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Donato's Inferno

November 23, 2010
By WynterPage95 ELITE, Monticello, Arkansas
WynterPage95 ELITE, Monticello, Arkansas
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Catherine has been trapped inside this hellish inferno for weeks. She knows she shouldn't have gone to the East Tower. Now the image of decomposing flesh and rotting bodies are burned into her mind. Their starch, white, blood drained faces stare at her with piercing eyes. Why did her parents have to die, and send her to live in Hell?

He's coming in now, into the East Tower. The most forlorn and horrific room in this entire castle.
"Oh please Daniel, please hurry up." Catherine says in her mind.
As he enters, she can see his fangs glisten in the moonlight. His scarlet,red eyes stare at her in the velvet ebon nothingness. She trys to free her hands from the shackles, but to no avail.
"Oh please Daniel, wherever you are, please hurry."

Daniel is pacing around the room that Catherine's evil uncle has locked him in. He knows that he has escape and save Catherine before it's too late, but he has no idea how. He rams into the giant door for the millionth time, and it still doesn't budge. He slumps on the floor and trys to fight back the tears that are threatening to spill over. When he raises his head up, he notices a rope with a spider-like hook on the end in the shadows. He goes to retrieve it and an idea pops into his head. He walks over to the window, and looks down below him, there he sees a balcony. He could swing down into the room and escape there.
"Please hold on Catherine. God, don't let me be too late." he prays.

As Catherine continues to struggle at her shackles when she hears the giant door creak open and loudly close. He lurches forward at the sight of her struggle. His claw-like hands clasp tightly around her throat.
"Please dear uncle." Catherine manages to say. Her uncle replies with no human words, just a deep-throated growl. Suddenly, Daniel appears from the shadows with a wooden stake in hand.

The old extortioner rises slowly and releases Catherine, he turns to face Daniel.
"I'm sorry Mr. Donato" Daniel proclaims bravely, "But I cannot allow you to hurt Catherine."
Donato just flashes a demonic grin to Daniel and strikes out at him, knocking Daniel to the ground and the stake out of his hand. They wrestle on the ground as Daniel reaches for the stake and tries to avoid the fangs. Just when Daniel's fingertips are mere inches from the stake, Donato lifts him into the air and throws him into a table, like a child would throw a toy.

Donato advances on poor Daniel, and pulls his head to the side, revealing the naked flesh of his neck. He leans down about to make Daniel another lifeless carcass, when a rock collides with the back of his head. Donato turns around and sees young Catherine standing just feet in front of the small window. He rises from Daniel, who slumps over into a barely breathing heap, and heads over to her.
"I'm so sorry dear uncle, please forgive me." Catherine pleads.
Donato just smiles and leans Catherine's head over to the side. But before he can lean down, he feels a piercing pain in his heart. He looks down and sees Catherine has impaled him with the stake. He staggers backward and falls to his knees, just as the few beams of sunlight penetrate and flow into the room. Then in mere seconds, he ignites into a giant form of fire. His screeches slowly fade as he falls to the ground and dies.
"May God have mercy on your soul." Catherine prays as the warm beams of freedom fill her face.

The author's comments:
We had to write a horror story for my Honors English class. And we also had to submit it to a publishing website.

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