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June 12, 2011
By Onyxrose BRONZE, Lyles, Tennessee
Onyxrose BRONZE, Lyles, Tennessee
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"All that we see or seem, Is but a dream within a dream." -Edgar Allan Poe
"Let the world know you as you are, not as you think you should be." -Fannie Brice

The scream had not startled her; it was common from her victims. She didn’t like the sound, it hurt her all too sensitive ears. She liked the thrill of it, though. She loved the fear her victims showed. It was an adrenaline rush for her. They had always screamed, ran, and hid from her, the vicious one, the hated one, the one without care. I know it sounds like a fantasy, not to have to care, but that is what she longed for. She wants the world to care for her and she, herself, had taken the idea in that they never would. Her memory went to a time when she had cared for someone, and he had cared for her too. She had almost been hanged…
“She’s evil!” Azania screamed at her father, the priest and law enforcement, in the middle of town square.
“I’m not evil; I’ve been nothing but kind and good.” She told them serenely.
“You are evil. I saw you kill her, you shed innocent blood on our grounds,” said Azania.

Azania, the girl had been a thorn in her side. She had made most of her friends turn on her; I guess that was her fault for allowing herself to have friends though. Azania was very beautiful; she had flaming green eyes, raven hair, and a tan that never seemed to leave her. She, however, was not a beautiful person. Her actions spoke over her beauty and covered her with a mound of hideousness, too large to overcome. The girl lied, cheated, stole, and never stopped when it came to slander. Luciana had done something she did not like and now she was an enemy. Luciana was not the least bit interested in being friends with Azania, she was more friends with nobodies, she also hated Azania’s attitude. She stood up for a friend and Azania hadn’t enjoyed that much. Now she figured she’d tell her father on her, she had told her father Luciana had murdered someone.
“I have not committed any crimes what so ever, I was at a friend’s home.” Luciana told them and the crowd that had gathered.
“Now she tells lies too, Father!” Azania yelled the accusation.
“Whose home were you at, Luciana?” Victor asked her.
“Ask your daughter, it’s the reason that I’m being accused of such a crime.” She told him.
“Father, I have no idea what she is talking about.” Azania tried to play innocent.
“Come on, you know, you came in and saw us speaking to one another.” She told her, Azania was becoming angrier by the moment, she said nothing, so Luciana continued, “Your boyfriend, Kirit, we were speaking, you were eavesdropping, do you remember, now? Did that help?”
“Is this true?” Victor asked.
“Yes, it is.” She told him, “But I was not lying when I told you I saw her kill someone.”
“Who did you see her kill?” He asked.
“I saw her kill Misu,” she told him, this irritated him very much.
“Misu killed herself. I was the one who found the note and it was my case.” Victor said. I knew that would irritate him and he was much too proud to admit that he had messed up on a case.
“Are you sure?” Azania asked him.
“Yes, I am absolutely certain.” He was cross now.
“Isn’t the punishment for falsely accusing some one of a murder death?” Someone from the crowd yelled at him.
“Yes.” Someone else answered.
That is when Luciana turned and left. She met Kirit in the forest; he told her he loved her and always would.
“I can no longer be here.” She was forced to tell him.
“Why do you wish to leave me?” Kirit asked as she stared into his light blue eyes.
“I don’t wish to, I must, I love you; just try to remember that, for me.”
“Why must you leave me, my love?” She had never lost contact with his eyes; she loved to look straight into them, to notice the minor flecks of green in them, something no human could ever see there.
“I must go to another town; I have caused too much destruction here.” She noticed a tear roll down her cheek as she said this.
“Please don’t go, or take me with you, please.”
“No, you must stay here for you nieces and nephews.” After that she let the night swallow her…

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I'm trying to decide on whether or not to write the rest of it... Leave a comment with a "yes" or "no" please.

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