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Prey (Part Five)

May 23, 2013
By imhereforthethought PLATINUM, Wayne, New Jersey
imhereforthethought PLATINUM, Wayne, New Jersey
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Maybe I should just visit the control center. Just for some reassurance, to know my human form is still there. I thought as I was there. After all, what harm could it do? I crept to the annex. It had been expanded, that I knew. It appears Forbes came here while I was upstairs. He was talking. I crept to a spot where I could see who he was talking to. It was a man in uniform. Acting instinctively, I ran into the room. One sharp hand was placed on each of their necks tightly enough so they couldn’t move, but loosely enough so they could talk. I needed answers, and I needed them fast. I was losing control, first in the eyes of Forbes, then myself. It turns out this conversation was harmless. Forbes told me what the officer had said. The entire city had a curfew now. It was completely shut down by 11:00 each night. Just for the next few days until I, the one responsible, stopped my actions. Of course Forbes and I both knew that after those few days I would go back to my normal routine. This conversation may have been insignificant, but there was one more to come, soon, that would be much harder to explain, and much easier to end.

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Part Six will be submitted by June 1, 2013.

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