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The Adventures of Robert Mordai

December 19, 2019
By MoneyB BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
MoneyB BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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Born to two tiefling parents in a small village on the continent of Azgaar, Robert Mordai had a simple childhood, peaceful without very much conflict. He would lie to keep it that way.   His father Steven was the village blacksmith and his mother Karen was the town's best seamstress. The names his parents had were not their birth names, they had virtue names which are personality traits that Tiefling parents wish to instill in their children.  They changed their names when they fled the underdark from religious persecution. They changed their names to better assimilate into the culture in the normal world. The village they now live in is nestled in a valley with a small creek running along the side of the town, a vast mountain range to the north and west, and a great expansive forest to the south and east with a massive river rushing through the forest. The village is made up of 7 homes a small general store, the blacksmiths shop, and a shrine to the mighty Balor god of fire and destruction. The homes are small and cozy not having more than is necessary to provide shelter. There are a few fields of crops to provide for the townsfolk but not much else in the surrounding area, the community is very tight knit if someone needs something they just ask their neighbor to help them out. 

On the tenth day of the month of Gloric something peculiar happened. There was a thud against the window of Robert’s room. “What the heck! Was that a bird?” said Robert quite startled at the sudden sound that woke him from his deep slumber. “Mom, Dad” he yelled from his room. Robert got up and got dressed in a hurry to try and discover what the commotion was outside. Robert’s mother entered his room and told him panicked to “Come outside and see what is happening.” Robert rushed out the door to meet his father at the forge and saw hundreds of birds falling from the sky. Steven said to Robert in a deep rough voice “It’s dat darn wizard again over the mountain pass. He is always causing a raucous.” Robert looked very worried about this and asked “Why can’t we just ask him to stop bothering us?” Steven looked disappointed and responded by saying “We have, but he refuses to stop experimenting with new spells in our direction.” Robert angrily responds with “If he won’t stop by us asking I’ll make him stop.” When he says this his father is shocked and says “I am all for it, but you may want to talk to the priest before you go and try to stop him. Goodluck!”. Robert travels to the middle of town to the Shrine and speaks to the Priest there. “Hello father Kollin, I would like to travel over the mountain to defeat the wizard, would this journey be blessed by Balor?” Father Kollin responds with “My prayer has been answered and Balor has blessed your journey, now go over the mountain pass and defeat that wretched man.”

Robert traveled over the rolling hills and reached the gigantic cliff face and small narrow pathway up the mountain. It took 13 hours to travel all the way up the mountain. At the top of the mountain Robert saw the sun set and decided to spend the night at the mountain peak. He set up his bed roll and a fire, he also lit a small candle and prayed to Balor. When he woke up in the morning, he began to travel further into the mountain range, as he was travelling he began to hear a low singing sound almost like and opera singer. There was a gust of wind and a wall of clouds rolled in out of nowhere, it then began to snow and it got heavier and heavier. It became so heavy that Robert could only see about 10 feet in front of him. Up ahead though he could see a small outline only about one and a half feet tall. Robert travelled faster to try and catch up with the figure. When he finally caught up to the figure in the storm he noticed that it was small gnome child. He was cloaked in black, had a dagger sheathed in his belt loop, and had a small pack on his back. “What are you doing out here all alone?” said Robert slightly concerned for the gnome child's safety, the gnome couldn’t have been older than 12*. “I am up here to gather grinatrick ore* for my parents.” responded the gnome wondering how anyone could find him in these conditions. “If you help me defeat a wizard just through this mountain pass I will help you find the ore which you seek.”, filled with glee at the idea of a companion the gnome boy jumps with glee and says “Entrix at your service!” the two then travel through the blizzard finally reaching the valley in which the wizards spire is standing ominously against the deep blue of the twilight sky. The two decide to set up camp and rest the night.

The two sneak down to the side of the hulking tower and devise a plan to get the wizard downstairs, Robert uses magic bestowed upon him by balor to cause a small earthquake. Knowing that he must get to lower group in an earthquake the wizard travels down the steps to the safety of the bottom floor. Entix and Robert then bust down the door with a burst of magic and a kick for good measure. The wooden door flies of its wrought iron hinges and smacks the wizard in the head. In response to this the Wizard exclaims “No one messes with Seamus O’Leary Master of the Mystic Arts!” and fires bolts of magic from his cloak causing Robert to be injured. Entrix unsheathes his dagger which he refers to as his “Sword” and runs up to stab Seamus.     

*Gnomes are longer lived than the human race and thus age at a slower rate about half that of humans.

*Grinatrick Ore is used to forge Runic Jewelry which is imbued with magical powers.

Entrix screams, “For Balor!” when he stabs the wizard revealing that he also follows the teachings of Balor just like Robert. Seamus launches a blast of fire at Robert causing him to fall to the floor. Roberts vision fades to black and he finds himself in a fiery hellscape. Entrix finishes off Seamus in a fit of rage since he just watched him kill his new found friend. Entrix rushes over to Robert to try and heal him but fails at every opportunity. In the land of fire which Robert has travelled to he comes face to face with Balor the demon which has worshipped his whole life. Robert drops to one knee and asks, “why have you brought me here?”. Balor responds in a booming voice, “I have brought you here because I have seen great potential in you, but to return to the material plane you must complete a task. The parents of your new friend Entrix have been disloyal to me and have begun to worship the water god instead of me, they must be made an example of.” “I understand great Balor.”

Robert wakes up to find Entrix praying for his return, Robert then tells Entrix what he must do. Entrix is devastated, but understanding and explains he will wait here until the deed is done. 

Robert notices that he has a brand on his arm now: “Friendships will be built, but bonds broken.” He then leaves for the job that he was sent to do, but never returns.

The author's comments:

This is a 4 page abridged version of a 10 pages section of a 180 page book.

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on May. 11 at 10:20 am
Funny_Fangirl, Festus, Missouri
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That was a very creative and interesting story! I do have one word of advice though: I would avoid switching tenses in the middle of a story as it tends to confuse readers. But other than that, good job! :)