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Where Am I?

January 1, 2014
By wMESw BRONZE, Topeka, Kansas
wMESw BRONZE, Topeka, Kansas
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I laid still on the cold hard floor staring at the meek ceiling with my icy blue eyes wondering where I was and how I got there. All I could realize was that the chains that gripped my wrists were too tight, that the floor was cement, and I was all alone. I did not speak I did not move I just stared waiting as if that was my job the rules I had to follow. With a light sigh I sat up as the chain bars creaked and dug deeper into my skin. As if on cue a hidden door swung open with two things laughing. I call them things because they don’t show any resemblance to humans at all. They were black as a ravens feather, swift as a cat. quick as a cheetah. All they left was a clattering plate with old food on it. The space they had locked me in was small tiny big enough for me and me only. “Oh crap! Who’s there I know you're not human who are you! I demand to know!” I shouted as an icy cold had touched the back of my neck.”Come on show your self I know you're there,” This a slight chill whipped my shoulder.

“Aaa-wake! they woke. What shall do, almost saw me.” Their voice was low and robotic.

Not to long after another voice answered but more human like. “They awoke, give them another anti-oxen so they can’t disturb us during the testing.”

Scattering across the floor into the corner quickly trying to rip the chains off that held my hands together. A scream escaped from my mouth making my bite into my long, burnt red hair. Marching into the room was a human not a thing, just a human. this lady spoke in a calm soothing voice I recognized her but I couldn’t remember from where, “It’s ok Amelia calm down take a breath,” I do as the woman says, “ Ok what happened you were screaming and your wrists are red how did that happen Amelia how did this happen?” She said holding my hands together like the chains did. Know I was in a bed a soft comfy one, the women right next to me still holding my hands tight waiting for my answer.

All I could say was “Where am I?”

That women I still see every once in a while, I now have learned that the lady was my Mom that heard me screaming and she couldn’t make me stop. So now I I’m here with everyone else, I live in an asylum with other people that have experienced the same thing. Some of the people I don’t see much anymore they disappear time to time. No one really knows what really happens I like to believe some aliens come to earth and chose certain humans to be looked at that they chose the special ones and help them. I believe this because I have cancer and when it gets bad always end up in that dull plain room and listen to the voices, then when I come out I’m cancer free till the next time I relapse. These things are here to help us I don't know how but these late days out in the evening I hear them I hear their sweet voices but so does everyone else out in the world they are finally coming out.

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Madie2k BRONZE said...
on Jan. 18 2014 at 10:54 am
Madie2k BRONZE, Topeka, Kansas
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Mysterious! I thought you could work on your diologe like making her sound more threatening, and calling the 'things' something else like slenders or something. But, I really liked the decription in the beginning and loved your story!