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The Uprising of Amestley Part 2

May 11, 2010
By Jonathan_Peraza SILVER, Lilburn, Georgia
Jonathan_Peraza SILVER, Lilburn, Georgia
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Amestley ran his burnt fingers, which had turned white from the light belt’s lights, along an evident, bulgy scar on his head. Years had gone by, but Amestley could remember the strange events perfectly as though they had occurred the day before. All except for when after he lunged into the house, and apparently he had injured his head, hence the scar, on impact with the floor.

What really haunted him constantly were the questions he asked himself about the unexplained occurrences day after dau.

Was Jozacea actually an Asilin? How did I get to the house so fast when I know I was supposed to die?

Although he was tormented by that every waking night of his life he tried not to dwell on the past. It would be best to forget, even if it seemed impossible.

Amestley walked over to his Alchord sheet to see his reflection and inspect himself for his first Duty. Every Peraculan was required to get one as they reached the age of 52, but since it was predicted that he would live for long, he got his Duty at his current age of 25. Everything seemed right, and so he left the room to be on his way.

“Good night, Amestley,” Carinalia greeted her son in the Dining Chamber. “It is your first day on your Duty and you must be as presentable as possible. I’m sure you will make a wonderful Paint Berry Picker.

“Yes,” Lagaris Sr., Amestley’s older brother, cut in. “The runt actually proved to be skilled in something, too bad it was one of the worst Duties on Peracula, second to an Alchord Miner.”

Lagaris Jr. along with Amestley’s other siblings thought up more insults for Amestley. But Carinalia gave them a warning glance.

“I will leave now,” Amestley told his mother in a low tone.

“Not without eating the delicious morning meal of ferret stuffed land fish I made. Oh, and I made a delicious Pera-Pera berry juice with a dash of giant serpent venom,” she exclaimed.

“No, thank you mother,” Amestley said. “I’ll simply find a grilled ferret stand on my way to the field.”

“Very well then.”

He walked out through the door of the cabin, but he could hear his brothers and sisters hissing, “Creature!” and many other things at him.

I will get my revenge someday, Amestley thought to himself, someday.

He’s been thinking that for so long he didn’t really have much faith in it, but he knew he should keep believing.

Amestley felt as though he walked through corridors of scornful eyes everyday of his life, which is why he preferred to remain at the cabin at all times with his tongue writing.

As he dodged rocks, Amestley recited The White King’s Prophecy in his head. It always seemed to instill hope in him, especially when he thought of his revenge.

The berry fields were not much farther, but Amestley stopped at sight of a disturbance in the smog sky. The smog seemed to brighten as though a light was going through. If it was a rogue light beam then everybody would have to take cover, but there was one problem. Light beam season had already gone by. If it wasn’t a light beam then what could it be? The field workers ran away from the field. Maybe they had a better view.

The smog was penetrated by a large, bright rock that appeared to have the shape of a crown. As soon as every worker had retreated from the fields the rock hit the center of the field with an explosive BOOM!

A long silence remained after that. Not one step was made toward the fields until--

“Monster!” The voice of one of the workers called. “The boss wants you to inspect the rock, see what it is.”

“But, but, but, but…” all Amestley could do was stutter.

“Now!” The worker shoved him towards the fields and Amestley continued walking one wary step at a time.

The rest of Evinark watched from the outskirts of the field. A crater was clearly made. He reached the crater and the crown shaped rock in the large, gaping hole didn’t seem so menacing. It seemed a little beautiful. Amestley looked at the rock more closely and he could see that its body was composed of gems and diamonds, and many other precious rocks.

“It’s beautiful,” Amestley said.

“Is it?” the boss of the fields asked.

All of Evinark rushed to see the rock, and in the process Amestley was pushed to the back. Everyone but Amestley, it seemed, was worthy to see such beauty. He comprehended that so he simply left to the nearby Tongue Paint Gallery, where all the great tongue paintings were placed to be admired.

It was completely empty of life, all of the life save for the life that the paintings filled the Dark Orb lit cavern with. He walked past every painting, all beautiful but none of them catching his complete interest. When he finished looking at the most recently made paintings, he moved on to the corridor of ancient paintings, which had been painted on scrolls made from strange tree bark. He walked down that corridor and observed each one to find its meaning, but they seemed… dull and meaningless. Nothing was what Amestley would consider “true art,” not to be critical, but something finally did catch his interest and it was at the end of the corridor. It was something Amestley had never seen before. The painting portrayed a youth that had the same body structure as a Peraculan, tall stature, two arms, two legs, an oval sized head, but instead of being blue, he was black. The Peraculan-like creature was levitating with a glow surrounding him. A forest was in the background with a clouded sky, but somewhat hidden in the forest, as if it was meant to be hidden, was a hooded figure with white wings clutching on to a tree. It was Jozacea. His arm went around the tree and pointed toward the sky. Amestley scanned the painting to find another hidden part of the painting. In the clouds, a shape was being formed as if something was going to break through. It was a crown shape…. Amestley began to frantically search for the signature of the artist because every tongue painting or tongue writing had to have been created by someone. Near the bottom of the painting was a signature with some of the letters faded away. The name was J*zac*a. Amestley didn’t need many letters to figure out the name of the artist.

