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True Power of the Mind

December 29, 2008
By Anonymous

True power of the mind


Spencer was running threw the forest. At 14 he was tall and fit from other chases like this. He could hear his brother Matt and his friends behind him. The sound of the paint balls warned him of another barrage. He dove out of the way just as the colorful little balls slammed into the tree in front of him.

‘Boy that one was close.’ He thought. He rolled over to the side avoiding another flying barrage. He jumped up and ran dodging trees, winding in between bushes. He darted and ducked under over hanging tree branches. He ran into a rocky clearing. Suddenly he heard a rustling in the bushes over to his left and right. He skidded to a halt, looked at one of the rustling bushes. He walked over to the bush cautiously, he saw a nozzle of a paint ball gun! He backed up and started to run away. Suddenly he got caught in a cross fire of paint balls. They whacked him in the head, hit him in the Solo Plex winding him. It was as if the clouds started hailing paint balls. Within the space of about 15 seconds he was completely covered in paint. He heard the group of boys laughing at him.

He lay there covered in paint, tears of pain and shame sprung to his eyes and he blinked them back. The group of boys began arguing about what they should do with him.

“I say we shout shoot him till we run out of ammo.” Spencer cringed, that was Matt. His twin brother and the person who made his life miserable. Obviously fighting for the most painful torture they could dish out.

“No, I say we hold him under water until he faints.” Spencer’s eyes widened, Tanner wasn’t normal today. Maybe he felt a need to punish him for evading them for so long.

“Tanner who put you in charge?” That was Matt again defending his authority.

“Hey look you maybe in charge but I say we’ve gone easy on him just because he is your brother.” Then Jeremy piped up

“I say you’re both wrong, we should let him go and hunt him down again.” Jeremy was a kid of average height and weight. He just barely moved in and was looking for friends, unfortunately he found Matt before Spencer.

“Like I said with Tanner, who put you in charge? Definitely not me.”

“No you got me wrong, I’m saying we should hunt him down again because what is more embarrassing then running into town screaming like a wild banshee.”
Spencer looked at Jeremy in the corner of his eye he was squinting his eyes as if his eyes were adjusting to light. But it was 6:00 PM and cloudy, Matt seemed to struggle over the idea then said.

“Alright we’ll do that.” Spencer know that was his cue stumbled up and
groaned as his muscles screamed in protest. He stumbled out of the rocky clearing, and leaned against a tree. When the soreness in his body had mostly gone away he started jogging.

Meanwhile back at the clearing Jeremy was looking at his watch. He counted down seconds, then said.

“Okay we’ve given him enough time lets move out people.” The group of bullies got up and started moving out of the clearing stealthily as to not alert Spencer of their presence.

Spencer knew that all the other hiding places Matt, Tanner, Jeremy knew. So he had to find someplace new. But no he should not cause if they found him hiding what they would do to him would be horrible. There was a rustling in the bushes over to the left. He started for a second then thought.

‘If you think I’m going to fall for that again you are mistaken.’ But it turns out the rustling was a stray cat pouncing on a mouse. When Spencer started running again another thing he saw was the root sticking up above the ground. The soil washed out around it and the outside toughened up to protect the inner root. His foot came down and caught it. A wrenching in his ankle told him he had caught his foot on it. The ground was rapidly rushing up to meet him. He threw out his hands to protect himself he hit the hard dry earth and bounced off it. Then suddenly the ground wasn’t there anymore it was 20 feet below him. He was falling into a hollow! He saw the ground rapidly rushing up to meet him he closed his eyes and covered his face with his arms. He hit the ground and bounced off a flat slab of rock with his chest winding him when all the air in his lungs escaped at the same time. He did a flip and hit the ground he tumbled down the slope below the rock. He lay there for a few moments. Spencer finally got off brushed himself off and felt himself for any injuries. He felt his chest and winced as a shooting pain told him he hand a broken rib or two. He looked around the hollow, there were boulders, and rocks all over the place. Most of them looked smashed like a bulldozer had come through. The area was sparsely wooded and the trees that were in the area were twisted and worn. But the weirdest thing was a cave starting from an overhang and going down a steep slope. He got up and looked around edgily.

