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December 2, 2008
By Anonymous

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It was Christmas Eve and most of the little kids were sleeping except for one little boy. So this little boy he was only around seven and he said that he was too old to believe in Santa so he decided to stay awake all night.

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So this little boy was in his house right by there chimney right until Santa would come down it then he would try to sneak into his big bag of wonderful toys. He thought to himself but then he started to think that he was fake.

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The reason he started to think that he was fake was because it was already one in the morning and he was getting really tired and sleepy so he kept waiting until he heard something on his roof he couldn’t believe what he was hearing so he was now right awake.

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He now had all the thoughts racing in his mind in the world he couldn’t wait until he saw his presents from Santa but then he thought maybe he would take his present away If he would see him so he decided to hide he hid behind his Christmas tree so then he heard something coming down the chimney then he saw him Santa himself.

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He was eating his cookies they set out for him they were his favorite cookies double chocolate chip. Then he started to put some presents under his tree. He couldn’t wait anymore he raced around the tree and looked at his presents then grabbed one and Santa didn’t see him he was reaching for more presents to put under there tree. So the little boy hurried to find a good hiding place he decided to hide inside Santa’s bag.

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So he was sitting inside Santa’s bag and he was just about to open his present when the bag was picked up and he dropped his present and then he stared to realize that Santa was grabbing the bag and going up the chimney.

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The next thing that he realized was that the bag thrown into something then he heard Santa yell lets go Rudolf. Then he didn’t know what had just happened because he was in Santa’s sled and he was flying in the air.

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So he thought that he just needed to take a nap so he went too sleep and when he woke up he was surprised to see hundred of elves looking at him and Santa too he didn’t know what to do he was surrounded and he had no where to go. So he just stood up and said hello and every one of those elves jumped a foot in the air they were so scared.

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So then Santa walked up by the little boy and said what are you doing here he said that he didn’t know what happened except that he was down stairs right by his chimney and he heard something and then he went and hid right behind there Christmas tree and then he said that he saw Santa and he went and grabbed one of his presents and that’s all he could remember.

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Then Santa grabbed the little boy and said don’t worry we will get you back to your house but then the little boy said that he didn’t know where he lived and Santa said I don’t think that will be hard to find that out how do you think I go to your house and drop off you specific presents don’t you think. Then the little boy said then where did you put my present and Santa said that present is rights here I though that you might ask where I put it and Santa gave it to him and the little boy asked if he could open it and Santa said of course you can its Christmas. Yes but I brought it here and I grabbed it last night and got taken here.

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So Santa said the little boy can I have a tour of your work shop and Santa said well of course you can you’re here so we should give you a tour but you must promise not to tell anyone that you have been to the north pole.

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So the little boy was taken by some elves to look at there work shop and they showed the little boy all of there tools and how they made certain toys and they even let the little boy make one of his own toys. The boy made a baseball bat that was his favorite sport and his old bat had a crack in it and this was his favorite bat in the whole world.

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So then Santa told the little boy that they need to take him home now and the little boy asked if he could sit in the front right by him. Well yes you can said Santa and then they started on there way to his house and he was surprised to see that his parents were up and when he walked in he ran straight to them and asked if they opened his presents. They said no we haven’t only you can do that and they lived happily ever after.

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