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Gardian Angels' Warning (part 1)

September 11, 2009
By babybunny DIAMOND, Hickory, North Carolina
babybunny DIAMOND, Hickory, North Carolina
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The girl focused all her energy on calling her gardian angel to her, her eyes closed. She had been told by a fortune teller how to do so: "clear all your thoughts, breathing in deeply. Then, call to the angel; ask its name." Sha had said. The girl, whose name was Sandra, had ignored the woman's suggestion throughout the week, but strange things kept happening to her. Things like cars racind toward her when shes on a sidewalk, electrical lines over her head crackling and breaking when she passed. Today, she decided to try to communicate with her angel.
Breathign deeply, she thought, "This message is for my gardian angel. PLease, what is your name?" Two voices answered her in her head, "Nathaneil Davis." "Milicent." Her eyes snapped open in surprise. Not only had it worked, but she had TWO gardian angels! Calming herself, she closed her eyes again; attempting to communicate once more. She didn't have to try long or hard, for her angels were already speaking to her mind.
"We know you are insecure. We know how you feel, so alone in a big house; no parents to care what become of you, but you must take care. We will protect you the best we can, but you must protect yourself, too. If you do not heed this warning, your time shall end." Sandra listened for more, but they were gone. This she knew, for she could no longer feel their prescence in her mind. She opened her eyes.
Did her angels know everything? Did they know how her father had beat her mother? Did they know how her mother commited suicide? Did they know that in her mothers suicide note, she had blamed Sandra for all her life's problems? Did they know that Sandras father never wanted anything to do with her? Did they know that she had no friends, no life? Did they know that each and every night, Sandra went to bed crying and woke up all alone? Sandra thought they must know, but what if they didn't? Sandra didn't know what to do. She st on her tacky green and orange sofa, debating what to do. Finally, she came to a descion. She would go back to see the fortune teller.
She hoisted herself off the couch, grabbed her keys, and headed out the door. She wouldn't be gone long. The fortune tellers store was only about 5 blocks away. On the way, she thought abotu the angels' warning. As clumsy as she was, could she really accidentally kill herself? A rushing wind brought her out o f her thoughts. It cam efrom behind, trying to push her forward, but she continued at her own leasiurley pace. She paid no attention to the can on the ground a few steps ahead of her. So when she reached it, she sliped on it, falling a foot away from where she had been and ripping a hole in her jenas. Suddenly, a giant crack echoed through the air, startling Sandra. Right where she had been, a giant oak tree fell, cracking the pavement.

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