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The Short Truth of Ambrosia

September 12, 2011
By LizzzardGirl GOLD, Naperville, Illinois
LizzzardGirl GOLD, Naperville, Illinois
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She was a creature of quick movement, always on her toes. She didn’t have a path to follow or a place to go, she just went as she felt. A loner is what she was, floating from group to group. Never fitting in.
When she was walking through a dark forest, almost blending in with her dark clothes and jet black hair, a figure sped by almost too quickly. She thought nothing of it.
“Ambrosia,” a raspy voice whispered. She stopped dead in her tracks with a crunch of a twig.
Suddenly, a lurid, yellow-ish ball of light appeared in front of her. Her dark violet eyes looked up slowly from the ground into the tint. It got closer to her. Ambrosia involuntarily reached for it, touching the very edge. Immediately a shock went through her body. She pulled her hand away in horror. She turned and ran away, back to her little home at the edge of the wood.
For several days she went about her normal business. For several days nothing happened. On the fifth since her encounter something else happened. She was walking on the side of the road when a car came up behind her. It followed her for quite awhile being only a foot behind.
She didn’t mind it, she was in populated territory. It left her alone as soon as she turned down her road. She immediately knew why. There was another glowing ball but this time it was white. She felt no harm from it so she continued onward. The closer she got, the more it grew. And when she was about ten feet away it burned bright, almost exploding. In a flash it was a delicate creature with wings. It grabbed her fiercely and pulled her up as it flew.
“What are you,” she asked quietly. It ignored her and continued to look as if searching for something. Ambrosia then realized they were far, far above the ground and yet she felt content, she felt at peace.
An arrow flew from the heavens above and caught her arm. Bewildered, she looked over at the mysterious angel holding her. It seemed unaffected. Soon more arrows were coming, across the sky and down at her. Lighting roared and fire bolts slammed. She was thrown right into the middle.
She looked over to one side and saw dark, mysterious, brooding creatures with angry, stone faces. She glanced over to the other side and saw bright, open creatures with annoyed, stone faces, almost looking opposite of the first. Both were fighting.
She never understood why she was here, thrown into the middle of a war, floating miraculously by herself until she herself transformed. She was a beautiful more delicate creature of both kinds. She was split down the middle with her looks of the two opposite creatures. Suddenly the fighting had stopped and everyone gapped at the girl hovering before them.
“Ambrosia,” she whispered to herself, “means immortal. Oh!”
Someone form an unknown side shot an arrow and it went right through her heart. She instantly fell; fell down through the clouds to the ground bleeding.
“You idiot,” she heard someone shout once she had plopped unto the ground, “She is partly mortal. She can die from a wound like this!”
They worked feverishly over her, trying to mend all the broken pieces.
But nothing could mend this.
She woke to the sound of waves crashing. She was on a sandy beach of her eternal death.

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