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Vigilant Justice #0 Sneak Peak -- Comic Book

November 9, 2014
By MickLiberty GOLD, Troy, Michigan
MickLiberty GOLD, Troy, Michigan
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Aerial view of a burning twelve-story hotel building in Raven City at night. Fire lights up many of the rooms and emerges out of shattered windows. Other tall buildings nearby are shown, not on fire. Below on the streets, firetrucks and police cars surround the area, their lights blaring.

1).  Sable Eclipse (electronic space balloon): Vince, you copy?

2).  Locator caption: Somewhere in Raven City...

Liberty is running along the rooftops of nearby buildings, heading towards the burning hotel. He is equipped with a Bluetooth, which he uses to talk to Sable.

1).  Liberty: Right here, Sable. I’m en route to the hotel. How many people are still inside?

2).  Sable (over Bluetooth):  Two people. Everyone else got out thanks to the fire department. There’s too much fire and smoke for the fighters to get up to the top floors now.

We see Sable Eclipse at a medium shot, who is back at her and Liberty’s base (Sable’s high-rise apartment). She is seated on her couch in her dark living room, where the light of her computer and other electronics on her desk illuminate her face. She is wearing a Bluetooth. Also, moonlight shining through the primary window contrasts with the shadowy background. Her apartment towers over the vibrant Raven City, which is shown through the window.

1).  Locator caption: Vigilance HQ.

2).  Liberty (over Bluetooth): Alright, not a problem. In the meantime, I think I left you that coupon for Raven’s Gourmet Pizza on the desk. Mind calling ‘em?

3).  Sable: Real funny, Vince Valor.

Sable’s point of view as she holds a Raven’s Gourmet Pizza coupon, which is worth $10 off.

1). Sable: Save the day first.

Frontal view of Liberty as he reaches the edge of a roof just across from the hotel. He is preparing to leap off, holding on to a rappelling cord with an anchor at the end.

1). Liberty: Correction: night.

Mid-air shot of Liberty crashing through a window of the top floor of the hotel. Fire and smoke scales the walls and broken debris litters the floor. Glass shatters from the crash.

1). Sfx (glass shattering): CRASH

2). Liberty: Save the night first.

We get an over-the-shoulder shot from behind Liberty. Across a pile of debris blocking his path, he can see an elderly man trapped by fire down the hall. Debris includes thin pipes, parts of walls, fractions of fallen ceiling fans, etc.

1). Elderly man: HELP! SOMEBODY!

2). Liberty: STAY PUT! I’M COMING!

Swiftly, Liberty kicks some debris down that was blocking his path. The elderly man ahead is shielding himself with his arms from upcoming fire.

1). Sfx (debris being kicked): CRUNCH

Liberty vaults over a desk mounted on its side against the wall. The fire is progressively closing in on the man ahead.

Close-up of the man yelling as the fire almost envelops him. His arms are above his head, attempting to protect his face. (The outside of this panel should resemble fire moving inward).

Suddenly, Liberty saves the man by grabbing him and shoulder-smashing through a door that leads away from the vicious flames.

1). Sfx (door): CRASH

Taking cover behind a wall near an open window and a staircase, Liberty talks to the man. The fire behind them has remained in the hallway.

1). Liberty: Are you hurt?

2). Elderly Man: No, no, I am fine. But my wife! She’s still across the hall!

3). Liberty: Alright, I’ll get her out. You head down this staircase till you meet the police.

Liberty climbs out of the open window and communicates with Sable.

1). Liberty: Sable, one of residents is going downstairs to reunite with the police.

2). Sable (over Bluetooth): Great job. That leaves only one more person.

Liberty cautiously moves along a ledge on the outside of the building, dodging blazing fire from within through windows. Beyond the hotel, the beautifully-lit Raven City is prominent, with the large moon and dark clouds towering over the city. Liberty and Sable continue conversation.

1). Liberty: Yeah, his wife.

2). Sable (over Bluetooth): Do you know where she is?

