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Fang (continued)

November 27, 2009
By LoveLikeWoe DIAMOND, LeSueur, MN, Minnesota
LoveLikeWoe DIAMOND, LeSueur, MN, Minnesota
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I wanted to scream but I told myself no. If I did she would think I’m weak. And I am not weak. I didn’t want to speak. I had nothing to say. Soon she would take us away and we would get our heads chopped off. I winced. Maybe I shouldn’t think about it. I turned to face her and a pleased smile was swept across her face.
“You won’t execute us.” I mumbled.
She raised her eyebrows in amusement.
“And why is that?” she asked.
“I will rip you to shreds!” I growled.
She bared her teeth in an impatient scowl.
“Okay, you listen here little girl. You are going to die whether you like it or not.” she snapped.
Then I saw it. The simple gleam of ice white. The perfect sharp tip.
She was a vampire.
I stepped back. “This isn’t legal.” I whispered to myself, head down in thought.

“Stupid little girl.” she shook her head laughing, “I thought you would have guessed that by now. How else would a tracker be able to catch a vampire?”
I opened my mouth to speak but was stopped short by her shriek.
I looked up and saw Max cutting her throat. The silver blood began to run down her neck, turning her clothes gray. Her head plopped to the ground and Max dropped her body.
I could feel the nausea rolling in my stomach and I leaned over. Everything that I just ate came up.
When I was finished Max finally spoke.
“Sorry. I guess that was a little disgusting.” he shrugged.
“Disgusting!” I gasped, “More like horrifying!”
“Again, sorry!”
“Aren’t you still mad at me?” I asked.
He shook his head. “I guess you had to. Considering your mom was never around to teach you how to hunt…”
I nodded. That’s exactly what I was thinking earlier. The tracker did take my mom last year and she was the only other vampire in my family.
“Can you…?” I gestured toward the body, feeling sick again.
He sighed and picked up the body and severed head. “I’ll be back.” and he sprinted toward the woods.


Once again I puked. I was cleaning up the blood left over from the tracker.
I was wondering why this disgusted me because I kill humans but, the silver blood and the head… I just couldn’t take it. Plus, the rancid, sour smell was unbearable.
When Max got back we decided to leave. Eventually the others would think something’s wrong. We packed up and set up camp in the woods.
I slept in the nearest tree. Hanging by one foot on the lowest branch. If I fell I wouldn’t die but… I might break my neck. I drifted off into sleep and thankfully woke up the same.
“You look like a purple-faced smurf.” Max chuckled.
I rolled my eyes. “And you look like a zombie.”
He did too. His eyes had deep blue circles underneath them.
“Didn’t you sleep?” I asked.
He shook his head.
I lifted myself up to sit on the branch.
“Well then, I think it’s time we taught ourselves to hunt” I smiled proudly.
He huffed out a huge gust of air and walked underneath me. I rolled my eyes and jumped off the other side. Landing with pained ankles.
“I could’ve caught you.” he mumbled as I rubbed my sore feet.
I growled in protest, and my world suddenly went black.
When I got up I was shocked to see him holding a dead deer.
“How did you…” I started to say, “How did I…?”
“I went and got it when you passed out. It’s really not that hard with really sharp teeth.” he grinned. “And you passed out because you had too much blood in your head it all went down too fast.” he grinned again.
I shuddered at his sharp teeth. Mine weren’t that sharp anymore.
I had a singe of jealousy go through me but I shook it off.
Why should I care if his teeth were sharper than mine?
I didn’t and I never would. We pulled the deer in half with a sickening rip and at everything but the guts and bones.
Suddenly a sour smell burned my nose.
“Hey, do you smell that?” I asked him.
He sniffed the air, shook his head.
I got up, “I’ll be back.” and raced into the woods, following the sickening smell. Suddenly it was too much to bear and I puked on the spot.
The smell hit the back of my throat and stung my nose. Then I realized what it was. There were splatters of vampire blood on the trees and a Lycan or werewolf over in the corner ripping what was left of the tracker, into pieces. I heard a howl and I screech. It was Jason. I rolled my eyes as a shocked expression came across his face.
“J-Jennifer… uhh.. What’re you doing here?” He stammered.
“Trying to figure out where that stench is coming from.” I snorted.
He laughed. “Well I guess that was me. I really need a shower. My sweat has the weirdest smell.”
“Too much information.” I mumbled.
“So… what are you doing here?” he asked slowly, as if trying to change the subject.
“Are you a Lycan Jason?” I asked.
“What me? What are you talking about Jen? They’re not real.”
“Oh really? Oh so then, why is there vampire blood on your shirt?
“Okay fine. I’m a Lycan.” he twitched uncomfortably.
I swallowed the lump lodged in my throat. He could eat me. I thought nervously.
“Wait.” he growled as I started to walk away. “How the hell did you know this is vampire blood.”
“I-I…. just a lucky guess.” my voice was quivering.
He growled once more. “Are you a vampire Jen!” He whipped the question at me.
I let a tear pass and nodded my head slowly.
“Go. Now.” He said, his voice tense.
“Y-You’re not going to hurt me?” I asked.
“GO!” he snapped.
Tears stung in my eyes and I sprinted into the woods.
Jason was a Lycan. Huh. I wonder why.
He had to have been bitten by someone else we know. But who?
“Max!” I yelled.
“Yeah?” I heard it on my right and ran towards his voice.
The minute I got there I told him straightforward what happened. “Jason’s a Lycan. He’s in the woods.” I panted. Even a vampire gets tired after running six miles.
He tensed. “What?”
“I know. But he told me to leave so I don’t think he wanted to hurt me.” I said in a rush.
His shoulders relaxed a bit.
“We have to go find him.” he mumbled, packing up everything.
“Wha-What!” I yelled.
He looked right into my eyes. “We have to. We need to make sure he’s okay.”

The author's comments:
This is the continued part of fang. i'm still working on it but, this is what i have so far.

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on Dec. 31 2009 at 10:35 am
LoveLikeWoe DIAMOND, LeSueur, MN, Minnesota
54 articles 2 photos 748 comments

Favorite Quote:
Whoever laughs first has the sickest mind.

:) enjoy!!! :D