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Invisible Magic

December 10, 2008
By Anonymous

Well, you know how everybody always says that I love the seven dwarfs, it’s the complete opposite. They hate me, and I would much rather not be around them because they are so rude. The dwarfs and I do not get along at all.

It all started when the Queen, my step mom, sent me to go and care for the dwarfs. They very badly needed help with everything. None of them could cook, they were all too lazy to clean, and they had no manners whatsoever.

After I got to their cottage, I saw how much of a disaster it really was. So I did what I was used to doing, which was cleaning. My awful step mom made me clean all of the time, until the palace was spotless. After the palace was spotless she would throw some kind of party just so I would have to clean more. She also made me dress in rags so nobody would ever take a second look at me.

The dwarfs were not there when I had arrived so I went to work cleaning and beginning a good stew. I was so exhausted by the time I got done. Their cottage compared to the palace was like the size of a mouse compared to a lion. The sad part is that I was more worn out from cleaning their house than when I get from cleaning the palace. When those little guys got back to their cottage, they were furious! They refused my help; they wanted nothing to do with me. Finally, the little dwarf who always turns red in the cheeks when he is talking told me that my step mom was very cruel to them. He said that they used to be very well off, until my step mom came along and more or less took everything away from them.

One day the dwarfs were going off to work and I was not expecting them anytime soon, and I was caught up on all of my chores around the cottage so I decided to go for a walk. The woods surrounding their cottage were very dark and mysterious, and in a way intensely scary, so I decided to go back to the cottage. When I had arrived back there, there was a very strange old woman standing there and she seemed like she was waiting for me. I went up to her and asked if I could help her with directions because she looked lost. The old woman said, “Oh no, darling, I am just passing through, it’s such a beautiful day.” I just looked at the woman in disbelief. I was petrified being around here and this crazy old woman is sitting there telling me that it’s a beautiful day. The woman had something in her hand from what I could see it looked like a basket of fruit, and the fruit looked very tempting and very delicious. After the woman had seen me looking at the fruit she offered me the apple. I took the apple, I was so hungry that I did not even bother washing it off, and I took a huge bite out of it.

I guess that there must have been some kind of poison in the apple because when I woke up, I just had this gorgeous guy standing over me kissing me. I had no clue what was going on. Then I saw them, the dwarfs that had set me up. All of them were crying telling me how sorry they were and how glad they were that I woke up. Then I realized what had happened, the dwarfs had that old woman feed me that apple filled with poison because they wanted me dead. When they lost me is when they started to miss me and they did everything they could do to wake me up. I guess everything they tried was not enough. The only thing that woke me up was my one and only true love.

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