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The Wolf and Little Bad Riding Hood (part II)

January 28, 2009
By fenderblitz GOLD, Maplewood, Missouri
fenderblitz GOLD, Maplewood, Missouri
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'Help, Help, Heeeeeee---' he had finally ran out of energy. After hours of thinking and failed attempts he had given up on the idea of getting the bolt out himself. Resigning to wait for someone to happen by was a lousy course of action, but he didn't have many options.
'Daddy, did you hear something?' he heard come from somewhere nearby.
'This is my last chance, if I don't get help now I'll die', he thought. So, mustering what little strength he could gather, he managed one last 'HELP ME!!!'
'Okay, I definitely heard that', replied the man to his daughter. 'Stay right here, I'm going to go check out that sound. Okay?' he cautioned.
'Yes daddy, I'll stay right here', she lied. The man walked slowly into view. The continuous searing pain blurred his vision, but the man seemed to be very tall. He was dressed like most members of this mountainous community; short brown hair, scruffy beard, hiking boots and a flannel shirt. As the man approached, his expression appeared to be a mixture of shock and fear. At that moment the wolf realized that in the midst of his pain he had forgotten to change back into his human appearance. 'Shoot, better change back. Argh, ah, ah, uh!!! That hurt much worse than I thought it would'. The man seemed to be even more startled and frightened after the sudden transformation, but none the less he continued advancing forward.
'What happened to you? Or, better yet, what are you? ' inquired the approaching man.
'I'm a, uh-I'm a, a magician', he replied fearing his acquaintance wouldn't help him if he knew what he truly was. 'I made myself appear to be a wolf and a hunter attacked me', he quickly made up.
'So you're not the werewolf who lives on Henley's Farm?' the man offered.
'I, what, how?!? How do you know that?!?' he stammered, not knowing how this man found out his secret.
'Your daughter Hana and my daughter Lily were friends', pointing at his daughter who despite her father's warning was hiding behind a nearby tree, but still clearly visible.
'Hana's daddy?' The girl said trying to recognize him. Of course, the last time she had saw him he looked very different.
Now he was dirty, unshaven, beaten and bloody, but before Riding Hood's attack, he lived a quiet life with his family at his wife's father's farm. He worked the fields, grew food and spent time with his family, but someone found out who he was. Whoever did sent Riding Hood after him, except, he wasn't home when she arrived.
'Please help me', he asked remembering that he was severely injured. But before he could say any more he passed out.
-- 'Ugh, where am I?' he mumbled groggily. 'You're at my cabin. I'm Paul Woodsmanne, and I think I can help you find Riding Hood.'

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on Oct. 26 2018 at 10:11 am
Hermione-Granger BRONZE, Bethel Park, Pennsylvania
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nice story, just make sure you proofread for grammar issues