend so I went to solve the mystery myself.. I'm probably the only one who cares the most about her death. 

A few days went by and this day was the day of her funeral, but I didn't go. I needed to find out what and how everything happened, so i went to the woods. It was cold and dewy out, it was kind of creepy if you actually think about but I wasn't worried about it. The further I got into the woods i saw this shed. It was broken down and moldy it was really sketchy so me being the curious person i am in went to look inside. As I walked slowly towards the entrance i heard a growling groan.

I continued walking and I saw it. It was a huge furry beast, eating a child, who looked like my friend from where I was standing. As I got closer I realized that it was my friend Jacob we all were very close  and this beast was eating him so i went inside to stop it. I grabbed a big rock and began to smash the beasts head till it was squirting black blood or at least I thought it was blood. It was actually parasites, there were parasites coming from the beasts head going all over the shed. I had to get out of there before those things got to me so I ran and ran and I fell. I was so frantic I panicked and cried like a two month old baby. I couldn't help myself, I calmed myself down and returned to the shed to just see what i did and what was the effect. 

Everything was gone. The beast was gone and the parasites. The only thing left was a picture of the beloved Kat.. on the back read ¨She tasted very delicious¨. I ran home to tell the police what i witnessed but no one believed me. But I mean who is going to believe a kid telling you a beast ate their friend? No one wanted to hear me out, i didnt know what else to do, i wrote pages on this incident trying to make it go viral so people could knonw what actually happened and that they should be aware of this wild creature on the loose killing and eating people children in particular  we may not know how many but I do know my friend Kat was a victim and I will not stay silent about this untl her story is heard and believed..

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Juliani DeJesus.

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I feel as though i have a weird imagination.

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