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April 7, 2012
By Kitti-Chan PLATINUM, Wichita, Kansas
Kitti-Chan PLATINUM, Wichita, Kansas
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Silently, the dark-haired boy sat in the back of the classroom. Not that he was ever talking, or making any sort of sound really. That was what fascinated me so much. Everybody seemed to just ignore him, like he didn't even exist.
I watched him, his dark red eyes trained on the desk, almost unseeing. Well, one of his eyes was at least, the other was hidden under a black eyepatch. I pick at my tie, the fabric soft and comforting. Reizo and Ume speak to me but I don't really register what they're saying.
"Ak-i-hi-ko!" Ume calls at me, clearly annoyed. I look up at her sheepishly. Ume looks at me clearly pouting with her big brown eyes. "Have you even been listening to me?"
"Sorry." I murmur sheepishly. Then the boy catches my attention again. He stands and leaves, moving with grace. I stand, "I've got to go."
I ignore their calls. I follow the boy. He turns a corner and I rush a bit to get around the corner. As I round the corner, I don't see him. I stop and stare down the empty corridor. Suddenly, I'm shoved roughly into the wall. It's him, he glares up at me coolly. My breathing becomes slightly more rapid.
"Why do you always stare at me?" The boy whispers, his voice as cool as his glare. I open my mouth but shut it again, unsure of what to say. "Well?"
'I-" I stop again.
"Are you incompetent?"
"No!" I snap back, I become away just how close he is. My back is against the wall, his face mere inches from mine. His arm is against my chest, pressing me into the wall. His other hand grips one of my wrists, holding it above my head.
"Then why?" he hisses at me.
"I-I'm fascinated by you," I murmur meekly.
"Fascinated? By me?" he scoffs. His breath washes over my face. His voice is so low, barely a whisper: "And what do you find so fascinating?"
"I-I don't know. You're just fascinating." I murmur lamely. He chuckles.
"Do you even know my name?" He seems to be getting closer to me, his forehead barely touching mine. I nod, my eyes never leaving the single one I can see. He looks at me quizzically.
"Akemi." I whisper. The hand holding my wrist releases its hold, his fingers come down to brush along my cheek, brushing my hair lightly. My breathing is more rapid now, his eye travels lazily down my face to my neck.
"How long have I," he pauses, "fascinated you?"
"Since ever." I murmur back, he smiles. A small smile, but it changes the entire look of him, he seems to brighten.
"Did you know you've always fascinated me?" he says it so quietly, I almost miss it.
"Really?" I ask in disbelief, he smiles. Akemi moves his arm from my chest and steps back. I feel cold.
Suddenly, Akemi reaches forward and grabs my tie, drawing me forward and away from the wall. Akemi's lips find mine in a soft, tender kiss. His arm slips around my waist, the other hand still gripping my tie. My arms wrap around his neck as he deepens the kiss. Our bodies press together, fitting together better than puzzle pieces.
The feel rings and he pulls away. Akemi smiles at me lightly.I feel heat tint my cheeks. Akemi reaches forward and straightens out my tie before pecking me once on the cheek.
"Find me after school." Then he turns and glides to class and I stare after him. I smile and lightly touch my lips before composing myself and returning to class.

The author's comments:
So no doubt questions will be asked about this, the main character is male. Akihiko is traditionally a male name is Japan. So sorry if this ruins the entire story for you but don't hate.

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