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gifted (part 2)

May 7, 2011
By superkoala BRONZE, Little Valley, New York
superkoala BRONZE, Little Valley, New York
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"I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying."
~Oscar Wilde

A few classes later and I thought that I was safe. Maybe we didn’t share the same lunch period, I thought. Then I mentally kicked myself for that. How awful was I, wishing for something so cruel and petty?

Sighing at myself, I went to my locker. Opening it I was greeted with the color eyes everyone was telling me, dark red. Holy crap, I thought. They were so dark I didn’t see the red at first and thought that someone was dying. Then that is when I caught the red in them.

Breathing in a sigh of relief, I laughed off my previous horror. It was clear that someone was still very ticked off. I had a guess of who it could be. I mean I goofed when I said those things about the paranoia and anger. That was a stupid mistake. Corrick probably thought I was either really good at reading body language or I was really weird. My money was on the second one.

Smiling I shoved everything into my locker. As I turned away from my locker and stopped dead for what I saw in front of me. There, not even three feet in front of me was Corrick.

“Oh” I said ‘what are you doing here?” I asked.

He lifted an eyebrow “um you invited me to eat with you at lunch, so since I don’t know where the cafeteria is I thought that you could show me the way”

This was unexpected; I never thought someone would want my help. I usually didn’t help people because they didn’t want it. Also the fact that he called me a freak this morning. If only he knew.

I realized that I had a blank face and I needed to answer “so um…I’ll show you the way”. boy wasn’t I smooth, I thought.

Leading Corrick into the cafeteria. The cafeteria wasn’t the greatest, but it wasn’t bad either. We had heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. The chairs weren’t broken and there were some booths, but you had to be either perky preppy, a senior, or either be dating one of those that I just mentioned.

I headed over into the line. Standing in line was a bit unnerving. “So…Corrick, do you like sports?”

He smiled “yes I do”

I smiled back “so what sports do you like?”

He shrugged “any sport I guess”

I couldn’t think of anything else to say. So I moved through the line and ordered.

Exiting the line I spotted where my friends were. Heading over, I looked over to see that Corrick was following me. When we reached the table everyone looked up. “Um guys this is Corrick, I want you guys to be nice”, then I sat down. Corrick sat down by me. Raven was staring at Corrick like a hawk.

We talked and laughed, then that is when the world went dark “guess who” a familiar voice said. I laughed, knowing who it was but not guessing it “um…..could it be my stalker?”

“No” he said, I smiled and heard a couple people laughing I knew that his face was scrunched up.

“Alright, then who is it?”

The hands were removed from my face to reveal Derrick. “Hello Derrick, cutting class again?”

“Yeah” he said sitting to the right of me, on the table. He was going to say something, but then his gaze turned to the person sitting right next to me, Corrick.

“What are you doing here?” he said.

I gasped as rage swept through my body.

“I’m making friends, right Teagan?” Corrick asked.

I looked at Corrick and at Derrick and at everyone else. They shrank back, their heighten senses knowing that there was a continuing conflict. I turned my attention away from them and back to Derrick and Corrick.

“Is there something that I should know about?” I asked looking at one boy to the other.

Corrick ignored me and smiled at Derrick “how’s the eye?”

Derrick’s face turned deep red in anger. His anger coursed through me. I was gasping for breath “Derrick calm down, now” I said as loud as I could.

Derrick turned his attention back to me “sorry Teagan but now doesn’t seem like a good time” then he left.

After watching from where he left I turned back to Corrick “what was that?”

He shrugged “I guess your friend doesn’t like new comers”

I stared “that’s not true”

He looked into my eyes “funny” he said with sarcasm dripping in his voice, “that could’ve fooled me. He doesn’t seem to like me much” then I thought he murmured “I wonder if it’s because he knows what I am?”

“What?” I asked

Corrick looked at me then, “nothing” then winked at me with a sexy smile.

I blinked, was he flirting with me? I blushed and cursed myself for being so naïve of these things.

I got up then to take care of my tray because I knew my face was turning to a great shade red. As I walked to the garbage I heard a very faint swish sound. I turned just in time to see a filmy figure turn. Oh great, I thought, another one. This was just perfect, just peachy.

Setting my tray into the window I headed in the direction of the figure. I followed its trail to where it led me into the girl’s bathroom.
The bathroom was the same as it always been but different at the same time. The room looked like any teenage public bathroom. The only difference was that the room was covered in mist.

There was no one else in there except an elderly woman doing her make up in the mirror. Or that is what she would have been doing if she was alive.

You see that is another thing about my gift, I can see the dead. Yeah I know that is so cliché but its true. That is why my gift is really the sight and feeling of the soul.

In the light the dead woman almost looked alive. The lights were dim and she was looking in the mirror. I could see her reflection in the mirror. The woman was tall. Her hair was light sandy brown. Her eyes were also very dark. She looked a lot like Corrick. Did this ghost have anything to do with Corrick?

Then she turned her attention towards me. I realized that her dress was sorta flapper like, from the probation era. Only the dress was a more modern version of the attire.
“Well hello deary, I’ve been waiting for you.”

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o...mi....GOSH!!! MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE!!!! I LOVE THIS ONE TWICE AS MUCH AS THE FIRST ONE!! :D :D :D ....I feel truely honored to be able to read this :))) THANKYOU!!! :D