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Arthurian Legend-The character never known, Borne to a Queen and Knight

May 29, 2009
By csjames GOLD, Cowpens, South Carolina
csjames GOLD, Cowpens, South Carolina
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I am a legend within a legend, but my story has never been told. Until now…
My half-brother is Sir Galahad; the greatest of knights in the Round Table, my mother is Queen Gwynevre of Camelot; King Arthur’s “childless” wife, and my father is Sir Lancelot du Lac; the Queen’s lover. I am a bastard child. The only ones who knowth of my birth are my mother and the Lady of the Lake, my grandmother, the mother of my father.

Although, I’m of noble birth, I’m hidden from the world by my grandmother, my keeper. I doth not knowth how my mother kepth her secret of her expecting load with me during her nine months, but it was a secret well kept. I never really met my father, brother, mother, her husband, King Arthur, and the other knights, but through their tales I knowth them all.

The Lady of the Lake teachth me her magic, but I am more powerful than her and less powerful than the mighty Merlin, the wizard who warnedth Arthur of my mother, the woman who broughth destruction to Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table. I hear the King is dying, and beingth brought to the mystical Isle of Avalon by Morgan le Fay; Arthur’s half-sister, an enemy of his. I shall goth, to tellth him of my true birth, for he is the only one worthy to hear my dreadful secret.

I shall say: “Hello, I am Elinor du Lac, daughter of Sir Lancelot du Lac and your former queen, Gwynevre. My mother, grandmother, and you are the only ones who knowth this secret….”

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I was reading something about Arthurian Legends.

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