‘This would be an excellent place for an ambush’ he thought. ‘Maybe I can go into the cave. It would be an great place for hiding. But what if there was something already occupying it. There could be a bear, mountain lion or maybe a rabid raccoon.
‘Alright here goes nothing’ he took a deep breath and ran into the cave.

Chapter 2

Matt we’ve been out here for an hour.” Jeremy whined. “I say we just go home.”

Matt grimaced, “Jeremy if you want to quit then just go home by yourself. We’re not going anywhere until we find Spencer.” Tanner watched the argument with mild interest. He picked up a rock and tossed it up and down a few times. Suddenly he heard a whoosh of air like it was getting released at the same time.

“Guys shut, up did you hear that?”

“Hear what”

“I heard a sound like um some one getting socked in the stomach.”

Jeremy came up by Tanner and peered into the gloom. “Well, you can go explore it but I am going home.” He picked up his paint ball equipment and walked out of the clearing.

Tanner smirked, “Wow who knew he was such a coward.”

“Yeah I guess so,” Matt said with a sigh. For some reason he felt sad that Jeremy had decided to go home. He looked slyly at Tanner and said “Let’s go get Spencer shall we?”

Jeremy leisurely walked out of the clearing he turned and faced Tanner and Matt. He smirked and said “so long guys.” He dropped his stuff on the ground, ran around the area where Tanner and Matt were and disappeared into the gloom as he headed towards the cave.
Chapter 3

Spencer peered nervously deeper in the cave. Who knew what could be in all the silence was making him edgy. He sat down and took a few deep breaths, when that didn’t work he got up and started pacing. What if Matt found the cave what would happen then? Would he go home with more then a few bruises and a broken rib? But if he hid in the cave farther they might not find him. On the other hand what if he got lost even more injured then he was? He could get killed. He mulled over the idea for a few moments but then it all of the sudden someone made up the decision for him. His stomach twisted and it felt like it did a back flip. His heart skipped a beat and he clutched his chest as the sharp pain suddenly appeared. His feet shuffled forward and he tried to pull them back but the external force what ever it was, was just to powerful. Finally he gave into the urge to walk deeper into the cave. So he watched terrified as his feet moved without him willing them to into the darkness. Oh if he would have just looked behind him then he would have seen Jeremy. He clutched the wall of the cave and concentrated on Spencer’s every shrinking form as he disappeared into the darkness. When Spencer reached the cavern at the end of the cave he stood up knowing that his power couldn’t work there he stood up wiped the sweat from his brow and said with a sad smile.

“Finally someone to take my place,” he said then ran home.

Spencer felt the external force pushing on him disappear when he entered the chamber at the end of the cave. He was in a cavern, about 300 feet long and 50 feet wide. In the center of the cavern there was a dais with a statue on it. On the walls were gigantic slabs of stone. Ten of them in all, one was pulled up to reveal a shimmering red light. He looked away from the red light and back to the statue . He felt drawn to it, the feeling was indescribable but it was so much more gentler then the coercion that had gripped him a few minutes ago. He walked over to the dais and saw the statue was short, about two feet in height. The body was that of a man’s, he was robed in a tunic that fell down to his sandaled feet. It was tied around his waist with a sash. The statues arms were stretched out as if to draw attention to itself. Strangest of all was the head. A sphere with stones embedded in it around the middle, each stone was connected to the others by a thick white line. One stone was a ruby red but all the others were a dark gray. Each stone was facing a slab on the wall the ruby facing the red light. The others gray as the walls themselfs.

As he watched the stone to the left of the ruby started shining a dull blue. Out of curiosity he reached over and touched the stone. When he touched it the head exploded with blue light. The gem now shining a bright blue, started bleeding into the others white became blue, gray became blue even the ruby was over come by the blue light.

Spencer backed away then turned around and ran to the exit. He looked behind him and saw the blue gem draw in back all the blue light. It was blinding to look at almost white. The gem shot out a beam of light striking him in the back.

He stopped unable to move a single inch he watched as he was lifted off the ground. When he was 10 feet high it stopped. There was a voice talking to him, not by sound but by thought.

