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How Not To Run Away: The Story Of A Girl Who Decided To Hate Everything

April 9, 2010
By HashtagWinning GOLD, Knoxville, Tennessee
HashtagWinning GOLD, Knoxville, Tennessee
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She zipped up her back pack, now full of clothing, food, and books. There was a slight thud of footfall coming up the narrow stair-way that went through the middle of her aunt, and uncle’s house. Shoving her bag out of sight she rolled over and pretended to fall asleep. The door was opened with a slight creak then it shut with an abrupt snap. She exhaled and sat up, starting to reach back towards the bag. Her movements were responded to. And she froze, like a criminal caught in the midst of stealing some poor old dear’s purse, or more like a deer that was staring into the headlights of a truck, knowing what would happen only when it was too late.

“Chess.” Said a voice near the door, the way her name was spoken did not surprise me in any way at all. It was merely stated and passed on; like and unimportant mention in a person’s ear that would fall to the floor as soon as it lost support from the speaker’s tongue. “Chess, there is no use hiding, I can see you, it’s not that dark. Also you can start breathing again; it is not like I’m going to kill you or anything.” she released her breath, but the stupid voice that lives in the back of her head kept nagging me about how she probably wanted to. Her name is Blossom, she is her younger cousin, and she hates her.

Blossom’s features are typical for the everyday style of Ohio in 2026; she has blonde hair that went down to just below her shoulders, and pale blue eyes that only reflected what was in front of her. Blossom had teeth so white they could blind you while you were still seeing, and lastly she had nails, sharp nails that had been colored over in pink.

If you happen to have trouble imagining Blossom I do not have the right to be surprised, for you’re either in a different time period, an other dimension, or maybe you’re just somewhere else; all three are very possible. That is not the point. The point is that if you can’t imagine Blossom then think of your worst nightmare that you have ever had. No not the one about your granny knitting a sweater out of your pitiful human flesh. Think hard you probably had this nightmare when you were still a harmless little angle with not a care in the world. Choose your nightmare and multiply it by 73; your end result should look like Blossom, and if it happens not to be, and instead a beautiful landscape that turns out to be fully poisonous with an over-huge colony of pink-furred, and red-eyed bunnies that turn out to be rabid and that they eat you while your still alive. Then that is about as close as you’re going to get and I can’t help you.

Dictionary definition #1:
1) Bad dream.
2) A dream so god damn awful you wake up.
3) Knowing that you wet your bed.

Related words: Blossom Heart, hate.

Blossom here is Chess’s worst nightmare. And so Chess has every human right to hate, and fear her.

“Chess,” Blossom said a bit louder and with a hint of a whine in it. There was a cough that came from down the hall, and Blossom’s voice dropped back down to a whisper, “fine then don’t answer me Chess, but I highly suggest you do or I’ll tell mommy that you’re trying to run away again and she’ll find you before you can get to the corn field.”

It is true there was a corn field that surrounded the Heart manor, the field literally stretched on for miles and was at least 8 feet high. Nobody could see where it ends. Chess had been planning her get-a-way for weeks now into the “never-ending” corn field she was not about to let her bratty 8-year-old cousin stop her from anything.

“Damn it Blossom just damn it all, you know perfectly that if you try, if you merely even try to get in the way of my plans I will personally pray to god every night so that he will damn you till you die.” Chess knew that Blossom was a pacifist and a forced believer in god, so if Chess scared her good enough out of her own pants she might be able to over-power Blossom. Oh and by the way, I personally made sure that Chess’s message went strait to god, because I happened to hate Blossom too.

Blossom narrowed her eyes and glared strait into the heart of Chess and said, “I am still going to tell.” Chess smiled, “do what you got to do,” she said. Both Chess and I knew that she wasn’t going to tell but she was still going to be damned. Why does the human race have to hate? Why?

When Blossom had left the room looking quite grumpy, Chess looked in my direction and asked, “Ready?” I nodded and together we looked at the door to her bed room then we faced her wide window. Chess cracked it open and we were engulfed by the heavily scented spring air. I reached for her hand she took mine, and together we swooped out of the open window.

We didn’t fly, we only landed a little softer than we might have if I was only human but I am much more than human, so we floated to the ground like a falling leaf. Chess swung her bag over her shoulder and together, me and her, her and I, we, set off into the corn field at a full out sprint imagining deer stumbling through the wood putting distance between us and the dogs, then a hunting horn will sound and Chess’s hope of escaping will waver fall and die, like a wounded solder on the battle field at dawn.

Dictionary definition #2:
1) To soar away from your troubles.
2) To feel great exhilaration.
3) Freedom.
Related words: happiness, joy.

She awoke the next morning, Chess did, and she had a look of panic in her eyes. She searched about her in every direction, no doubt looking for me. Chess knew that if she couldn’t find me she would have to go back, she shook the thought from her mind no he would come back, he always came back. Chess here was referring to me, but I beg to differ; I would not call my self a he, no I am a her too, l am an “it”, a shadow, yes I am a shadow that only my student can see. At her old school some people called the poor girl named Chess crazy and mad, because they all said that she had an imaginary friend that she talked to non-stop every single hour of the day, I was her friend, and I stood next to her as she told her imaginary friend’s stories about pirate ships and astronauts landing on planet 471. I was nice and playful, but my time was running short she needed to know soon, very soon.

I stood up and materialized so that she could see me, Chess had been dreaming. It showed in her eyes, her echoing black eyes that reflected her past, you would have to look hard to notice what was her past to see it in her eyes. Her past echoed off the walls in her eyes, never leaving, never growing fainter, just there as a reminder to no one.

