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July 1, 2009
By Lauren Wright BRONZE, Wildwood, Missouri
Lauren Wright BRONZE, Wildwood, Missouri
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It was one night. I was supposed to drive us home. Kind of like a designated driver, but we weren’t supposed to drink. The only reason was that it’s my car. None of us knew what was in the Long Island Iced Teas we were offered. I didn’t have an accident on the way home. The only thing was my parents found out.
We talked, we argued, we tried to rationalize, but I was still in trouble. I would have rather been grounded, but I got the worst punishment possible. I have to visit the Silton’s mental daughter. Mom says it is supposed to help me value my life more so as to never put mine in danger again.
I really hadn’t realized that I was drinking and driving, but she didn’t buy it.
Nothing I said could talk her out of it. So, I decided to sleep it over.

Jennica (Jenn)

It’s not my fault. All I had to do was be born. If anyone is to be blamed it is my parents. No-humanity. They are the ones that have driven me into hiding. The reason my mother gave up who she was. According to them, my mother and I should not exist. I wish I was able to go out in public and not be afraid of water, and just have a life. I do realize that the choice there is mine, but if you knew, could you blame me? I guess that is life when your dad is human and your mother was a mermaid.

The author's comments:
For those of you who have read my mermaid story without a name, I decided to take it in a different direction. Here is the prologue. Please comment on which you liked better.

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on Sep. 9 2009 at 7:41 pm
Onceknown BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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Courage is doing what your afraid to do
There can be no courage unless your scared
-Eddie Rickerbacker

Cool Prologue!