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Hate Never Dies (3)

December 2, 2010
By Lorelei SILVER, Newport News, Virginia
Lorelei SILVER, Newport News, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
"Nothing is ever easy"- Zeddicus Zul Zorander, copied by Richard Rahl

I finally stop in a meadow that I know well. It’s the place I’ve made my own and shielded from the eyes of mortals. I slowly walk over to an alcove made by a weeping willow. I sit cross-legged inside the curtain made by its leaves. In front of me is the pond I dug myself, using my newfound vampire strength.
I take the deep, calming breaths that have always calmed me. I look into the pool and utilize one of the powers I now have. Hazy at first, becoming clearer as time goes on, I see Jeff. He is speaking, but I can’t hear it. He moves over and I see Him. He says something. Jeff chuckles. I am filled, suddenly, with a fierce fury.
-He laughs with the man who took away my life? The man who kidnapped me, beat me, took my blood, Changed me ,and kept me locked up for weeks, subject to his sick pleasures?! –
I quickly amend the thought, -but, of course, Jeff doesn’t know any of this. No doubt He is lying to him, manipulating him. He’s certainly good at that- I cut the image and leave the alcove, staring at my meadow.
It’s not very large, but it doesn’t need to be; There’s a box with clothes in one corner, a table with technology in the other. There are a few other items around, like the bookshelf full of books, but mostly, it’s quite bare.
I sat down abruptly as the events of the day caught up with me. Jeff kissed me! I felt first exited, then disgusted. –this whole love/hate thing really is getting to me.-
I thought about what had started all this; Jeff’s betrayal, the kidnapping, and suddenly I was swept into a rush of memories.
-I’m walking down a street; it’s getting dark and I speed up. A man steps in front of me, commanding my attention. I don’t know him, and I don’t like him. I push past and everything goes black.-
-I come around in a basement. It’s very cold. When I can look around, I realize I’m only wearing my underclothes. The man comes in. Welcome to by home, Beauty. You are mine now. Then he proceeds to beat me. (and other things that I thankfully don’t know about because I black out)-
-weeks pass. I never get used to the icy pain that means he’s decided to feed. One day, he comes into the dungeon (I’ve decided that’s what it is, not a basement). I can tell something’s different. Today, my beauty, you join my world he says. Tiredly I think, This isn’t your world? He unlock the chains holding me to the ground and leads me from the room that has never stopped being cold. He leads me up a few flights of stairs into a room I have never seen (not that I have ever seen his house). Inside there is a metal slab. He makes me lie down. The metal is cold. Then he Drinks from me. This time is different. It hurts more, a strange, building, burning pain. Then he makes me Drink from him. This hurts even more. I try to scream, but he slaps me & I can’t.-
-I wake up on the slab, but I’m different. I feel stronger, and the slab isn’t cold anymore. Well, it is, but I don’t feel it in the same way. He comes in and says Now you truly are mine, my Beauty. You are a vampire.-
-I learn what it means to be Vampyre. It means living for blood and shadows, secrets and lies. Eventually I escape and get word to Jeff that I’m alive & alright.-
I gasp and free myself from the chain of memories. Somehow I have to get over Jeff and get away from this place. He’s obviously chosen His side and I just have to deal. Right? I just have to deal with all these golden dreams in my head that are crumbling into dust.
“Well, isn’t this a lovely meadow you’ve got here. I prefer mansions, but you were always wild.”
I gasp and whirl at the sound of His voice.
To Be Continued…

The author's comments:
Part # is here, and you get to see some of Julia's history and why she is so messed up. PLEASE COMMENT!!!!

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Lorelei SILVER, Newport News, Virginia
9 articles 0 photos 56 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Nothing is ever easy"- Zeddicus Zul Zorander, copied by Richard Rahl

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