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Kaerlighed Er En Ungerlig Og Utroglit Ting

August 8, 2009
By Eilina Sealtman SILVER, London, Other
Eilina Sealtman SILVER, London, Other
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A long time ago, in a very distant land of magic, a girl came wandering through a meadow. She was horribly dressed in a peasant's garb. The flowers bloomed happily around her, reflecting light off her pale skin and beautiful features. She formed daisy-chains in her hands as she went, and despite the filth of her body, her meagre actions displayed the beauty within.

Her faded brown cloth stank of waste and blood. She had the sweat of hard work on her skin. The girl was a poor girl from a family of the dying Rath people. The Raths lived like pigs. They lived in thatch-roofed houses, but a few were homeless. Food was scarce, and they often starved. This showed up in the girl's pale thin features. This struggle was so relentless that the mothers often sent their daughters off to the village elders. The elders chose the prettiest daughter, and sent them to the Lord, who lived in the forest of Encapte.

The Lord was a wolf-man, capable of speech. His magical hands had formed the high ground which the village stood on. He killed their King a long time ago, and on that day uttered a spell to seal the villager's fate.

“ad me audiere! Tuus rexem miser est. pecuniam est non necessare par vita. Omnes sont liberatis, et omnes son servi de mi! Tu fillias omne ano volo, et scio tu multam puellas habeus. Si una puella amare, omnes liberatis sont!”

The wolf-man hid in the forest, and every year the poorest peasant girls were forced out of the village, weeping to return to their families, some being forced out by the soldiers. They only did this because the wolf-man had promised the girl of his dreams luxury beyond all imagination. Every year a girl would plead for the wolf-man's affections, and none of them ever came back, but they were each as hopeful as possible.

This girl was naive and full of expectations. She sat by a toxic pond, and fondled her hair while she waited for the wolf-man to make his dire appearance. The birds whistled high overhead, and the sunlight shone through the canopy and onto the girl. Her heart thudded with anticipation, as this was what she had waited for all her life. A chance to escape poverty.

The wolf-man was chasing a mouse behind a tree, and his chase brought him full into a shaft of sunlight. At full height, he was massive. His face looked human and thoughtful. His fur consisted of grey wiry hairs, and his slim figure and appearance instantly made the girl fall in love with him.

“I am a fair, pretty girl, full of virtue and youthfullness. I love the songs and flowers of the forest,” the girl poured out. The wolf was puzzled, but nevertheless responded in his deep and growling voice. “Hey, pretty young girl, what are you doing in the forest all along, so far away from all beings?”
“Hey, handsome boy, come here! Let us pick some flowers in the forest together.”
“I am not a boy! I am the bad wolf. In the woods I hunt. Hunt for the flower of your youth,” the wolf-man snarled, baring his teeth in a threatening manner.
She replied,“well, wolf. Let us play a joyful game, let us dance a joyful dance. Let us sing decent songs!”
“I don't like children's games. I like to play sinister wolf games in the depths of the forest with you.”
“Wild wolf, do whatever your heart longs for, but I beg you, stay with me!”
“No, girl, I will not abide with you. I'm not staying with you, and don't love you. Never loved you,” the wolf spat venemously. The girl's face welled up with tears of utter despair. This had been everything her life had led up to, and now it fell apart.
Looking down into the toxic pond, she saw what was at the bottom. Dead bodies. All girls.

She sighed as the wolf ran off into the darkness, “ I was a fair and pretty girl. Now I am poor and overcome with shame. Now only the deep pond awaits me.”

The author's comments:
Inspired by Eluviete's song OMNOS, and should be read while accompanied with the song.

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