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Kisses of a Beast

February 14, 2010
By adristar96 SILVER, Miami, Florida
adristar96 SILVER, Miami, Florida
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Chapter 1

As I get my things from my locker, I see the most popular guy in school, Adam Stone. He’s not only popular he’s the cutest guy in school. As he walks down the hall every girl giggles as he passes by them. His black hair sways against his shoulders. His hazel eyes roam around the hallway. As his eyes land on me, he flashes his perfect smile every girl would kill to see. My knees get weak and I suddenly lose my balance and fall against the lockers.

“Oh Valerie, Adam is so cute!” Valerie holds me up before I can tumble over. Valerie has been my best friend since 6th grade. Ever since the day we met we have always been inseparable. We tell each other everything. Even though we are the exact opposite we can’t get any closer than how we are now.

Sometimes, people mistake us for being sisters. I always tell them “we don‘t look alike.” First of all, Valerie is prettier than me, with her dark brown hair hanging half way down her back in wonderful waves. Her large brown eyes, always observe everything around her. Her personality is completely different though. She’s the most talkative person you will ever meet. She’s also the luckiest. Every guy wants to date her in spite the fact she has a boyfriend.

His name is Brian, he’s the best boyfriend she’s ever had, or so I’ve been told. What I do know for sure is that he’s the goofiest, he’s always making Valerie and I laugh. He walks up to Valerie, his short hair spiked up and lanky body wearing a preppy shirt and baggy pants. “Hey sweetheart, how are you?” He grabs her hand and she blushes, “Hey.”

“So Valerie, what should I do about my mad crush with Adam?” Like always she shrugs and replies “why don’t you talk to him Alexa?” I stare at her as if she’s crazy “I can’t just go up to him! He’ll probably think I’m weird or something.” I lean against the lockers and stare at him walking away.

I’ve always thought I was some what weird. My best quality is my green eyes which gleam under the sun. I’ve always been tall, 5’10 to be exact and I’ve had meat on my bones most of my life. I guess there’s something about me that guys like maybe it’s my face which is not to thin but not too chubby. Or it might be my dark skin, but I guess I’ll never know.

As he walks away, my other best friend Lexy walks up to us. “Hey guys.” She notices I’m staring at Adam. She rolls her eyes at me and screams out, “Why can’t you just talk to him, Alexa!” I quickly cover her mouth, “Shhh! You want somebody to hear us?” She blushes with embarrassment. “Oops sorry Alexa; It‘s just you‘ve had a crush on him since junior year. Can’t you at least talk to him?”

Lexy, like Valerie, has been my best friend since 6th grade. Like Valerie, Lexy wants me to talk to Adam. The only reason why she says that is because Lexy is the prettiest in our group. Her curly, dark, brown hair hangs below her back. Her dark blue eyes sparkle with laughter and passion. The only flaw she has is her braces. However, that doesn’t discourage guys from asking her out; after all, braces are only a temporary set back.

“I can’t it’s impossible for me to make conversation with him, either I’ll make complete fool out of myself or I’ll fall. I’m a complete klutz around him.” They just roll their eyes at me. Lexy replies, “That’s the whole point of talking to him. So you can get better at talking to him. Anyways, he might like you for who you are.” The bell rings and we walk off to class.

I walk into my class and sit all the way in the back with my friend Alessandra. “Hey Alexa, how are you?” she asks. “How do you think? All I ever do now is obsessed over Adam and it drives me nuts!” She puts her arm around me in a comforting way; her chocolate brown hair touches my cheek “Aw you’re still with that puppy love I see.” I shake my head “I don’t think its puppy love Alessa, if it was I would be over it by now.” The late bell rings and Ms. Marin starts the class.

“Ok class today will be talking about…” Her voice trails off as I stare out the window into the thundering rain slowly making me fall asleep.

