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The person in the basement: steps and shadows

November 4, 2011
By Keeta BRONZE, Lehigh, Florida
Keeta BRONZE, Lehigh, Florida
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Aila was careful going down the creaky old staircase to the scary, dark basement with only a small beam of light coming from her flashlight. When she reached the bottom a chill went down her spine. She took a step into the cold basement and heard someone else's footsteps echoing slightly throughout the room. Her heart started pounding and her pupils widened trying to find the person who caused the noise. Aila slowly turned her head, at the same pace as the flashlight, making sure she didn't miss an inch of the basement. Th rough the corner of her eye she caught the slightest of movements, a black shadow moving against the all ready black surroundings. Every muscle in her body tensed, she wanted to run upstairs where her friends were, to bolt the door closed, to scream, but she couldn't she was frozen in fear. If she couldn't go upstairs she figured she should at least go to the breaker and turn the power back on. As she took another step into the never ending basement, so did the figure. Even though it's impossible she swore she could feel its eyes on her, never closing long enough to lose her in the dark. With every step she took into the basement her chances of getting out got smaller. Aila was surrounded by darkness and no way out but up. She refused to let her back face the stanger in her basement, that would be stupid. As she slowly inched her way to the breaker the figure slowly came to a holt. She kept walking to make sure she was seeing right. The figure stayed still, right in its spot, but its eyes never leaved her. She continued walking to the breaker, her back never facing the person in the basement.

The author's comments:
I wrote this in school when I got board in several of my classes. There might be another part to this story but it is going to depened on how this one does.

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