Amestley ran out of the Gallery back towards the fields. They were still crowded with the entire Evinark population. He tried pushing his way in there, but he wasn’t strong enough to penetrate such a crowd. So instead, he got on his knees and began to crawl through the crowd. When he was just a few feet away from the crater the crowd of Peraculans dispersed, but Amestley didn’t care to see what the reason was, he just cared for the crown. He stood up on his legs and approached the crater.
As he did he could feel the dirt under him begin to crumble. He slid in to the center and collided with the crown. The crown also crumbled to a pile of gems. They slid up on his limbs and began to form something on his head.

Up above, however, Amestley heard war cries and war songs being sung, a clear sign of bloodthirsty Asilin. But Amestley could not worry about that because at the moment, mysterious gems were attacking his head. The gems began to glow, probably meaning that something important was going to happen, and Amestley was part of it. He could feel himself rising up in the air and the smog above him cleared to make an aerial path to the sky. He rose higher and higher until the Peraculan warriors seemed tiny in their silver armor. The Asilin soldiers seemed even smaller, probably half the size of an adult Peraculan, as they charged with their light rays and wooden shields.

What has this world come to? Amestley thought. I wish this would all stop.

The male Asilin flew circles around Amestley. He was completely confused by that, but he then recalled something he should have remembered a long time ago. Since The White King’s Prophecy was found on Asilia, the Asilins adopted it as they’re prophecy. Was the prophecy occurring right at that moment?

The Asilins probably thought that Amestley was the White King, but he couldn’t be. Or could he? Nothing that important or intense had ever happened to him before, so why should he believe that something that immense would happen to him?

A light in the distance became visible, but that light seemed brighter than any they had seen before. It couldn’t be the light ring, it was so bright….

“The time has begun,
Our king shall arrive.
With light bright as the sun,
All will subside.”

The light was already brightening the forest, revealing all the creatures hiding in the dark. Every ferret, every giant serpent, every land fish, and other creatures were exploding into flames under the light. The Peraculans, however, were not affected by the light as it shone in the sky. How strange. The Asilins did not have to fear, in fact they worshipped the light and they would have begun a festival under the mysterious light if not in the middle of a battle.
The light belt was moving towards Evinark from the opposite direction. It kept moving until it was just over Amestley and it glowed by using the stars that made it up. The stars seemed more like reflective rocks catching the light of the stars that dotted the infinite purple blanket of space.
Amestley entered the light belt through the center. His head was racing with verses from The White King’s Prophecy. Yes, it was time for his revenge, revenge with triumph. He was going to show everybody that looked down on him that he was as special as everybody else and that he had a purpose in life, different or not. His purpose in life was to save every creature from the nightmare they’ve become. It was time.
As he swirled around in the light belt, Amestley could feel his body being distorted. His skin began to glow with its complete whiteness. And he touched his head to see what had become of the gems. He only felt a crown that was on his head, and it felt like flesh, not a golden, silver, or Alchord crown. He was the king. He felt himself float back down to a world of evil darkness, not the kind that the Peraculans lived in, or the darkness that Amestley had hidden in for so long, the evil kind.
When Amestley’s feet touched the ground everything stopped. Then an agonizing pain began to build up inside of him. His eyes, ears, and mouth erupted with a golden light similar to the light that shined on the surface of Peracula. He knew that he was being destroyed on the inside, but he also knew what he had to do.

“As a child of the sky,
Our leader will return.
He shall become the ultimate sacrifice
In order for the darkness to burn.”

Peracula’s new found light spread towards the galaxy above, by cutting through the smog like a spear through a land fish. Knowing that, Amestley began to walk. As he walked by every Peraculan and Asilin many of them disintegrated or blew up when caught behind the wall of light that followed Amestley, or the White King. Even from far distances other villages could see the commotion and they could also see it going towards them as well. Behind a radiant white figure that erupted with light and carried the light belt above him like a crown, there was nothing but fire and ashes. Some feared for their lives, but others stayed in place because for some odd reason, they knew they were going to survive. While Amestley walked the land, not one whisper could be heard on the entire planets. Alien planets were also going through the same marvelous events as Peracula. They were all part of the prophecy.

“Every part of the galaxy will grow luminous
A ring of stars shall form his crown.
During his riddance of decadence,
The land will be vast of sound.”

Everything was happening so fast that nobody noticed that Amestley was going around Peracula at the speed of light. And soon nothing would be left, nothing but the goodness that had been hidden for so long. The flames calmed down and the fire that rained down from outer space stopped. Nothing but dust remained on Peracula, no one was left, but Amestley was also dying just as all the life there was did. Amestley released the last of the light that he had inside of him and he grew drowsy. The light belt fell down to the remains of Peracula, and they surrounded Amestley in the same formation that they were in when in the sky. Amestley laid down on the ground, weary, but happy. He breathed his last breath, and the light belt glowed as bright as the White King had.

“When every wicked soul is extinct,
The savior’s battle against evil will have been fought.
Appreciation from their father shall receive the good will enriched,
For them awaits the celestial paradise they had longingly sought.”

Amestley could see himself because he was standing over his dead body, but in his average Peraculan form, the Amestley everybody had thought weak, but now he felt empowered, he knew he was powerful. He felt his head, and the flesh crown was still there. He turned and faced millions of Peraculans, Asilins, and foreign creatures. Only the benevolent remained, and he saw Carinalia and Jozacea in the group. He went up to them both and grabbed both their hands.

Amestley, along with Carinalia and Jozacea holding on to his hand, and followed by the million other souls flew up towards the galaxy, where a swirling star was shining brightly, inviting them into their new lives. The life they had always dreamed of.


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