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The Curse

February 25, 2009
By AlexaLexi PLATINUM, Mattawan, Michigan
AlexaLexi PLATINUM, Mattawan, Michigan
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Luna was walking down the long dirt path that twisted its way through the forest. Her long satin rose colored gown brushed the ground as she walked. Her long golden brown hair flowed behind her. She was tall, thin and graceful. Luna was one of those girls that preferred to be alone when she has a lot on her mind. Now was one of those days that she would go and clear her head.
As Luna walked she heard a small groan of pain. Luna jumped, startled by the sudden sound out of the silence.
'W-who's there?' Luna sputtered.
Luna was never one to sputter but now was one of those times when you are so scared you can't get a sentence out without sputtering.
'Who, ow, are you?' the person gasped.
'The better question is who do you think that you are talking to a princess like that?' Luna demanded. 'Okay now I feel stupid talking to someone I can't see,' she muttered under her breath.
'Me? I am Prince Landan of Getherland,' The man said from where ever he was.
'Well then, Prince Landan where are you? Because obviously you are hurt, and I can't help you if I can't see you.' Luna demanded.
'Oh alright, I am behind the tree that is right by the spring,' Prince Landan grumbled.
Luna slowly walked around the tree that she was standing by. There on the ground sat a young man, his red brown hair in a tangled mess. His eyes a deep brown that shined with pain. His left hand was gripped to his broad right shoulder. Blood ran through his fingers and down his hand. Luna stared at the injured shoulder that was streaked with blood.
'What happened to you?' Luna asked as she knelt down to sit by the man.
'My uncle was trying to prove a point that I should not take the throne,' Landan explained.

