February 15, 2014
By MargaretNorman GOLD, Indianpoils, Indiana
MargaretNorman GOLD, Indianpoils, Indiana
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I could now see the break of dawn as the sun now stretched over the horizon with a faint blue tint that was barely a shade away from the everlasting black that crossed the starless sky above me now.

I was running as fast as my new powerful legs would carry me; which was pretty fast. I was panting so hard, I could hear my heart beating frantically behind my ears. The light of the fire fading behind me as well as the wolf boy and all memory of him.
I ran and ran with my new foreign legs that felt so familiar at the same time. I ran fast and furiously; just to get away from this, all of it, to escape this horrible nightmare; but this nightmare was never going to end.
I was not exhausted yet amazingly, but I was so overwhelmed. I stopped to rest now that i was far enough from the flames, i could barely see them. The sun in the East was now on my right shoulder but the light was still just barely a shade away from the black starless sky.
After I had caught my breath and mostly calmed myself down I looked down at my front paws as i was sitting on my hackles. I lifted them one at a time left then right.
So strange; they were so new but yet so old and familiar, like i had them all my life. Which I didn't understand; for i had never been able to phase like my mother. I had all the other traits she had; sense of smell, sharp eyesight, strong hearing, the sense of presence and direction, quick healing, and great warmth.
Never once had i been able to phase, not even has a child. This time it was a complete accident, and miraculously I had done it; I finally phased and it was...amazing.
Now i just have to figure out to phase back so I can see what was In this bag that my parents left me, But how? What should i do? My mother never taught me this, probably because she thought I would never phase, I don’t blame her I began to doubt it myself.
Consecrate Adriean, concentrate. Now feel this new body feel how it works and moves. Find your self, find my REAL body.

“Aaagh!” I sighed I couldn't find it. I wouldn't know if I did find it or not. What was I gonna do? I was never gonna be able to phase back again. I needed her I needed my MOM.

I began to weep, but I knew I needed to be quiet or they might find me. So I kept quiet as I wept, while tremors rocked my entire frame.

What was I gonna do? I needed them; my mommy my daddy. I love them so much and I always would love them and nothing would ever change that. I was so lonely without them. I was SO grateful for them; they gave their lives for me, just as our Lord and Savior did for us all they showed his love through servitude always.
My heart ached and ached. I wanted to cry out to God in pain and in gratefulness. I tilted my head back and pointed my nose to the rising sun. I let out a long, low, and powerful howl; the death howl honoring my Lord and Savior and my parents.
The howl took a lot out of me I had so much power chasing after it and for my first time mom must be proud of me. I felt like I couldn’t stand anymore; my legs shook and buckled beneath me that I fell to the ground.
The cool and damp ground; so relaxing. It felt good to be off my feet. I stretched out my long body, tail and all. I opened my strong powerful jaws and let out a yawn. I felt it now; I felt me who I was, but I felt an inner part of me deep within.
I grabbed on tight and pulled it hard, dragging it out of me. I felt my bones breaking and readjusting, my muscles stretching and placing themselves in new places. I was changing.
I finally felt like me again. I sat up and noticed I was naked. “Aaagh.” I sighed and quickly thought of the bag. Miraculously it was still on my back. My mother had put extending loops on it and It had done it on it’s own.
I reached in and found a pair of clothes and slipped them on with tear stained eyes having to blink them away to see what I was doing. I now had another black outfit on.
I dug through the bag once more; finding money, hygiene products what I did not know, but was going to find out one way or another.
I just needed to figure everything out. It was almost time for school to start up again for my sophomore year so I could just go to school like nothing happened, but what were the staff gonna do when they found out?
They were going to shive me a foster home weren't they? No, I was old enough to take care of myself. Where I lived if push came to shove I was able to provide my own transportation. everybody knew everybody so I would always be under watch so,...maybe...just maybe...this might be okay.

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