‘You have been chosen. You are the second to come this way. To you I give imagination, use this wisely for it is terrible in the wrong hands. Protect this place until I am able to grant someone a power. Use this wisely’

The stone slab in front of him lifted up to reveal a blue light. It reached out almost gently and touched him. He felt a searing pain go into his brain. Like a mental knife being pushed deep into his head. Then suddenly as it had begun it stopped. He was held there for a few seconds then the blue gem went out and he was dropped with a sickening thud on the ground. He was conscious long enough to see the blue gem flicker back on with a brightness to match the ruby. The head alighted on the shoulders of the statue and he fell unconscious.

He lay there for three hours, unconscious with many injuries. When he did not appear at home Matt was sent looking for him finally Matt found him and like a true brother. Picked him up and carried him home.


Spencer awoke from his suspended like state. He was in a hospital room, the only light came in from an office across the hall where a nurse was using the computer. Around him there was white walls a picture of a tiger and a small TV. He was dressed in the white hospital pajamas and had a wrist band on his arm.

Then an alarm went off on the clock next to him. He groaned in discomfort as the harsh sound pounded into his brain.

“Bree, Bree, Bree.” He looked over and the orange numbers said 12:00 AM. Someone must have accidentally set it. He moved his arm to shut it off, he stopped just short of the button. He stretched his arm a little more and tapped the off button. Suddenly he froze, as he pulled his arm away from the clock it fell in to a shaft of light. And the he saw that his arm was in a cast. He frantically looked around him and saw except for his face and neck he was completely covered in casts. He moved around trying to get out but he was restrained by supports holing his legs up. In his haste he saw his IV tilt to one side. He stopped, hoping that it wouldn’t tip over. When it came to a stop he noticed something strange. The tube had a clog in it and the fluid was building up.

“So that’s why I woke up, the drug wore off,” he whispered. Then when he realized this his subconscious broke contact with the tube and it started running down and into his arm.

“Uh-Oh” he said. And then sleep hit him like a ton of bricks.
Chapter 1

Spencer woke up and got out of bed.

‘Wait a minute’ he thought. He looked behind him and saw himself, right there sleeping in bed. He looked down at himself only to find that he wasn’t there. Suddenly he heard voices in the hall outside his room. He willed himself to the door and went through it.

The doctor and his mom walked down the hall and stood outside his room.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Farrer, but he’s just taken to many hits. He had over 20 fractures and broken bones. He also has ruptured organs and internal bleeding. So even if he does make it, he’s going to have one heck of a life a head of him.

His mother sighed and looked through the glass on the door.

“He looks so peaceful. I’m going to go home now. Her voice cracked as she spoke and as she walked down the hall he could hear he sobbing.

‘Oh my’, thought Spencer. ‘I didn’t know it was that bad.’ He willed himself to the door and through it. As he looked over his body he thought of how much he would miss his mom and dad, he would even miss Matt. As he pondered these things he remembered how the sedative in his IV had clogged with no blockage. Then he marveled at the fact that his mind was being projected.

‘It has to do something with that statue,’ he thought. ‘Wait a minute, it said I would have an imagination so powerful that it would it would become real. So maybe if I concentrate hard enough maybe I can do something. He concentrated hard on his body trying to repair the damage. He finally broke away achieving nothing.

‘Well that didn’t work. I’ve got to be more creative’. He suddenly got an idea.

‘Maybe I can picture it as an X-Ray.’ He stared at his body trying to imagine just his bones and organs. Then all of the sudden it happened. His skin shimmered and disappeared and all that was left was his bones and his organs. When he saw the damage he concentrated on it and saw them heal and knit themselfs together. When he was done he willed himself back to his body and fell asleep as soon as he got in.

Chapter 2

“Spencer, Spencer?” Spencer clawed his way to consciousness as his mother called him. As Spencer opened his eyes he remembered what had taken place the night before.

“How are you feeling sweetie,” his mom cooed.

“Fine, why do you ask,” he said. When he said this his mothers eyes blinked in surprise.

“Honey you’ve been in the hospital for three days.”

“What”, he gasped? “What happened?”

“I don’t know what happened but Matt does.” Matt walked forward to the bed. He was wearing black long sleeves even though it was July.

“I don’t know what in the heck happened to you but when you wandered away from the hiking trail,” he stared at him coldly “you went in to a cave and then when I found you, you were all broken and bleeding.” he said nonchalantly.

