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The God's Property

November 17, 2014
By Freshatilly BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
Freshatilly BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Are we destined for failure at birth. Jerry Miller, a run down young man with infinite potential that didn't appear to have symptoms of failing or reject during his lifespan. He embedded knowledge within himself and pleased his body in many methods. Whether it was with a 200 lb bench press or with a 120 lb woman. He would have been depicted as a “jock” or a “dreamy” man. Although Jerry was a blessed man the gods wanted to test him. To see if his loyalty would survive through the hardest of times.
    “Jerimiah, for thou has blessed a human with great abundance, I Leonel the god of misfortune demand a test of loyalty.”
“Leonel i see that thou has demanded a challenge in which the mortal Jerry Miller is to prove how far he will venture to prove his loyalty.”
“As the god of fortune you have a responsibility to keep track of your loyalties; and be forewarned Jerimiah, I shall smite with all of my glory to make the mortal feel anguish and regret.”
“Very well Leonel do as you wish and perform the most vigorous of loyalty tests on Jerry Miller for he has been blessed for far too long.”
    It was a normal day for Jerry Miller, stereotypically speaking. He woke up that friday morning in anticipation for the weekend. His girlfriend had sent him a text that morning, he read, “Tonight I’m all yours.” He readied for his day at school in which he was an esteemed student with high test scores and great daily participation and conductment. He executed every subject divinely, except psychology. For Jerry it was very difficult to understand why people behaved in certain ways. He just couldn’t wrap his mind around the fact that human beings are generally ignorant in situations that cause great stress, sadness, fear, etc. He assumed that man wasn't able to grasp concepts like himself. Jerry Miller knew he was special. Even though he thought of himself as being a superior being to the rest of his peers, there was still one person that Jerry had grown rather fond of throughout his lifetime. Sarah Miller, was the only person who genuinely cared about Jerry. She had adopted him at the age of 7 after his parents died in fire. He felt eternally in debt to the ex fire fighter.
“Have you decided the test of will that will be conducted upon Jerry Miller?”
“In theory humans care more for others than themselves, Sarah Miller will become ill. Jerry Miller will have to fetch an antidote deep in the island of Shananiga. This will be the test in which he relies on the guidance of the gods and trusts in your word Jerimiah.”
“Very well, with the powers of Venus i cast upon Sarah Miller an unseen illness that will decease her in a weeks time.”
“I am pleased Jerimiah, for now join me in the act of observance in which Jerry Miller is the main character.”
    “Yo, what’s up Pablo!” exclaimed Jerry Miller
“Nothing much man just waiting for a fax, how about you? I heard that you’ll be moving dorms soon.”
“Yeah, I like new scenery every once in a while. I mean a guy like me can’t just stay cooped up in the same situation. I need a rush in my life.”
“I just want to graduate, settle down, and have a family. I don’t really hope for a “rush” in life it asks for trouble Jerry.” forewarned Pablo
“You worry too much man, lighten up a bit, anyways i’ve had good fortune my whole life, so I honestly doubt that all of a sudden my life will end up turning upside down.”
    Later that night Jerry Miller received a phone call from the states. He was excited because his mother said she would be calling. When he picked up the phone he was told that his mother was taken in to the hospital after having a stroke. It was an odd sickness that no one had ever seen. This was the first time that Jerry felt weak and incompetent.
    When Jerry Miller decided that the only way to save his mother was to get the elixir of revision he almost  passed out in the middle of his dorm. As any young and daring man would Jerry ran to the nearest bus stop to get a ride to the pier where he would ride a ship towards the island “LOL”. Its said that in the center of this island is where the elixir is held.
    After a long 3 day trip Jerry arrived at the island where he met with his old acquaintance Edward Sullivan. This was a man who studied exotic islands and how extreme the conditions of a certain scenery would get. He found out that the island had a very dangerous ocean voyage due to all of the sea monsters. As well as a ground voyage due to all of the odd climate changes. He didnt even ask if an aerial voyage was possible because he knew that aviation was very dangerous because of the minimal oxygen in that zone of the world.
So after a long night of thinking he decided to take the sea passage because maybe they could avoid the creatures unlike ground where they cant avoid nature.
During the voyage it seemed that Jerry was truly blessed with luck because as they crusaded throughout the bodies of water there was truly an absence of beasts.
This seemed awful suspicious but Jerry had one goal and it was that elixir. It was seemed to easy. Jerry poured the elixir into the glass container and as soon as he stepped out of the temple in which the fountain was located; EVERYTHING came to life.
They ran to the ship and sailed as quickly as possible. The could feel the demons breathing over them.
When they arrived at the airport Jerry felt sick as if he had been poisoned. Sure enough he had a large gash on his calf. The blood was purple; not red.
He dreaded the thought of death, but his knowing of a healthy mother overpowered him. He shouted at the gods to take his life in return for his mothers.
In the blink of an eye he was smited.
Jerry Miller lives on today within the island of “LOL” where he too guards the elixir of the gods. He had been destined from birth to serve the gods.
For eternity.

The author's comments:

This was a short story assignment that we had in class. We had to create a setting and have our story take place there.

I think this might have potential to become a good novel. Let me know what you think.

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