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February 19, 2009
By Pancake1132 SILVER, Rochester, Minnesota
Pancake1132 SILVER, Rochester, Minnesota
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The clans were at battle. One clan, dressed in all white, were advancing on the other clan, they were dressed in all black. This war had been going on for millenniums, but it was about to stop; with this battle. The leader for the bright clan, the Saegr clan, sent his second battalion of troops forward. But once they were out, the leader shuddered. The dark clan, the Parí¤¥n clan, had brought forward three other battalions, as from no where. The leader of the Saegr clan took out his sword; it was time for him to step forward.

The leader rode into the battle on his snow white stallion. He rode past the battalion he just sent and approached the battalion in battle currently. He moved his gleaming steel blade to the side. Barely avoiding the last man in his line he approached the members of the Parí¤¥n clan. His sword connected with four of the Parí¤¥ns soldier?s necks; killing them almost instantly. The leader shifted his sword to the left side and stabbed it into a Parí¤¥n riding a black steed. The sword pierced the Parí¤¥n?s chest, flinging him off his horse. The leader of the Saegr?s then stabbed his sword into the steed. The steed tripped over its legs and ran over two Parí¤¥ns. The leader of the Saegr?s looked far ahead of him and saw a battalion of horse riding Parí¤¥ns were coming at him. The leader took his sword in one hand and took out another sword from his sheath of his stallion. He pulled the reigns on his stallion which stopped it.

The leader of the Saegr clan looked up and saw something phenomenal. Every single Parí¤¥n moved to the far left and far right. There was an entire open plain for the battle between a battalion of Parí¤¥n clan members and the leader of the Saegr clan. The leader of the Saegr clan held his swords at the ready. Each member of the Parí¤¥ns took out a two handed sword. Then, the battle ensued. A sea of black steeds came running at the one white stallion. The steeds split into two groups. The first half kept on riding, but the second group stopped. The leader swung both his swords. He cut the necks of the front two steeds. The steeds fell to the ground, immediately the next three lines trampled and fell as well. Half of the battalion already was killed. The leader kept riding forward; the enemies were still running at him. He held his sword horizontally near the legs of his stallion. When the first few steeds came running toward him, he sword forward. The legs of two steeds were cut off, and they fell to the ground. But this time the Parí¤¥ns saw it coming, they commanded their steeds to jump over the fallen steeds. Soon, the leader of the Saegr clan was surrounded by fifty Parí¤¥ns. The first ones ran at him. The leader quickly cut the necks of the steeds they rode on, causing them to be killed by their trampling steeds. He turned around and saw that many of the Parí¤¥ns had gotten off their horses. The leader of the Saegr clan avoided the Parí¤¥ns on the ground and finished off the Parí¤¥ns that rode on steeds. Then the Saegr clan leader dismounted from his stallion and faced the Parí¤¥ns on foot. He put his two handed sword in his sheath on his stallion and took out two katanas from sheaths he had on his belt.

He held one in each hand. The Parí¤¥ns ran at him, the Saegr clan leader spun his sword in his hand and then slashed it at an upcoming Parí¤¥n. The Parí¤¥n fell to the ground, dead. The Saegr clan leader spied another Parí¤¥n running at him; he stabbed at its head with his sword. The blade clean through the helmet and out to the other side of the Parí¤¥n?s head. The Saegr clan leader then kicked its body down. Another Parí¤¥n took its place and the clan leader did the same thing. Soon, he was surrounded by even more Parí¤¥n then before; the leader?s white clothes were almost entirely covered with blood. He was getting tired and his energy was depleting him. Once the Saegr clan leader swung his sword and killed another Parí¤¥n, all of them stopped. A small whistling like noise was coming as of nowhere. All the Parí¤¥ns backed away from the clan leader. He felt like he was in the clear, but soon that feeling fled from him. A Parí¤¥n was walking from the other side of the valley, to him. The Parí¤¥n wore a pointed black helmet, tough, steel armor and a giant black sword. The Saegr clan leader knew that his katanas couldn?t do anything against the Parí¤¥n clan leaders, so he pulled out his gleaming white blade from his stallion. The Parí¤¥n clan leader had arrived, the Saegr clan leader was ready, but was overtired from his battle with the other Parí¤¥n?s. Then, the Parí¤¥n clan leader swung, the Saegr clan leader parried the swing and stabbed at the Parí¤¥n. He also parried the strike. The Parí¤¥n then swung at the Saegr?s feet. The Saegr jumped up and managed to avoid it, but the Parí¤¥n ran at him. His shoulder armor rammed into the Saegr?s chest and he was sent flying. The Saegr clan leader could barely move. His swords were feet away from him. The Parí¤¥n was running at him and the Saegr barely managed to get up, but then, he was punched in the head by the Parí¤¥n clan leader. He fell feet back with a broken nose. Blood rushed out of his nose and onto his white clothes. The Parí¤¥n leader walked up to the Saegr.

?With this sword, I shall end the Saegr clan forever!? The leader exclaimed.
?You will try,? The Saegr clan leader replied. The Parí¤¥n clan leader pulled his sword back and swung it. The black sword contacted with the Saegr clan leader, but it didn?t hurt him. The sword cut through him like he was made of air. The Saegr clan leader?s clothes shone white, the light was blinding. Slowly, the Saegr clan leader?s skin glowed white as well. A sudden flash of bright white light shone all over the valley and temporarily blinded everyone. When the Parí¤¥n clan leader regained his vision, he looked in amazement. The Saegr clan leader was gone, not a trace of him was left. The Parí¤¥n clan leader looked around, but the Saegr clan leader wasn?t anywhere. He let out a scream of rage, and thrusted his hand forward. Black fire erupted from his palm and at an oncoming lion. The lion fell to the ground, his whole body on fire. The Parí¤¥n clan leader advanced on the running Saegr warriors. They ran frantically around, but their efforts were futile, with a deceased leader and no one to lead them; they were finished.
The Parí¤¥n clan leader stepped forward; his voice was augmented to become louder.
All the members of the Saegr clan looked around at each other. They gave each other stern and serious looks. All of the members of the Saegr clan lowered there weapons. The members of the Parí¤¥n clan laughed in torment and ridicule. Suddenly, a sword plunged deep into the chest of an unarmed Parí¤¥n clan member. The member of the Saegr clan who did it, quickly pulled his sword out and then slashed a throat of another Parí¤¥n clan member. Many of the clan members stared in amazement at the bold Saegr.
But suddenly, more members of the Saegr clan pulled their blades up and killed their enemies. The leader of the Parí¤¥n clan went on full attack. He killed every member of the Saegr clan he saw, until there were seldom left. They looked at the giant clan leader and jolted back. He chased after them, but his armor was too heavy to run, and he not dare take any of it off.
The Parí¤¥n clan leader gathered the remaining parts of his grad army and marched off to the last remaining village left to siege; the Saegr clan village, Walhen.

The author's comments:
This was set thousands of yeas back when people actually used swords as weapons

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