“What he means is that you came back with multiple fractures, a cracked skull, ruptured organs and internal bleeding. But last night something happened and miraculously everything was healed,” Said the doctor. “Some pretty amazing things have happened here but this takes the cake. We’ll anyhow we’re discharging you, we ran all the tests while you were still asleep so I guess that means you’re free to go.”

As they got into the car nobody noticed Spencer changing the color of fences twisting bushes. When they got home Spencer sat down in his room contemplating his gift. He heard the phone ring downstairs. His mom answered it and said.

“Spencer its one of your friends from school just called”. He blinked in surprise, friends from school? Matt made sure nobody was friends with him. He picked up the telephone and was surprised to hear Wesley.

“Hey, Matt said you’re all right.”

“What do you want Wesley.”

“I don’t want anything but I have something you want, answers. How about you meet me by the lake at 7:00 PM tomorrow. He hung up quickly leaving Spencer confused. The passed in a blur and as it got near to 7:00 he felt as if the clock was going at a turtles pace. When it was 6:45 he jumped on his bike and rode off getting there 3 minutes early. Wesley was sitting by the water fishing. When he saw him he snapped his pole and threw it int the bushes.

“Well Spencer you’re finally here,” he said.

“Wesley I want answers, what was that thing in the cave, why am I able to change things why did it choose me?

“Hold on” Wesley laughed. “One question at a time. What do you want to know first.

“What was that thing in the cave.” Spencer asked.

“That was a statue able to harness energy from the universe and give it to humans. The ancient people who lived here before they died out created it. They realized that the world was steadily turning worse, so they give immense power to people with good intentions to balance it out.

“Okay second question. Why me?” Spencer said.

“I don’t know why. I think it chooses someone randomly.”

“Okay third question, what power do I have.” Inquired Spencer.

“Well it gave me the power of persuasion, what did it say to you?”

“It said I give you the power of imagination. What does it mean?” Wesley whistled

“Wow that’s pretty powerful, what it means is that you can make anything you imagine come real. So in light of that let’s practice. Grab me a fish.”

Spencer frowned, “but you snapped your pole.”

“I know that” said Wesley “be more creative.” Spencer shrugged and turned to the lake with a twist of air around him he launched himself over the lake. When he was there he created a tornado. That soon turned into a waterspout. Sucking up the contents of the lake. Then he froze it, found a fish and drew it out. He jumped back to shore where the pillar of ice collapsed.

“Great job, but you want to keep it way more inconspicuous.” Wesley commented. “You have to remember there’s a highway not 50 feet away.”

Spencer sighed, “you have to admit it was good for a first time.”

“Of course,” Wesley smiled. For the next few hours they spent refining Spencer’s talent mainly starting up machines with his mind or telling him who was ridding the Madderhorn in Disneyland. When they were done Spencer thanked him and started back home. But he was called back when he was only 30 feet down the road.

Spencer sighed parked his bike by the road and rushed to Wesley by using wind currents.

“Spencer I forgot to tell you one thing. The fact is that one person is chosen every 100 years.”

“Come again? Asked Spencer

“What I mean is that I was born in 1895. I don’t know how long it last but as far as I know you are immortal.” Spencer stared at him trying to comprehend what he was saying. Suddenly Wesley brightened up and said,

“Well I’ll just leave you to contemplate that, bye Spencer.” Spencer stared as Wesley walked off. Finally when he recovered from the shock he slowly walked to his bike and peddled away.

Chapter 3

“General, just what do you intend to do with police reports.” Demanded Sargent Morris.

“What I want with them is NONE of you business Sargent.” said General Davis.

“General there is something weird going on her and I want to know what.”

“WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO BE DEMOTED,” yelled Davis. Morris jerked back and walked stiffly out of the room. Davis smiled, the police reports were of vandles. Paint blobs on fences, twisted shrubbery and shredded trees. Except one thing was wrong, store cameras caught nobody vandalizing something. Just a car passing by as it happened. And just today a pillar of ice rose out of the lake not three miles away. What they had in common were one boy. General Davis felt he was responsible, and if he was right then it would be the best thing that could ever happen to him.

Chapter 4

Matt sat down with a bowl of popcorn and flicked through the channels. He munched as he clicked the remote. He stopped on the news channel and listened to the broadcast.

