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The Aliens

May 10, 2013
By CGirl1118 BRONZE, Floral Park, New York
CGirl1118 BRONZE, Floral Park, New York
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"Scientists have proven that there will be an alien invasion soon" says the news reporter. "In order to keep your family safe please take them to the Safe Zone" Matt looks at the TV screen in horror. Everyone knew there might be one but they thought it was a joke. Matt ran to get his mother. "Mom! It's true! There will be one!" He says to his mom. It was just him, little Lucy, and his mom who lived in the old broken down apartment. His mother drops a plate and it shatters. "Mom?" says Lucy. Matt starts picking up the pieces when his mom stops him. "No, don't waste time. We need start packing" she says very seriously. Matt didn't have much to pack. They were too poor to get any of those fancy stuff that the stuck-up rich kids have. Matt grabs Lucy's hand, "Come on let's go." They walk upstairs to their room and find a bag to put their clothes in. Lucy sticks her pink and purple polka-dot tutu in that she wore ever since her father bought it for her. He left right after there was news that there might be an alien invasion. "I guess dad was right after all." thinks Matt out loud.

When Matt and Lucy were done packing they immediately started to go to the Safe Zone. Their mother didn't talk much the whole ride. She looked stressed and worried. They arrive at a big white building that had a big yellow target sign. In the middle of it was a sign in big bold letters. SAFE ZONE it said. They walked into the building and saw there was a spot for the rich people. A nice clean spot where people with big suit cases and men with suits on and women with dresses. They looked at Matt, Lucy, and their mother in disgust. The rich people always hated the poor ones, the commoners. They came upon a spot with a sign that read "POOR PEOPLE HERE". Matt clenched his fists in anger. His family wasn't necessarily poor. If his father hadn't left they would've had enough money to buy fancy things and a house. They wouldn't have to live in an old dirty apartment building.

The family walked into the spot and were transported down into a basement. There were families of all sizes there. It was a dark and damp basement and it smelled of as if everyone hadn't showered in years. Lucy scrunched her nose up from the smell. "Eww" she said. Their mother leads them to an empty spot and they put their stuff down. Matt didn't know how he was going to last in here.

Three weeks later and Matt still hasn't gotten used to smell yet. He wasn't used to waking up in a small basement full of many people. He wished the stupid aliens would never come. Suddenly there was a bang at the door and red lights started to go off. There was a wailing sound and everything was chaos. People were running around and screaming and were scared. There was a thump again. Matt and his family didn't know what to do. His mother just stood there and Lucy stayed by her side. The door opens fully and an alien walks through. It was slimy and had scaled all over. Its head was small and gray, its eyes were huge and hypnotizing. It grins evilly and starts shooting from its massive gun.

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