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Excerpt from "The Alteration"

November 18, 2010
By BrittanyM. GOLD, Mount Vernon, New York
BrittanyM. GOLD, Mount Vernon, New York
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Chapter 2

Due to last weeks disturbance, Principal Mainer has decided to enforce the security admissions.
This has been Sandra Belling for the morning news.

Jordan shut her locker and tucked her history binder under her arm. Assignments had been packed due to the amount of end of the semester mid-terms. But that didn’t stop her from procrastinating to the last minute. Walking down the hall, she had noticed the blank stares that followed her. And it wasn’t the kinds she was calm about.
I heard she hooked up with him the moment Cindy got her angry.
No, she tried to beg for him back.

Jordan tucked the binder closer to her chest. Everyone was talking about her. Discussing her unforgivable character. One day it took. One day to be pulled down your high horse, and on to the bottom of the popularity food chain.
W****. It was getting louder the painful comments and nauseating faces.
Jordan strutted faster looking down at her espadrilles.
She passed by Cindy who was, indeed looking like she wanted to kill Jordan right there and then.

Jordan took a breath and continued on doing what did best. Making life look as if it was okay, no problems, or situations to deal with. Including, the one that was about to happen right now.
“Jordan, what the hell is wrong with you,” Lauren said confronting her.
“You were just fine until you started hanging out with Candis. What’s going on?”
Had they not recall the events at the dance?
Pure humiliation.
Not meant to be forgiven for.

She continued walking, but then suddenly felt a tight grip on her arm. It was Cindy. Not the bright and concluding one. The hurt and revenged one.
“He loves you Jordan, he loves you,” she said.
Jordan shook Cindy’s grip off. What was she talking about?
“I shouldn’t have took him away from you, he has no feeling for me at all,” Cindy for the first time Jordan had seen her looked remorseful. But why was she so suddenly caring for Jordan’s feelings. There had been no way for Blake to have any remembrance of being at the Quiera kingdom. Or any emotions being there either. So was there a possibility that he never really forgot about her?
She left both of them in the hall way with her head up. To get through this school year there will be a lot of things she would have to let go off. That included fake relationships, friendships, and most off all the lack of having the strength to go on.


“Please pass up your assignments from the break.” Jordan took out her binder from her new Jansport. She thought it gave edge to the school semester. Comparing to the mounts of work they received.
“Romeo and Juliet displays the overlying theme love, and passion can be reached through the various obstacles that are placed in your way.
The class had been on this topic for weeks now, and Constance made show in enjoying repeating it over again.

“Can anyone give me a example on Juliet’s feelings towards Romeo, in the to end of the play.” No one hands’ were raised because obviously no had a clue what was going on. Constance gray lazy eyes watched the class like an eagle. Picking the one student that look vulnerable, to answering the question. Jordan pretended to write something in her notes. Truth be told, she didn’t want to be the one to answer the question.
“Ms. Cunnings, do you want to share any thoughts on the question?”
Scribbling notes on you paper might have gave the wrong idea.
His voice wavered in the air as she searched for anything in her head to say.

“Uh…, she stammered getting the information into her hard drive.
“Juliet’s love for Romeo, was very strong due to the fact that he wasn’t allowed to see her. She being a Capulet and he being a Montague. Not only was she… in love with him for that reason but from the beginning she had just fallen for him at Lord Capulet’s ball.”

Jordan’s reason did somewhat make sense if you thought of it deep enough to understand the concept.
“Okay does anyone have anything else, to add to that,” Constance, urged stating that Jordan’s answer wasn’t full correct.

This was the time where Jordan gave up all on the concepts of English Literature. Who cared about dead Shakespeare and his disgusting puns anyway?
“Okay, if you guy’s didn’t know already, your exam is tomorrow on Romeo and Juliet,” Mr. Constance folded and unfolded his arms. The bell rang not, allowing him to finish his disgust in the class’s low particapation.
It seemed that Mr. Constance had grayed during the vacation, which was not ironic considering that being at school was stressful enough. It was between entering the school library that Jordan thoughts began to over flow. All the events of last week. Having to fight Natrioun, losing her former-friends, and a ruined relationship with her former boyfriend. The list went on, with her feeling a pang of worry. Things were meant to happen for a reason. To make her stronger, or warn her about the future.
But what if all these events where simply happening because of her? She wasn’t exactly the type of person who believed that karma would just appear when a wrong deed was committed. More like the type to take matters into her own hands.
So if matters were taken care of, what went wrong?
Jordan fingered through the books, the accumulation of dust tainting her fingers. Her new life meant a different reality. A reality, that had begun and started in a place that she couldn’t question nor answer.
Peering through bookshelves there were upperclassmen scribbling down notes, getting some last minute study in there low IQ heads. That’s when Jordan remembered her reason for being at the library in the first place. She herself needed to get some studying in.

