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The Flood

November 5, 2008
By Anonymous

The world wasn’t always full of colorful people and vivid colors of sky, animals and land. It all used to be flat, bland, and very obtuse. There was nothing special about this place. Stumperion, God of Creation, was requested to make a place where the God could be mused by entertainment. The plan was to create humans, a place for them to live, and animals, so they could feel superior. The Gods felt that everyone should get the chance to feel superior at one point or another. Stumperion had created humans to appear exactly identical to one another.
They were plain-faced and gray. The whole world was in black and white. The land, barren and dry, was just a stability for humans to walk around on.

The time had come for his brother, Wentzter to observe the new world so many Gods have heard about. The fact that Stumperion was his brother drove Wentzter to make sure this new place would be breathtaking and captivating. After all, he had an impression and reputation to uphold. What would the other Gods think about him and his brother if this new world didn’t live up to everyones expectation?

Stumperion had been excited to latent his work. He and Wentzter transformed into one of the plain-faced humans to first-hand experience the derivative establishment. Stumperion assumed Wentzter shocked and overpowering facial expression was due to his sated and approval of his hard work.
“What is this? ” Wentzter roared.
“What’s the matter?” Stumperion was very perturbed. He didn’t like it? What was wrong?
“What’s the matter?” Wentzter repeated in annoyance. “What have you created? This is an outrage Was this all you created? Please humor me and tell me this must be some practical
joke.” He replied in contempt. Wentzter was furious. Baffled, even. This was the result of
Stumperion world?
“I built what you asked for, dear almighty ” Stumperion managed to say this with just the right
amount of contrition and scorn, just enough to set Wentzter even more on edge. Helpless rage
and humiliation filled him, the emotions all the more immediate thanks to his ingrained fashion
of being a perfectionist.

Wentzter immediately contacted Andhur, God of Sorrow. Andhur provided despair and doldrums to remind humans that they could never be as perfectly one as the Gods were. The
humans should look up to Gods, be envious of their mental and emotional control that they will never have. The Gods made sure of that. Wentzter demanded Andhur conglomerate all his tears, oceans and oceans of them. Andhurs tears erased the past work of Stumperion previous world.

This had set Stumperion into an intense sensation of displeasure and contrite . Why should Wentzter decide what the world should look like? Stumperion was distraught over the sudden obliterate of was own special world. Sure, it wasn't anything fancy or audacious, but it was his world. His own special place and creation. They needed to start from a new dawning,
and this time all the Gods will contribute to create the best world they could muster.

Stumperion watched helplessly as Andhurs tears crashed down into the dry lands and broke them into enormous chunks. Andhur suggested they fix the dull black and white color of everything. Trohmania, God of Colors, was exceptional for the job. Trohmania made as many
vibrant colors to his capability of restriction. As a tiny divert, he gave a select few humans
bright, rich, burning red hair.

In a fit of protest, Stumperion aimlessly created other planets. Wentzter was appalled. His brother was acting like a pretentious child. This is just fantastic, he thought sarcastically. How in things all godly were they suppose to do with eight other planets? There’s no possible way they could create humans and a whole functioning world in each one. Trohmania decided to add a whole solid color to each of the eight planets, even having a ring around one as an articulate decoration. Stumperion came to his senses and finally observed his mess incredulously. He wouldn’t admit it, but the three Gods had really pulled through. Everything looked absolutely lively and magnesite. Wentzter had forgiven Stumperion stubborn attitude and together, all four gods assembled together in a league they named themselves Fall Out Gods.

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I like this! Great job!