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October 3, 2009
By Lisette-Midnight SILVER, New York, New York
Lisette-Midnight SILVER, New York, New York
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Live for the moment you can't put in words.

Wings a beautiful bounty of white feathers at the blades of my back. Lifting airborne choking with happiness. Tears slowly running down light brown face. Love, beating,wings. Going higher the cool air caressing my body while my dress warms my torso. I am purified. I feel purified with estatic love. I am so giddy, I will never be able to calm down again. I explore my wings seeing how fast i could go. As fast as the speed of light. I'm on warp-drive. I leap, fly, love. I can't believe the endless beauty and power of the never-ending sky. I am like and angel. I'm a fairy with eagle wings. I will never stop.

The author's comments:
I was sitting on the grass with my electric/acustic giutar and with my diary and writers notebook. I was staring at the clouds in the forest when suddenly it hit me what would it be like to fly. I did my best.

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