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June 3, 2021
By nate-is-the-name PLATINUM, Clarksburg, Maryland
nate-is-the-name PLATINUM, Clarksburg, Maryland
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Little one, with your eyes closed hard shut. You clench darkness with every bit of might. Because you're afraid of what you might see. You hear the muffled breaths of Jenny. She tries to conceal them, control them, so you won’t hear. And you hope she does. Because you rather live in the fantasy of her invisibility. Two days ago at the same time, 5:17 (it confuses me why you people believe I will come because of a simple time stamp). At 5:17 two days ago, You Opened your eyes to Geraldo. Your brave iguana who’s always been there for you. No one else holds that title. Everyone else you loved had vanished. Completely disappeared from your despondent life. Your mother reads Animal Farm In cell #128. Your father, not even I can say, and I’m god. Alina and Torino were taken in by your Mother Fey. And no, of course. She could never forget you. After all, you're her grandson. But she could only take two of you, President Towers orders. I guess between the three, you were the only crack baby. Oh well, I guess. But it didn’t matter that you were abandoned by all of them. You still had Geraldo. Your valiant companion, your confidant, your right-hand man, or maybe left. 

Why did Jenny let you keep Geraldo? She’s never been fond of animals. She actually despises them. She’d gladly tell you stories of how she killed animals (typical innocent little babies) for fun. And Holly, poor Holly. But she could feel the intense bond between you and Geraldo. It made her feel like she was loved once again. When she saw you two together, she’d remember the days when her and her little sister Tina snuck off to Al’s Convenience Store. A past that seemed centuries old. Al would give them strawberry licks. Their favorite dessert. The juicy red popsicle shaped like a huge strawberry played a smooth upbeat tune of jazz as the sweetness of the strawberry licks took them to a land of strawberries. They’d head straight for the strawberry nectar lake where they drank the thick red sugary goodness. It was the one time either of them truly felt happy. Sometimes you thought that she loved him as much as you loved him. That’s why she let him stay. Because Geraldo made her happy too. 

But you made the great call when she told you not to. She always told you it was stupid (And I’d say so myself too). You hoped I’d come take you away from Jenny and to your family. You heard the stories about all the great calls that granted people fortune (but you also didn’t hear that they were all pure coincidence). She caressed Geraldo gingerly in her arms when she stumbled into you making the great call. THE GREAT CALL. All of her anger released straight onto, or rather into Geraldo. His tiny bones were crushed immediately. Like nearly melted ice crushed by strong teeth. And she let you continue making the call. She wondered if I would actually appear. And I did. But she couldn’t see me. Nor could you (how could I interrupt the show!). When you opened your eyes, all you saw was poor Geraldo. You knew what had happened, knew what she did. You didn’t cry though, you were sure that I’d come. And now you’re doing it again, making the great call. Of course, I’ve come, I’m so intrigued with Jenny. What would she do next? Are you destined to the same fate as Geraldo? Though, I hope not. I’ve become attached to you, sympathized with you. I wish I could change the course, but I just cannot. It’s never right to change the show without the director’s permission. And fate’s its own editor. I know, I’ve picked your soul out of the jar of souls. And you’ve been given this horrible fate. Please, don’t call me again. I can only watch like you watch TV and eat buttery popcorn. Sweet buttery popcorn! I’m simply a viewer. I can’t do anything for you. I can’t take you to your family or give you a more desirable fate, and I surely can’t bring back your brother, Geraldo. All I can do is watch, and eat popcorn, and cry.

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