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Letting the Light In

August 19, 2011
By HannahS. SILVER, Fort Collins, Colorado
HannahS. SILVER, Fort Collins, Colorado
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"Poetry is meant to be read aloud"
I can't remember where I read this but it is the truth of the matter.

The light shone through the window. It dripped down the walls and ran onto the floor. It fallowed the cracks in the tile, but it simply could not spread through the entire room. The space under the sill remained dark, as did the far corner and the area under the table where the cat hid. The girl remained huddled in the darkness as well, her black dress blending into the background. Her face however stood out stark white, glowing, a beacon in the darkness that was left.

She sat with her feet tucked up under the skirt of her dress and her chin on her knees. Her eyes were wide and they fallowed the progress of the light as it spread closer and closer to her little pool of darkness. As a single strand of golden light infiltrated her hiding spot she reached out a hand. Her fingers, lily white and trembling, extended to tough the tendril of light. As soon as the light made contact with her skin it flooded her body. It raced up her arms and wrapped around her legs. Engulfing her torso in bright light, it reached her face, where it seemed to seep into her body. She drank pools of light. The fluid gold pleasantly warm as it slid down through her.

Through out this her eyes were closed, but as the last bit of light seeped into her body she gasped and her eyes opened wide. Her pupils were completely dilated, but they shrank fast, revealing her irises to be a clear blue. She blinked and relaxed, sliding, like the light had, down onto the floor where she lay shaking. She curled into a ball on her side and trembled and cried after finally letting the light in.

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