“And in other news,” said the anchor woman. “Some phenomenon struck Newton Lake yesterday. At around 7:15 PM a passerby reported seeing a pillar of ice rise up and collapse. The army has taken interest and if you know anything they would like you to call this number.

“Hm” said Matt, “Spencer was at the lake at 7:15, maybe he knows something. No he would have come back flustered,” he gasped as realization hit him. “So that would mean Spencer is the cause of this.” He sat and wondered what he should do. And the more he thought about it the more the icy fingers of hat closed around his heart. It was Spencer, Spencer, Spencer since he had come back he’d been treated like a prodical son. Finally he made his decision.

“Hello Army hotline,” said the voice over the phone.

“Yes, I know who has been causing those things lately and I would like to turn him in.

Chapter 5

Spencer walked to school. He hummed as he saw cars drive past. He felt invincible, he had an awesome ability that could do anything. He could freeze burn, wash away or blow away anything he wanted. He came out of the residential area and into farming. He looked at his watch and started walking faster. In a ditch something rustled and then a man darted out and before he could react he pressed a cloth to his mouth. The last words he remembered as his eyes rolled back into his head were


Chapter 6

Spencer awoke in a small room, it was all black except for a small bulb hanging from the ceiling. Across from him sat a man in uniform and a man at a computer. The man in the uniform looked over at him and smiled.

“Spencer you’ve finally woke up.” He said, Spencer looked around terrified.

“Who are you?,” Spencer asked. His voice trembled as he spoke.

“Forgive me for not telling you immediately, I am General Davis and you are in a nuclear testing facility just outside you sweet town.” He winked as he spoke and Spencer wound up enough courage to talk.

“What do you want with me, I’ve done nothing wrong.”

“Of course you haven’t,” he smiled charmingly. “You see there have been some strange things going on. Property vandalized with out the culprits being caught on tape. Pillars of ice forming in lakes nearby, and the connection? You were there at both incidences.”

“You see Spencer I took interest in you because I think you’re talents could help me take control of this nation and maybe even this planet.” Spencer stared confused at him.

“Why ask me? I would never take that offer up.” Davis smiled

“I asked you because brainwashing you would be a long and tedious process.”

“What makes you think you can control me,” demanded Spencer.

“To realize what power we have over you let me demonstrate.” He bent in close to him and whispered.

“You realize that your own brother Matt turned you in? And for quite a healthy reward I might add.” Spencer’s eyes widened in shock.

“Liar!” Spencer called up his power to launch a shock wave but as he got ready he found he could not concentrate and was unable to fire his deadly blast.

“First test is a success General.” Said the man at the laptop

“Good,” exclaimed Davis. “You see Spencer this computer here is tuned into your brain waves. Whenever they become erratic like they just did, we can disrupt them leaving you completely harmless.” Spencer’s jaw twitched as the full force of Matt’s betrayal sunk in. He started sobbing tears rolling down his cheeks. General Davis smiled and left the room.

Hours past and in the middle of the night aided by his dark clothing Matt snuck up to the fence. His heart full of shame for the terrible act he did to Spencer. Aided by wire cutters her snipped the fence and climbed through the hole. He avoided the guards and crept through the entrance. He snuck down the hall and into an area labeled containment zone. From there he found Spencer’s room and went inside. Only to duck back out when he found someone sitting at a desk beside a sleeping Spencer. The man looked around and seeing nothing went back to work. Matt stepped in and brought the wire cutters down on his head, knocking him out. Awoken by the commission Spencer opened his eyes and saw Matt standing over him.

“What are you doing here,” Spencer asked his voice full of contempt.

“Spencer” Matt sighed. “I know what I did and how bad it was, will you forgive me?

“How can I trust you?” Asked Spencer.

“Spencer you have a power that you could destroy me in a single thought.”

“Good point” said Spencer. “Let’s go.” They ran out into the hall and ran down the corridor. And strait into a line of soldiers.

“Fire” one of the yelled and the militia raked the hall way with bullets. If not for Spencer’s quick thinking they would have died right there. Spencer stripped the walls of the metal and formed a shield. But to no avail. Armor piercing bullets raked into Spencer and Matt. As they died Matt said.

“I’m sorry” then dropped dead. Spencer’s eyes filled with tears as his vision turned red and he dropped to the floor.

The End

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