It was not like she could focus on the thick inched books, they called resourceable text, without getting things boring in her thoughts. She looked through the other ales of bookshelf, locating the history books. During the process of this, she caught Lauren texting furiously on her phone. One foot across another, elbow slumped on the library table. Each finger lavishing the minuscule buttons with rage.
It was hardly any of her business to even conclude or try to be part of this sudden chain of events, but she continued to study Lauren’s facial expressions. As a queiran it would be a synch for her to eavesdrop on the text message. A new skill she found out only a mere few days ago, with some snobby private school girls.
Jordan had been at her usual breakfast stop in the morning. The café bagel shop. However, the particular morning was filled with private school girls who had suddenly taken over the small enough shop. Their look already contrary to the board, but the exact way Jordan wanted Jock-Ran High School to be dressed. Jock-Ran though, didn’t commit. The mandatory uniform cause had died in a matter of weeks.

They eyed her up and down as she broke through their sloppy columns.
“The usual,” she said to the old man as recognized to be Ron. He smiled as he placed a croissant in-crusted with raspberry jelly in a brown paper bag. She paid him the amount, and was leaving. But she heard voices obviously from those of the school girls. The only thing missing was the fact that their mouths weren’t moving. She looked at the blonde who’s manicured fingers were perched on her hips staring abruptly at Jordan.
What the hell is she looking at? She heard the blonde say, along with other voices. Jordan wasn’t focused on the comment though, the shock of reading all their minds in unison was surprising enough. It was much different from with Candis where her thoughts could be read before she even said them. Here with the short-skirted Catholic school girls, their thoughts were all mingled up in one large mass of pure hatred for Jordan. It was like they all had the same idea conversing before they’d even part it in motion. At first, she concluded they were to have a similar prospective but not like this. Before, they got to freaked out, she left, the café store door jingling.
She wondered how it work with a text message. It was one of those moments when her more determined side kicked in. Deciding whether the situation benefited her, wasn’t important. She just wanted to know. So against her best wishes of forgetting the fake friendship part of her life, she allow it in.

Closing her eyes, Jordan pictured Lauren. Slowly easing her mind into her personal space. Momentarily, having an connection set up Jordan tried to picture the words in a story.
It was until, the final sentence of Lauren’s text, Jordan was able to make out the contents.
“I haven’t told my mother. She would freak if she knew.”
“You have to tell someone.”
“I know, but I’m scared. This never happened to me before.”
“Did you tell.. You know..”

Lauren paused, her fingers hovering over the keys. Jordan tried to tap into her thoughts but her resistance level of the subject matter was very strong. Before she new it, the connection between Lauren’s thoughts and the receiver had been cut off, ending the telepathic transition, her last chance at any type of connection of what was happening.
This sample of tidbit, weighed more than bargained for. Not only was it unspecific, but their was no other phrase or opinion that displayed any type of clue. She should have took this as a sign to forget her old friends, her old life, but it only pushed her further, beyond the depth of the matter.
Jordan collected two heavyset books of the shelf, checking them out her eyes hadn’t left Lauren who was write now head was placed on the table, looking far more distant that usual.


Lauren had been in her mind all day it giving a new meaning to the word forget.
What was going on with her?
Jordan focused, on the fine print placed before her. She fell back, smelling the familiar scent of vanilla-lavender, the sheets smooth around her hairless skin. She left her head on the satin pillow, inhaling her worries away. Remembering the silent promise, she made to herself --- disregarding old friendships, and relationships. It had been such an easy commitment to make, however, on the other hand pursuing it was difficult. The memories of yesterday were so close to her that caring for Lauren was second nature. Even with what she went through, that part of her couldn’t leave. It hinged on her brain, like a tick on wood. Whatever, it was---Lauren’s problems were not hers.
That was until, the next day at school, Lauren fainted in Trig. It was unexpected. Jordan herself didn’t know if she was dreaming herself. The class erupted in whispers, that soon came out to out break in loud conversations, while the sub for the day stepped out through the corridors, running to the office.
The way she looked, hands flattened, eyes closed, mouth slightly ajar, Jordan couldn’t help but wonder if the unspoken phone conversation had anything to do with it.
Something that she could have helped with, if….

Administration, entered the room followed by the nurse, who bugged eyed kneeled next to Lauren’s fragile body.
Checking her pulse, she looked up at the administrators who had simply shook their heads.
“There’s no pulse,” she announced. We’re Mr. Mardes, didn’t he call the ambulance?”
Ripening, open her shirt, the nurse placed the stethoscope that was hanging warily over her narrow shoulders, onto Lauren’s chest.
Administration had already started filing out the students into the next class over, but Jordan wouldn’t budge. Couldn’t get pass, the nurse, and Lauren lying motionlessly on the floor.
“Ms. Cunnings, I’m not going to tell you again.” Jordan ignored this, eyes still staring at the body. Wondering if it would suddenly wake up unaware of what just happened.
“Lauren, wake up,” she called expecting to get an answer back.
“Lauren, this isn’t funny.”
The nurse looked at Jordan, sorrow filled.

She walked closer now, up to the point, she could smell, Lauren’s familiar scent. She kneeled down, finding it hard to process why Lauren wouldn’t wake up. Jordan could feel herself reach to her forehead, stroking the wisps of brown hair away.
“Lauren, please, don’t leave me here.”
“Don’t die, on me.”

The author's comments:
Hey guys, these is just a sample part of the novel, "The Alteration" I'm currently writing...hope you enjoy! Comment, comment..comment..I want your imputs :)

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