3). Liberty: Back across the hall, but there’s too much fire in the corridor so I’m sneaking along the outside.

4). Sable (over Bluetooth): You’ve got to be kidding me.

5). Liberty: What?

Close-up of Liberty hanging on to some wide rusted pipes as he rounds the corner of the hotel to the other side.

1).  Sable (over Bluetooth): You’re twelve-stories above the ground! Don’t give me a heart attack.

2).  Liberty: Chill out, Ms. Eclipse. This isn’t my first rodeo.

Liberty reaches the other side and breaks a window using his elbow.

1).  Sable (over Bluetooth): Okay, never call me Ms. Eclipse again.

2). Liberty: Yeah, that is sort of weird.

Through the window, we see a frightened elderly woman standing in the center of the room, holding a cat in her arms, evading the spreading fire that crawls through the room.

Focus on Liberty reaching a hand out to the lady, still outside the window.

1). Liberty: Hello, miss. Looks like your hotel doesn’t keep many fire extinguishers in here, does it?

The woman has walked over to the window with her cat and Liberty begins helping her step through the window and onto the ledge.

1). Liberty: Careful, watch your step.

We go back into the room to see a close-up of a flame quickly approaching a container of gasoline, which will inevitably result in a major explosion in a few panels later.

1). Sfx (flame): FSSSH

Reversing back to Liberty and the woman, we see that she has safely made it out onto the ledge, away from the window, holding onto her cat while Liberty guards her with one arm to stay on and handles his Bluetooth with the other.

1). Liberty: Guess what, Sable?

View of Sable back at Vigilance HQ. We get an over-the-shoulder shot of her computer, which displays blueprints of the hotel Liberty is at, a map of the city, views from street cameras, etc. (Basically, she has many hacking tools on her computer). Focus on the contrast between the shadow behind her and the light her computer emits.

1). Sable: Let me guess, you’ve got everyone?

Back to the shot of the flame and the gasoline container. This time, the flame covers the container.

1). Sfx (flame): FSSSHHH

Close-up shot of Liberty talking on the Bluetooth.

1). Liberty: Yep, now all we have to do is--

Instantly, a huge explosion blasts out of the window near Liberty and the woman, causing them to lean to one side to avoid the furious cloud of fire.

1). Sfx (explosion): BOOM

The woman, her cat, and Liberty are all safe as the explosion dies down. Pieces of the wall of the building break off and descend down.

Sable is shown, sharply leaning forward off of her couch with a very concerned expression.

1). Sable: VINCE!? Are you alright!?

3). Liberty (over Bluetooth): All good... all good…

Once again a close up of Liberty handling his Bluetooth. He is a quite weary and exhausted from the physical work.

1). Liberty: ...let’s just get the heck out of here before this entire building collapses.

2). Sable (over Bluetooth): Okay, I’ll guide you as you head down.

Switching views entirely, we travel to a distant rooftop, where a man wearing a militaristic uniform holds binoculars up to his eyes, surveying the damaged hotel. He is wearing black body armor with an inscription on the chest reading “The Agency”, ammunition straps and holsters, gloves, a walkie-talkie, a handgun at his side, and a sub-machine gun on his back (all black clothes and gear). His face is shadowed. We are seeing him from a side profile angle down to his waist.

From the front, we see a close-up of his face as he lowers the binoculars and brings the walkie-talkie up to his face. His face is painted with grey military camouflage. He talks into the walkie-talkie. (This scene should be a cliffhanger/to be continued-type scene).

1). Mysterious Agent: Boss, the vigilante has rescued two civilians from the hotel. He is going downstairs now.

2). Mysterious Voice (over the walkie-talkie): Spectacular. It appears that our plan is working. Soon, this...hero...--along with the rest of Raven City--shall know the name of the Agency...

The author's comments:

This is a small sneak peak into the first issue script of a new comic book I am working on called Vigilant Justice, in which I bring together an epic roster of my original characters, including Liberty, Sable Eclipse, Toxic Vendetta, and Night Shadow. Hopefully the full issue #0 will be up soon!

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