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February 12, 2012
By A_Journey GOLD, Tampa, Florida
A_Journey GOLD, Tampa, Florida
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"Sir!" the mousy Dr. Fuel proclaimed, "Sir Champion! Don't waste the materials. It can't be done!".
Sir Champion sat on his throne of gold. His black locks cascaded onto his velvet cloak and the slightest hint of sweat dampened his brow. He lazily flicked his hand at the corner of the cave, signaling that his followers should place the dynamite on the one empty space on the crowded floor.
"Doctor," he said, his voice smooth as silk, "The plan has been initiated. The dynamite has been placed; it will work.".
Dr. Fuel ran his hand through his thinning clump of brown hair. "You must be able to store the dynamite again. I've done the math, Sir Champion. It's physically impossible to blow the world up by crowding the underground caverns of earth with dynamite. This endeavor, this last, fatal blow to our enemies, it simply cannot work."
Sir Champion coolly appraised Dr. Fuel. He spread his arms out in a grand, overly exaggerated manner, indicating the cave floor. "You see this Doctor? See the floor? Every inch of it is covered with dynamite, those simple sticks with destructive capabilities. By this time, it is the same in every country around the world. I don't operate with math, science, or any of the academic subjects. I operate with pure logic and belief. My plan will work. We will win."
Dr. Fuel answered, "That is all very fine, sir. But, I've studied this time and time again. I've done extensive research, sir. I tell you as an expert: Call of this operation. The monetary loss-"
Dr. Fuel was abruptly cut off by Sir Champion's sudden accusatory question. "Are you a traitor Doctor?"
Dr. Fuel stammered, taken aback. "N-no sir, Sir Champion. I am just saying that it's physically impossible I want to defeat the enemy, but perhaps there is a better alternative. Would it not be better to exterminate the enemy, and keep the world? Surely, that is true logic."
Sir Champion studied the doctor, this small man who seemed to contradict him at every opportunity.
"Very well, Doctor." he replied, emphasizing the man's title. "I will give you the benefit of doubt. Tell you what: I will leave, you will stay here. If the operation doesn't succeed, you will advise me on the proper way to defeat the enemy. "
Dr. Fuel's face blanched as he realized he had finally pushed too far.
"Y-yes sir." he answered, hanging his head in defeat.
"Then, I will leave now, Doctor." Sir Champion snapped his fingers, and four of his followers came running. They hefted the heavy throne up on their shoulders, struggling under its weight as they entered the aircraft. The roof of the cavern opened up, permitting the large craft to shoot into the air.
Dr. Fuel looked up at the quickly receding aircraft. "It will not work!" he yelled into the air. "It is impossible, Sir Champion! Physically impossible! I've done the math. The operation will not succeed. The world will not blow up! IT CANNOT BE DONE! IT CANNOT BE-" Dr. Fuel was rudely interrupted as the world exploded.

The author's comments:
If the world should blow itself up, the last audible voice would be that of an expert saying it can't be done.
- Peter Ustinov

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