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Awakened Blood

August 29, 2010
By Kitti-Chan PLATINUM, Wichita, Kansas
Kitti-Chan PLATINUM, Wichita, Kansas
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I could smell sea water, and I thought for a moment that maybe we were back at my Grandmother's hour in Florida and that I had just taken a really long nap. Yeah well, we all have to hope. I peeled my eyes open expecting, well I don't know what I expected. Chains and coffins maybe? But I was staring at a wooden ceiling, I tried to roll over but my neck stung in pain.
I sat straight up looking around, I was on a single bed in the far corner in what seemed to be a one-in-all room. There was an old stove to my left and a table with three mismatched chairs across the room. There was a wooden shelf next to the table. There were two doors, one I assumed was probably a bathroom, the other must have been the way out. I went for the door that had a window on it, which I assumed was the way out. I pulled the handle, nothing. I tried to push it still nothing happened. I tried to kick the door but it would budge. It was locked from the outside.
I tried to pry open a window but it too didn't yield. I grabbed one of the chairs and swung it was the window, it connected solidly but the window didn't shatter. I kept beating the window with the chair, the door flew open and a boy about my age stepped in, he saw me beating at the window desperately and lunged, he grabbed the chair and threw it, it spiraled and hit the wall, shattering. He then pinned my arms behind my back. I shoved backwards, thrusting him against the wall. He cried out more in shock than in pain, he pushed back and we fell to the floor in a struggling mass of limbs.
"Stop! I'm a friend!" he said dodging my kick which would have hit him in the face.
"How can I trust you?" I said back, and threw him from me, rolled and landed gracefully on all fours.
"You're not dead yet are you?" he says and stands. I sit stunned, he offers his hand out to me. I don't take it.
"Then why am I locked in here?" I retort and stand on my own.
"Because I couldn't have you running out killing someone.
"Why would I kill someone?" I say "I'm no monster."
"You don't know do you? Well now or never." he walks to the shelf and grabs a small purple mirror. He faces it down and hands it to me. "I'm warning you now, you might not like what you see."
I pull the mirror to my face and stop short. My cheeks were sunk in and my hazel eyes were black, my mouth falls open into a little 'o' and I see something that makes me sit in one of the mismatched chairs. "W-what happened to me?" my voice cracks.
"Did somebody attack you, maybe on your way home or to a party?" he asks, not answering a question.
"A-a man, he-" I stop short staring at the boy. "What happened to me?"
"That man who attacked you, did he have red eyes." the boys asks another question, still not answering mine.
I thought hard his beauty, his eyes, his fangs.
"Y-yes." I answer shakily. "What happened to me?" I ask once again.
"You were changed." he says, I look up at him, away from the mirror. He has green eyes and was cute in a little brother cute. He had black hair and almond shaped eyes.
"Changed?" I ask staring at him.
"Into a vampire."
"Vampires, vampires don't exist." I say denying.
"Yes, we do." he answer somberly.
"You, you're a vampire?" I ask, I stand and back away from him like he's a wild animal.
"You are too." he points at a jug of water on the table, he takes it and pours it into a cup. Its water, he hands the cup to me. "Try to drink that."
I take a drink of the water and swallow. Suddenly my side began to hurt and I fell over, the water poured from my mouth. I look at him with wide eyes.
"You're a vampire." the truth began to sink in. The boy helps me to my feet and sits me on the bed. "My name is Alzar. What's yours?"
"Dae." I answer simply.
"Well, Dae, we better find out what type of blood you like otherwise you'll die with in the next day or so."
"What!?!" I exclaim.
"Each type of vampire likes a certain type of blood, this bases their eye color. I have green eyes so I like fish blood. Blue eyes show bird blood. Gray, for small animals. Brown for larger animal. and red for human blood. Not many vamps drink human blood anymore but a few do."
"Well how do we find out what kind of blood I like?" I ask tentatively.
"We test it, usually by hunting for awhile but I have bags of different blood here so that will be one less thing to worry about." Alzar goes to the other door and pulls it open, it is a bathroom, he retrieves five Dixie cups. Then goes to a box on the shelf and pulls out five black bags. He turns his back to me and then returns with the five Dixie cups about half full of blood.
"I won't tell you which I give you." he hands me the first cup. I hesitate and then gulp it down and nearly choke I spit he blood back into the cup.
"Well at least we know you won't be killing humans anytime soon." he says.
"That was human blood?" he nods and hands me the next cup. I drink it but it stays down this time, it was still disgusting. I pull a face and shake my head.
"Fish blood." he says and hands me the next cup. I take a deep breathe and drink it down, and spit it out again. "That was worst then the human blood!" I exclaim.
"Small animals." and hands me the next one. I sigh take a huge breathe and drink it. A sweet, warm berry taste filled my mouth and I swallow it gladly.
"That was, really good." I say.
Alzar smiled. "Well Dae, you like bird blood. Probably the hardest blood to get on hunting trips but you'll manage. Welcome to Vampirehood."
I look into the mirror again and see to my shock, that my eyes had gone bright blue and my shallow cheeks were no longer shallow. The only similarity was my mouth, I still had sharp teeth.

The author's comments:
This is the second in the New Blood Series.
First: Flowing Blood

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