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It's All Over

November 5, 2019
By stellaferree BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
stellaferree BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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It's all over

(From The Cellar)

Set Instructions:  The stage is empty except for two trees in the back ground, a park bench, and one street light. You can hear the sound of the wind blowing in the trees as she walks on the stage. Her name is summer, she is a 16-year old girl she is in a dress with her hair down and makeup on. She was on her way to a party until her friend ran into the forest talking to her boyfriend. Her and her friends all split up to go find her. Summer was walking through the forest by herself not scared at all until a man very put together man dressed in freshly ironed clothes comes up behind her.


Monologue: (walking back and forth on stage) Where did she go? I want to get back to the party! (turning around looking all over) I don’t see her. I’m kind of worried she normally doesn’t run away like this. (starting to become worried) If she doesn’t answer in 5 minutes I’m walking back. See I told Lewis I didn’t need him to walk with me I’m perfectly safe. (someone walking up behind her) Wait did you hear that? Someone must be behind me. Maybe it’s her (turns around) that’s weird no ones there. (continuing to walk) why does it sound like someone is behind me? Maybe Lewis was right maybe I’m not safe. No, I’m fine I’m sure it’s just the wind. (turns around and looks everywhere) (there is a man behind one of the trees) I’m fine! Ok, this is not funny where is she (as she looks at her phone to call her friend the man comes up behind her) Ok maybe she will answer my calls. (continuing to walk as the man follows her) there’s no use I’m not going to find her. Should I just go back to the party and let her come back by herself?  (the man gets even closer and tries to put his hands around her, but she continued to walk) Lilly? What why did someone say Lilly? (turning around she sees the man and jumps back) What! (it was too late he wrapped his arms around her and covered her mouth continuing to call her Lilly) What is happening? Why is he calling me Lilly? I’m summer not Lilly! (Summer trying to get out of his hands and he whispers to her) This can’t be happening, I’m only 16 I still have a life to live! I can’t be getting kidnaped! Someone please help me! (the man starts dragging her across the stage) Lewis was right. What was I thinking he is always right! Why did I leave my family? Why did I leave Lewis? (Summer trying so hard to get out) Someone please help! Its all over, there’s nothing I can do now except hope. (the man drags her off the stage) (as the stage light slowing goes off)

The author's comments:

this is taken from the book "The Cellar" 

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