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Prayer to Poseidon

December 15, 2008
By Anonymous

Oh my father Poseidon, God
Of the sea and earthquake.
I have been fooled by a
Man, a mortal man.He has
Wounded me father, a wound
So deep It can not be healed.

He came to my home as if
It were his own, and feasted
With his men.He wanted to take
My sheep for his own. But
I would not let him.

So he tricked me, he got me
Drunk so that I would fall
Asleep. He fooled me to think his
Name was nobody. Then rammed a spear
In to my eye blinding me. Then he
Stole all my sheep ever one.

Father you are very kind and
Understanding, but show no mercy to
Odysseys. The one who has wounded me. Father you must avenge me, for I am your
Son. Let it be that Odysseus never may see his
His wife and child ever again. Let him
Suffer Lord Poseidon, keep him away from
His home forever. If thou are father and I
Am son please grant my wish father.
Avenge my terrible wound from
The One who is called Odysseus.

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