Chapter 2

I watch the white foamy waves crashing onto the surface. I lay down with my white dress on the soft white sand, my hair blowing in the wind. In the corner of my eyes, I see Adam walking up to me his shirt buttoned down to his perfect abs. He stands towering above me 6’4 in height. He pulls me up, holding me like a delicate rose. He whispers tenderly in my ear “You’re much more to me than a weird girl Alexandra; I want you to know that.” He disappears in a flash.
A crash screams in my ears and I wake up from my dream. I look around; I notice Ms. Marin stop teaching the class and is now giving me a hard look a ruler in her hand. “Alexandra, why are you sleeping in my class when you are to be listening to the lecture?” I stare at her dumbfounded for a moment, as I regain my speech back I answer her question. “Well you see Ms. Marin I was up all night doing homework and I couldn’t get any sleep…” She cuts me off, “Just don’t do it again, ok Alexandra?” I nod, she continues her lecture. Alessandra looks at me. She whispers “Awesome come back Alexa.” I smile back.
I try to concentrate on the lecture but, I can only think about is that dream. I’ve occasionally dreamed about Adam, but never like that. It was the way he talked to me. It felt as if it was from another place, not normally what I would make him say in my dreams. The bell rings and I grab my books.
After school I tell Valerie about my dream as we walked home to her house. “That is weird,” she simply says. “I know right! I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It was like someone else was in my dream. It was really creepy.” We walk in silence and a car drives up “hey baby do you want a ride?” Brian’s face comes out and he smiles. “Sure sweetie,” She smiles and looks at me “Do you want to go too?” “Nah I’m fine just go I’ll call you when I’m almost to your house.” “Well ok suite yourself.” she gets in the car and they drive off.
I walk a little further and a bloodshot colored Escalade drives up to me. “Do you need a ride Alexandra?” I turn around slowly as I realize whose deep mysterious voice that is. “Um sure,” I quickly get in the car. He looks at me and smiles, his hazel eyes linger on me. “Where do you need a ride to Alexa?” I point to the direction of Valerie’s house “Just turn right on 56 street and it should be the first house on the left, a yellow one.” I flash a sweet smile as I try to hide my hot cheeks.
We stay quiet for a moment I guess trying to figure out what to talk about. He starts off by asking “So, how was your day Alexa?” He grins at me still looking at the road. “It was fine thanks for asking.” He grins more and stares at me while he drives fast. “What are you doing?!” His deep melodious laughter fills the car. “Don’t worry I can drive like this.”
His eyes still looking at me, he moves closer to me. “So you had a nice dream in Ms. Marin’s class then.” He moves away and stares at the road. “How did you?” My eyes grow in shock and surprise. His grin disappears “I can’t answer that Alexa.” He stops in front of Valerie’s house, “Well business is served.”
I start to get out of the car when he grabs my arm. I look at him; his eyes are suddenly gentle and compassionate. He smiles “If you would like, instead of walking after school I can take you in my car.” His face comes closer to mine and he kisses my cheek. I feel my cheeks flare up and I whisper “Okay.”
He moves away from me as he looks at the time. He flashes a meaningless smile, his eyes now cold and distant. “Bye Alexandra,” he drives off in a hurry. I look at the time; damn it’s 5:30. I open the door to Valerie’s house and put my stuff aside. If I know any better I would think her and Brian are watching a scary movie. I tiptoe to the front of her room and grab the doorknob.
I open the door and scream my head off, which makes Valerie and Brian stop their make out session and jump off the bed. “Ha! That was hilarious.” I laugh my head off and they get annoyed. “I didn’t think that was funny at all.” replied Brian in a annoyed tone. “Of course you didn’t, but I needed to stop it before it got heated.” Brian looks at the time “Oh c*** I need to get home.” He gives Valerie a kiss and runs out the door. I give Valerie a goofy smile. She stares at me suspiciously “What happened?” I sit on her bed, “Oh what a great story I have to tell.”

Chapter 3

After I told her what happened she freaked out. “He kissed you! Where did he kiss you?” I tap my cheek lightly “Right here it was just a little peck.” Valerie giggles “Well at least it was something, did you tell Lexy yet? I shake my head. “You haven’t told Lexy yet? Come on lets go.” We leave and walk to Lexy’s house.

She opens the door and seems surprised by the grins on our faces. “What are guys up too?” We get inside in the house and go inside her room. “You better sit down for this Lexy.” Valerie says still grinning. Lexy sits down still kind of worried.

As we tell her the whole story she gets more and more agitated. When we finish Lexy is already bouncing on the bed screaming, giggling and laughing.

The author's comments:
I know it stops abruptly i'm sorry for that. I haven't finished just tell me what you think. :) please.

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