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May 10, 2013
By OWLSLOVESIX GOLD, Union, Connecticut
OWLSLOVESIX GOLD, Union, Connecticut
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"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened!"
~ Dr. Seuss

I wake up in a closet, at least, that's what I think it is. The room is small and I can feel the walls
reaching for me. I can't remember anything! What's my name? What happened to me? WHY AM I HERE?!

I can see light streaming in from the crack beneath my door. Then I see a shadow, I can also now
hear foot steps. Thud, Thud, Thud. I let out small whimper and then let my hand fly over my mouth. I see the shadow stop moving. Then it turns around and starts to walk towards the door. I begin to cry, scrolling through the possibilities of what might happen next, in my mind.

The door handle rattles and then turns. The door is slowly opened letting the light fill up the small
room. The door is fully open now. I can see a man in a uniform, aiming a gun at me.

"Please don't shoot!" I throw up my hands, "I have no clue what I am doing here, please help me!" Then man lowers his gun and sticks out his hand. Grabbing on to it, I pick my self off the ground and stand up. My gaze shift to look behind the mans head. I gasp and cover my mouth. There is splattered blood all over the walls, human organs strewn over sofas, chairs, and lights, and among all the chaos I can make out a large figure. I squeeze my eye's closer together. Then they become wide, that figure is a human body. That's when I remember everything, memories, faces, words, and last of all a song. Your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me….

"What was that miss?" The officer looked at me.

"Oh nothing, I was just trying to remember lyrics to a song." I chuckled.

"Well in that case I would like to ask you some questions." The officer looked down at the note book he had pulled out.

"Go for it." I said with a smile.

"Do you know this person?" The officer glanced back at the body.

" Yes sir." I said with a grim look, "He's my b-boyfriend." I tried not to laugh, knowing that Tuck was nothing close to my boyfriend, more like my living nightmare.

"Oh well in that case I would hate to tell you this. You and Tuck got in a fight and when he knocked you unconscious you blacked out. That weird part is that your mind was the only part to black out, you body was still in control." He looked a little frightened about what he was about to say. "What I am trying to say miss, is that you subconsciously murdered your own boyfriend…" He trailed off trying not to look me in the eye.

That's when I blacked out, but this time, I fell to the floor.

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