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October 4, 2009
By Lisette-Midnight SILVER, New York, New York
Lisette-Midnight SILVER, New York, New York
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Tail a beautiful mass of scales each shining in the luminous moonlight. Diving beneath the waves flowing through my used to be shoulder length now waist length hair. Curls feeling as light as air. I look at my skin usually a milk chocolate color was now tinted blue. My hair usually black was looking violet. I’m choking from the beauty of the sea. I move up getting ready to jump, swoop up over the foam ahh my heart breaks as I feel full of ecstatic love. I splash through coral and wave to dolphins. I laugh as a small green and yellow fish gets tangled in my hair. I sit on an abandoned chest waiting to be opened. I find a small shell shape deep in the light brown sand. Picking off algae and barnacles I start to dust it off. I find treasures that aren’t worth a lot but worth a lot to me. I see a conch shell about the same color of my tail and two books the color of my hair. I find a brush that’s gold and a microphone that is littered neatly with shells and scaled. On the bottom I find an acoustic and electric guitar all rolled into one blue as the midnight sea. On the bottom again I find a note. It was written on old thin paper. It read:

Dear Marina,

My sweet, you have found your true self. You are the mermaid princess of the Atlantic Ocean. You hold your power in those treasures that you hold. By the time that you find this letter you will be 14 years old on your first week of high school. Mystic Falls Academy. You have moved from New York to Missouri. You live in the blue mansion in the forest. Your best friend is your dead dad’s client the lead singer and guitarist from the band SILVER AND GOLD. You will be wondering who I am what I do and how do I know all this. We’ve been watching you. Do your best my darling little princess. And I know how weird this may be but you are you and you must find the other mermaid princesses one for every ocean and lake and river. Water spirits for the ponds and The Coral spirit Pingy will take on the shape of a penguin and will be your protector companion and friend he is swimming this way now.

Your true mother

I was frightened out of my mind. Mermaid Princess. I was sure it was a dream. “HA I laughed you got me where’s the hidden camera?” I shouted into the deep. I heard the sound of flapping flippers and there enough was the cutest roundest penguin I ever saw. Since I was shocked I didn’t speak.” Hi my names pingy but I guess you know that.” He said pointing to the letter. “You-you’re not real.” I said. He smiled and said “you better get going you have a big day coming up wow your first day of high school.” That bought back nausea. He… Pingy saw that I wasn’t helping so he got out another chest this one was clean. He put everything in and swam off. Not wanting to be left behind I followed. That night was what started this whole mess and I sometimes wish it never happened.

The author's comments:
I want to make this into the prologue of my new book (Splash). I need some feedback that this doesnt want you to puke. If you want me to change something i might. Just drop a message!

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