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Aerabella: Vampire For Forever

December 21, 2008
By Anonymous

“Aerabella,” The young mother cooed. “My sweet, darling Aerabella. How I love you so. How could you be as your father is?”

How I love my mother, but she will not let me come to the better side of the city and will not come here either. She does not want to ruin her reputation. I have not had contact with my father since I was a young girl. Social am not. I hate mirrors; whenever I know there is a mirror near me I try to avoid it every possible way I can. Also, when I am walking around town I get the strangest thought that pop into my head. Once I saw a little girl and thought, “how her blood must be so pure and delicate.” How could I think such things? Though I have not ever been very social I do have some friends.
Though, I question my past I question my future. The thought of what is going to happen to me always is pacing in my head. My friends that may be few are very supportive they understand my situation. Most of my friends live near me; mostly in my apartment building. We spend a lot of time around each other and this is why I think many people will not talk to me. We all have some special talents including the ability of foresight and the ability to see in the pitch black of night. I am reluctant to admit I feel as though they are hiding something about themselves and myself from me. I can feel this deep within my burning soul. There are questions that tear away within me that I deep want to blurt out within our group but I fear they will reject me. I feel as though they will cast me away into exile for my fears, doubts, and wonders to eat me alive; so I hold these questions within. My friends are indifferent about some things than I. Including the fact that they despise silver and churches. The story that follows is told from eyes and it haunts me every day.
How would you say I am a normal girl when I am the epitome of unique? It happened on a cloudless, eerie night just like any scary story. Yet this is different. I was bundled up in a robe on my couch reading a romance novel when a scratching came at my door. As the seconds passed it became louder and more constant. I went over to my door looked out the peep hole and saw nothing so I opened the door to an adorable kitten who ran franticly into my apartment. As I looked at the kitten and it stared back at I had a sudden sensational thought, how could a kitten of this size make such noise? I became uncomfortable as this crept around in my head while in the mean time my stomach became a large, prickly knot. As the kitten pads around trying to find a nice place to rest I race to the phone. As I start to dial the phone does not respond. I decide to follow the cord to its outlet where I discover it unconnected. One of my neighbors comes over to check that everything is alright due to all the commotion she heard. As I try to explain to her my situation she gets a look of terror and disbelief. It is as if she is hearing a story of utter lies. I find the cat in a small ball; the same place I led my neighbor to and was shocked to see no kitten. As the night goes on I grow more restless and uncomfortable.
The neighbor who was so worried about me before is now as mad as a bull at a matador with a cape; she explained that if I kept making so much racket that a noise complaint would be filed against me. One thing that comes to mind is that the cat is a … is a … never mind. The word has never been coaxed out of me easily. The word is… the word is… is… vampire! I think it is degrading to even utter the word about a person. That is a very hurtful word; people used to tease me due to my dark almost black hair and skin as pail as the snow that falls. They shouted ‘Aerabella vampire princess’. This made me hide in pity for days on end. It was the most degrading word and now is a common Halloween term, a laughing stock if you must say. As these things ran and bounced around against my skull the kitten came and curl right of my hand. This made me more comfortable so much that it made me relax to the point that I resumed reading my novel. As it mewed it sounded as if they were not mews but words. Cats don’t do can’t talk, I am being silly. As I was psyching myself out about that incident sound cried within me to listen to the cat. Once I was listening the cat started to mew slowly. I could here it the cat was saying something Vla..Vladi…Vladimir.
“Is your name Vladimir,” politely questioned?
“Why yes my love,” he said as plain as day.
“Why are you a cat,” I questioned, “if you can talk?”
“It is one of my abilities, shape shifting,” He yet again replied. “I may be able to teach you.”
As I contemplate this Vladimir runs off to a hiding place as someone begins to knock on my door. Another of my neighbors has come to check on me. After they have passed Vladimir has come back to his place on the couch. He tells me to prepare myself for some unexpected news. As I begin to think what it is he tells me I need to relax.
“I was sent to tell you some important information,” he begins. “Please remain calm. I want to help you. This may be the biggest shock you have ever had.”
“What are you talking about,” I asked? “Is it about my father?”
“Well about your father yes and no,” he points out. “it is mostly about you. You are a vampire.”
“Did you just say vampire,” I uttered in major disbelief?
About a month after this first encounter with my destiny I have been learning how to control myself and how to cope. I am still very wary about what my life has in store for this intercity New Yorker. Vladimir has been by my side every step of the way and is training me in many disciplines. We are planning our wedding right at this point. This is a curse to some but to me it is a gift, a privilege. Though my friends have finally admitted they are vampires we do not see eye to eye as well. I believe they were my “friends” because they thought I would make a good snack. I now understand why my mother has kept me at a distance and I have yet to find my father to tell him about his I believe he would be proud. I have been more observant of Vladimir lately.
Vladimir is the best man a woman could ever meet. He is loving and kind but dark and mysterious. He not only is a good man but he is also a wonderful cat. We are working on my ‘jumping’ skills or my ability to move from one place to another telepathically. As we draw nearer to the wedding things are getting more hectic. I have been out with my maid of honor and he with his best man. We are very excited because we are going to Transylvania for our honey moon.
After the wedding we head straight to the airport as we approach I have a burning sensation in my mouth. I yell at the cab driver to pull over. Manage to get out of the car before I realize I am having an on bringing of symptoms. As I pull my trunk of clothing out of the car Vladimir starts to realize what is happening. He jumps out of the car knowing what he must do. As he forces me to the woods he tells me to stay here until he gets back. I wait for a while and then leave. As I wander through the forest I smell the profoundness of what I am searching for. Blood. It is the blood of a rabbit but it will hold me over. I go on in search of more blood and loose sight of the road but once I realize it is to late there is no turning back. I sit and write of this very tale as I am still stranded in these woods living off the blood of the animals and water of the brooks. I will leave this document here for some man to pass by and pick it up. I know they will spread stories of the vampire named Aerabella.
P.S.- To whom it I would like you to tell my handsome husband that I love him and will never not be a part of him. His name is Vladimir.


Aerabella Trontcovscii 9 Novembre, 1805
This is a definite clue of the where abouts of my wife. She must still be wandering these woods as she did the day I left her. I must keep searching until I find my lost lovely Aerabella. Though people may call me the ghost of love hunter I will prevail one day and once again be reunited with my love and my only Aerabella.
- Vladimir Trontcovscii

The author's comments:
This is a writing I had put together for a school project. It may have a few mistakes and would like totell you i wrote this whole story from about ten at night until nearly one in the morning.

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