Chess must have been having a nightmare, it shown through her black hair that now clung to her face in sweat, she is beautiful when she looks like she is in pain, the pain that comes back to haunt her in her nightmares, Chess had been dreaming about her parents, that much is simple.
She probably remembers it like I do, or as humans would say it “I remember it like it was yesterday”, only for us it was a yesterday fifteen years ago.

Dictionary definition #3:
1) To have the memory of an event.
2) A memory to bad to get rid of.
Related words: Sorrow, parents, hate.

I have been with Chess her whole life, but I was gone the day her parents died, she told me about it later that’s how I know. She said it happened instantly: one second her parents are in the kitchen discussing politics, the next second Chess walked into the kitchen, the third second her parents look at her smiling, the fourth second a flash of light, the fifth second her parents are dead as dead can be, the sixth second she is screaming. The next hour she has been evacuated, still screaming. after she told me what had happened in that hour and six seconds I look up and see tears on her face, that was the only time I saw tears on her face, I long to see them again, that’s why I hide from her; so I can hope to see tears on her face. Unfortunately for me, she is a good fighter.

When Chess saw me she came over, rushing. Her arms extended in a “ready-to-embrace” hug manor, I open my arms, ready to give a bear hug, but I am way too late, before I realize her hands are curled into fists and she giving me a beating that could kill a human. But I must repeat to you that I am much more than human, so much more.
She screamed at me, she calmed down, we started running again.
We ran for what felt like hours, actually its more like I floated beside her while she did all of the exhausting running. We slowed down, we came to a stop, she ate I took mental notes; we got up and continued running. That was how the last day of running away went. It was glorious. The running stopped when the corn thinned. Chess looked crestfallen, she, like me, never wanted the running to stop, just to let it go on for ever. But the corn thinned and we stopped, and right then so did everything else. The truth had revealed it’s self before I had to, this made me relieved, her depressed. Just above the thinning corn the chimney of Chess’s aunt and uncle’s house was visible. Chess slumped down on the frayed ground and cried a tearless sob.
My time to explain had come. The corn was shrinking, not dying, shrinking. It was simple: the corn shrinks a tragedy that appears to be from natural causes will take place, and an entire society will be nearly lost as a whole. This time it is targeted on the USA. If you don’t believe me I’ll give you an example: on December 24, 2004 an extremely horrible tsunami hit the coast of India, many died some lived, but all had know idea what had happened; except for three beings, one was me, the next was the man who caused it, and the unknown inhabitant who planned the disaster.
The man who had caused this was a 37-year-old ignorant brute who lived in Indonesia, he was a business man, and a successful one he already had a building in the city for his business and one being built in India. I believe that the reason he refused to my plain obviousness that a lot of people were going to die if he didn’t do what I told him to do right then, but I believe that the reason he refused is that is I kind of appeared in front of him during an “extremely important” business call. I nearly scared him to death and the $400 cell phone flipped out of his hand and landed in his afternoon coffee. He refused to the simplest thing imaginable for an unbelievably rich human to do. I asked him to give a random person off the street 14 hundred dollars. I remember the next part as if I was still in the moment, the ignorant man said to me, “what does it matter what I do? Someone else will.” with that the stupid man walked away and the earth shook and a wave erupted on the surface of the water. I vanished. The man killed him self by drowning two years later.

Dictionary definition #4:
1) Not the key to happiness.
2) To be rich but not to seek well being.
Related words: selfishness, fear, hate.

But now Chess sat on the ground sobbing dry sobs, what could I do? Drifting over to her I squatted down beside her and whispered in her ear, “Chess come on snap out of it!” I hurriedly said, I looked up at the corn, it was retracting into the ground fast, now the top window of the house was clearly visible, oh god give me time, I thought to my self. “Damn it Chess! Damn it!” my voice had risen to a scream. I had no choice I raised her to her feet and held her steady, then a slapped her across the face leaving a good red hand mark for the correct measure, it helped she came out of her trance. I gave her a little shake; the corn had sunk down another foot, “Chess!” I screamed, “Chess! We are all going to die! It is in your hands the entire fate of the world all of it!” my god I must be really stressed out I had never, never slapped one of my students before, nor had I risen my voice. But the answer for these strange behaviors was that I loved Chess, but now it was her turn to choose to love, she had literally “The Whole Wide World in Her Hands,” but she had to decide right now what to do with it.
“Chess!” I screamed again, “Chess! Listen to me! You have to tell her that you love her! Okay?! You have to!” I looked up again; Chess’s window was now visible. Oh god no! My mind shouted at me, she doesn’t understand! And then the most peculiar thing happened; I started to sing. Weird it was just automatic; I mean I just started to sing, “I got the whole wide world in my hands, I got the whole wide world in my hands, I got the whole wide world in my hands, I got the whole wide world.” It clicked in her head, I let her go; Chess balanced on her feet, looked at me and ran full out to the house, screaming as she went. She ran strait into the house and toppled up the tiny stair case at full speed and burst into her cousin’s room.
“Blossom!” Chess shouted; Blossom awoke with a start. “Blossom!” Chess shouted again, “Blossom, I love you!” The words gushed out of Chess’s mouth like water bursting from a crack in the ice. Chess rushed over and embraced her cousin. They held each other like that for several minutes. Chess made the mental note to go and kiss the shadow-man in the corn, but this never happened because I vanished the second the corn shot back up.

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