'So he stabbed you?' Luna asked
'Yes,' the Prince muttered.
'You're telling me this and not knowing if I am trustworthy and not asking for my name,' Luna said. 'That seems careless, Prince Landan.'
'Yes, well, you are helping me and you do not know me all that well either. For all you know I could be dangerous and I could just say that I am a prince, Princess,' Landan said.
'You have a point but you can't lift you arm. By the way I am Princess Luna of Seals,' Luna replied with a smile.
'I am sorry for not bowing Princess, but I can barely stand. Thank you,' Landan whispered.
Luna bent and grabbed the rim of her dress and ripped of a long strip of silk.
'That is alright. I don't really care about the bowing, just that you will be okay. Do you have a horse with you?' Luna asked as she moved Landan's hand from his shoulder and tied the piece of silk tightly around the wound that was still bleeding.
'Ah. Sorry about your dress Princess. I did have a horse with me, but he ran away,' Landan winced.
'Well, I can't carry you and you can barely walk. My dress will live, but will you? And you don't have to call me Princess Luna or Princess, you can just call me Luna,' Luna said with a smile as she lifted her head to look at the pain filled eyes that watched her. She walked over to the spring to wash her hands and bring a wet cloth that she ripped from her dress. Then she dabbed at the wound that turned the pink silk to a deep red.
'I will live for all the love I am worth,' Landan winced.
'How far do you think you can walk without having to stop?' Luna asked as she held the wet cloth to his shoulder.
'I am not sure. Maybe a mile or so,' Prince Landan sighed. 'I wish I could be more help.'
'That is fine. Heck, I would have walked right past you if you had not scared me. And if you hadn't, then you would have bled to death,' Luna explained. 'That and I would not have had someone to talk to. That would have been a shame that we would have never met.'
'I guess you are right. How far is it to your castle Luna?' Landan asked as he tried to sit up more than he already was.
'Just outside of the forest, so about two miles,' Luna said thoughtfully.
'Well then you might want to get back before dark,' Landan looked up at the top of the trees. 'Since no one came with you, it could be dangerous for you to be out here all alone after dark,' He smiled a crooked smile.
'NO! I am not leaving you out here all alone either,' Luna demanded.
'Okay, then. I will go with you,' Landan smiled.
Luna stood and helped Landan up off the ground and they both shuffled back to the forest. They made it back to the castle as soon as the sun set.
'Thank you Luna,' Landan panted. Landan started to sink down to the ground. Luna went down with him. 'I don't think that I have ever walked that much with a bleeding arm.'
Luna laughed. 'I don't think I have ever helped a wounded man walk two whole miles without collapsing.'
Luna and Landan fell back laughing.
'Princess Luna is that you?' a voice called from the darkness.
'Yes, it is me,' Luna replied, bolting to sit up.
Landan propped himself up on his good elbow.
'Now help Prince Landan up to the castle,' Luna
calmly demanded.
Landan was lifted to his feet and helped back to the castle. The light of the castle made home better than ever for Luna, now that Luna had someone to talk to. Landan received the guest room right next to Luna's.
Luna woke at the crack of dawn, like always. She brushed through her long hair and got dressed. She hurried down to the kitchen to help with breakfast, like always. Breakfast was finished and Luna took a tray of food up to Landan.
Luna knocked and waited for a response. A low snore came from inside. She took that as 'come in'.
'Prince Landan,' Luna whispered.
'Wha?' Landan asked shooting to sit up. 'Ah!' he exclaimed and falling back down on to the bed in pain.
'Sorry,' Luna said. 'I thought that you might want to eat. Sometime in the next five hours. Shoulder still hurt?' Luna looked concerned.
'Still sore,' Landan replied.
'When are you going back to Getherland?' Luna asked, setting the tray down on the bed and herself next to him.
'Whenever I have enough strength to ride back,' Landan looked down at the tray that was next to him. 'But I will come back to see you,' Landan looked up into Luna's eyes and new hope sparked into them.
'Thank you,' Luna whispered. Her mother said that Luna was easy to read what she was thinking.
'Luna, I will never forget you. After you helped me with a wounded arm then brought me back here. Then never see you again. Do you think I would do that? You risked a very pretty dress to make sure that I did not bleed to death,' Landan took Luna's hand in his. 'I owe you so much.'
'That dress has to be shortened but it was not my favorite so I don't care. I am just glad that I did not have the white satin dress on. I would rather wear that but I am not allowed. Only on special occasions,' Luna whispered shyly.
'Well, is this not a special occasion?' Landan asked with a hint of humor in his eyes.
'Not that kind of occasion. The kind when Kings and Queens come to visit. Speaking of Kings and Queens, you parents are coming to see you to make sure you are okay,' Luna's voice cracked and a tear ran down her cheek and fell on the mattress.
'Shh. Don't cry, Luna,' Landan comforted. He sat up further and took her into a hug. 'I am going nowhere until my welcome has worn itself out.'
New tears ran down her cheeks.
Two weeks later, Landan was able to walk around. His parents would be arriving soon.
'Princess Luna, The King and Queen of Getherland have arrived,' the guard announced.
Luna sighed. She was in her favorite white dress that trailed behind her. Landan's arm was in a sling since he still could barley lift it.
'Luna,' Landan whispered as he came up behind her. 'My parents are here.'
'I know they are,' Luna said. 'They are going to make you go with them, aren't they?'
'Yes, but I won't go,' Landan comforted. He rested his good hand on her shoulder. 'You have looked after me for two weeks. How could I leave now?'
'I don't know but whenever I get to know someone they are always taken from me and I never see them again,' Luna whispered, still not looking at him.
'Luna, I will leave when you want me to,' Landan sighed and dropped his hand back to his side. 'If you want, you can stab me and keep me longer.'
'Landan you don't understand'' Luna trailed off.
'Luna, what don't I understand?' Landan asked.
'That I am not who I seem to be,' Luna whispered.
'Then tell me who you really are,' Landan pleaded as he took a step closer.
'Landan, my boy,' a voice boomed from behind. Landan grimaced at the sound of the voice that came from behind.
'Landan, I have to go,' Luna whispered and walked away.
'Lun'a, where did she go?' Landan muttered under his breath. 'What do you want FATHER!?' Landan demanded.
When the King and Queen left to go back to Getherland Landan stayed. Luna had disappeared and only her mother knew where she was.
'Landan dear, Luna is an independent girl. She likes to be by herself,' Luna's mother replied, to the question he had asked.
'Can I ask you a question, Your Majesty?' Landan asked.
'Of course Prince Landan,' she said, in a calm, sweet voice.
'Luna said that she was not who I thought she was. What does she mean?' Landan asked looking down at the floor.
'Luna is independent as I said before. She is different. She has probably told you about her meeting someone and never seeing them again,' She looked at Landan, and he nodded. 'Well, she never knew her father and that has a lot to do with it. Her father would always want to make her miserable. So he hunts her friends to make sure she never sees them again. Luna needs to know that her life is not cursed. I can see it in her eyes that when she looks at you her old life is coming back. She is who you know Landan, but she does not think that. She thinks that she is a monster. You and I both know that she is not.'
'She is not monster. But how can I help?' Landan asked.
'Make her see that she is not a monster. She needs to see that and you are the only one that can show her that,' Her eyes filled with tears as she said this.
'But how?' Landan asked. 'I don't even know where she is.'
'You will find a way; just listen to your heart. Where do you think she is?' The queen looked up at Landan. 'You Landan are the only one that can help her.'
Landan bowed to the queen and left. Landan knew exactly where Luna would be. She would be at the place where they first met. The queen had gone to give her food earlier that day. Landan stalked off to go find her.
'Luna?' Landan whispered as he drew near the spring.
'Go away Landan!' Luna sobbed as he turned around the corner.
'Shh, it is okay. Your mother told me about what had happened. I don't think that at all. You are the most beautiful young women I have ever seen. You are not a monster Luna, and you are not cursed. I am still alive and I am healthy and happy. Luna, you have done nothing wrong,' Landan put his good arm around her shoulder and pulled her close to him. 'I care about you. I will do everything I can to keep you safe. I won't let anything or anyone hurt you,' Landan looked deep into her eyes. Love and hope flickered through the eyes of the tall Prince that held her close.
'Thank you Landan,' Luna whispered.
'Luna, please never forget that you are very special to your mother and I. You helped me out of the forest, stayed at my side until I could finally stand and walk. Luna, without you I am nothing. My mother would always tell me that life without love is no life at all, and I finally understand that,' Landan whispered.
'I feel the same way about you too Landan. Thank you for helping me see that,' Luna whispered.
'You are welcome Luna,' Landan told her.
Landan stood and took Luna's hand. They both walked hand in hand smiling. Luna knew that this was the end of her curse. Landan had broken it. The walk back to the castle was longer than normal but it was still a very happy walk, just the two of them. But this was not the end of her father's strides to make Luna miserable.

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This article has 2 comments.

on May. 24 2009 at 10:47 pm
AlexaLexi PLATINUM, Mattawan, Michigan
36 articles 0 photos 3 comments
AS I was reading this I could not stop. And when I got to the end I was wondering what happened after the whole ordeal with King Devlin. It was a really good cliff hanger. :D

on May. 7 2009 at 10:11 pm
AlexaLexi PLATINUM, Mattawan, Michigan
36 articles 0 photos 3 comments
Nice Story! I love it! And I'm not just saying that because I edited it.