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Happily-Ever-Afters Only Exist in Fairy-Tales

December 29, 2008
By KitKat13 PLATINUM, Caledon, Other
KitKat13 PLATINUM, Caledon, Other
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Dear Journal,

Have you ever wondered if there is such a thing as a happily-ever-after?

I have; only everyday of my life.

Maybe our whole lives are a dream… or being controlled by someone else. Maybe our lives are someone else’s dream… wouldn’t that be depressing?

Maybe our lives are our own television show that we star in, until we’re replaced with the next best thing.

Maybe our lives really are like fairy-tales, and we decide whether we end up as the prince, princess, ogre, dragon, donkey, evil step-sister, or wicked witch…

I guess the real question is… do Happily-Ever-Afters really exist?

Maybe they do, maybe they don’t… I guess I just have to wait it out to find out.


The author's comments:
My piece is about the mystery of life... something no one seems to have the real answer to.

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