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dragon gills

April 29, 2010
By tomtamtimmy GOLD, Sydney, Other
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The nauseating sway of the ship as it was tossed by the rough sea surf had no effect on Johnson. He had been at sea many times. The ocean seemed to be spitting salty sea spray over the wooden edge of the ship. Johnson didn’t mind though, he treated the sea and its creatures with respect so it did the same back to him. He took another glance down at his map, which was drawn on cow hide so that it wouldn’t be ruined by the oceans spray. An old man with white hair and a bushy mustache walked up to him.
‘Morning Doctor Drake’ Johnson replied not looking up from his map.
‘Morning Johnson.’ he said.
‘Any new leads?’ Johnson questioned.
‘No, only the same fact repeated over and over again. The Draco Americanus incognito is in South America.’ Drake said dryly ‘you should go check on Mr. Wibbly Wobbs’
‘But he doesn’t like me!’ Johnson protested.
‘Just wave a fish in front of him and then you’ll make a friend for life.’ Drake grinned.
Grumbling, Johnson walked below deck and into the dank hull of the Eclipse, the air ever-stale. He walked along grumbling and mumbling under his breath. He stopped by a barrel to fish out an oily sardine and then continued walking until he came to a large fish tank filled with seaweed and pebbles. Well that’s what it looked like. Johnson tapped the glass with his knuckles and one of the hunks of seaweed swelled up, then rotated back.
It was a dragon. It looked like a European dragon except it had a longer thinner snout, seaweed camouflage growing off its wings and back, webbed feet and a bad attitude. It studied Johnson with bright intelligent yellow eyes before opening its mouth and blasting the tank full off octopus-like ink.
‘Yeah, that’s nice’ Johnson said pulling a lever attached to a valve sucking every liquid that wasn’t water out of the tank. Everyone aboard this ship was part off the S.A.S.D. the Secret and Ancient Society of Dragonologists. Devoted to protect and understand the few dragons still living.

Johnson showed the stinking fish to the dragon just before it was about to blast the tank full of ink. It shut its mouth and stared at the fish hungrily. Johnson dragged the fish through the air to the side of the tank and the dragon did the same. A slight smile came to Johnsons face and he dumped the fish into the tank and watched the Sargasso dragon devour it. It bit into the fish and ripped away chewing and swallowing the mouthful, the Sargasso continued this until he had eaten every part of the fish, except the bones, which were scattered around the tank. Afterwards, it went back to sleep, tensing the muscles in its back so the seaweed camouflage stuck up. Johnson swiftly brought out a notebook from his pocket and noted all that he had just seen. He swiftly turned around and strolled back on deck.

When he got back out into the salty sea air Drake was still standing there. The ocean was calmer then before. It kind of scared Johnson how swiftly the weather can change. He walked next to Drake staring out to the ocean as he was. ‘You were right’ Johnson said, his voice monotone. ‘I thought so’ Drake said. His moustache bristling in such a way you knew he was smiling.

A week later....

They were in South America. Johnson had a vicious scar across his temple from a bullet wound that he got when they were having a gunfight with poachers. Hell bent on killing dragons for grizzly ornaments. Scales, horns, teeth you name it. They were trekking through thick forests. They air, heavy with humidity.‘We have to use our machetes’ Drake said grimily
‘I hate using machetes’ Johnson replied just as grim. He had a deep fear that one day he would come across a rare animal and slash it in the face. His mind was elsewhere than on the task at hand. He was tired, hungry and was being eaten alive by blood sucking insects. Suddenly his thinking was cut short by a string of gunfire hissing through the air, whispers of death whistling past ears, arms and legs.

Drake was yelling ‘Now, now do it, now’
We both drew our guns and Johnson yelled the spell that Drake had been teaching him. ‘SHE, ZHENG, WANG, LI, PA’ the Chinese dragon invisibility charm. The best thing about is that it effects whatever you hold as well. Drake repeated the charm as well. They walked in a silent wide arc, bullets chopping the bushes that they were once standing in front of, to shreds. They both broke into a small clearing but foliage overhead was still thick. Poachers were standing in the clearing, wide eyed and frightened.
‘Show yourselves! We surrender’ one yelled genuinely scared.

Johnson and Drake never attacked them. They both sat waiting, watching.
HISSSSS ‘ARRGHHHH’. They didn’t see what did it but what happened was noticeable. One of the poachers was carried into the air screaming and crying all at once until he was lost in the brush. Then the very air was boiling with lethally hot green steam. All the poachers were screaming in pain. One of them ran down a track to escape the steam but from the side he was picked up by something and dragged into the thick jungle with a yelp.
All poachers were dead. Johnson and Drake walked slowly into the clearing staring at the carnage. Then crawling from a tree down the trunk, was the most unique dragon ever seen. Large wings long narrow snout. Four legs tipped with bloody claws. It stared at them as Johnson and Drake scratched down notes. It seemed to breathe steam rather then fire as not to damage its home. The incognito danced back into the brush before they could take a photo.
Forever incognito.

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i did it for a compitition

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